Members Only Event: Mercedes Museum Brunch

Brunch at the Mercedes Benz Museum
Sunday, March 10th at 10:00
Location: Mercedes-Benz Museum, Mercedesstr. 100, 70372 Stuttgart-Untertürkheim
Nearest Stations: Neckarpark (S-Bahn)
Your host: Laura Lenz

Join us in March for a delicious brunch at the Mercedes Benz Museum. This once-a-month event is so popular that reservations need to be made nearly 6 months in advance!

Brunch Prices:
Adult € 34,90
Children 7-14 € 17,50
Children 0-6 eat free

The brunch includes non-alcoholic drinks and one glass of Prosecco.

Due to the popularity of last year’s event, we have increased the reservation number to 30 spaces for members and their families. This event is limited to members and their families only.

You can find basic information about the museum, parking, etc. at the Mercedes Benz museum website.

Please RSVP to Laura using the form below. Please note that this year we have not arranged for a special tour of the museum, however, if there is interest in this, please let her know.

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Guided tour of Stuttgart Staatsgalerie

Guided tour of the Stutttgart Staatsgalerie
Wednesday, February 6th at 15:45
Location: Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 30 – 32, 70173 Stuttgart-Mitte
Nearest Stations: Staatsgalerie (U-Bahn), Hauptbahnhof (S-Bahn)
Meeting location: In front of Staatsgallerie (old)
Host: Dorothee Klein

Join us on February 6th for a tour of the special exhibit, “Mythos Atelier -Von Spitzweg bis Picasso, von Giacometti bis Nauman”. Leading the tour will be the same tour guide as last time, Frau Scharma Weigold. The tour costs €90, which will be split between all participants  plus the cost of the individual museum tickets of €12 per person. The tour starts at 16:00, so please be there by 15:45.

From the Staatsgalerie website:

“In a comprehensive and completely unique show, the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart will present the artist’s studio and its depiction in art in modern times. There have been studio scenes in art since the Renaissance, but it was not until the early nineteenth century that the atelier became a central theme as an expression of the myth of artistic creation.”

Afterwards, we will go to the Alte Kanzlei for dinner.

Prospective members are welcome to join us for this event!

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The Globalisation of Love


Author Wendy Williams

by Lisa Cvejn, IWCS Communications Chairperson

We were honored to have author Wendy Williams give a book reading at our January Monthly Meeting.  Wendy Williams is the author of The Globalisation of Love.  She is Canadian and lives in Vienna with her Austrian husband and Austro-Canadian daughter.  She has lived in six different countries and worked internationally for 18 years.  She stated that she has had lots of multicultural relationships, but jokingly wouldn’t go into any details.  Wendy’s book’s back cover copy reads, “One of the most profound influences of globalisation is that people from everywhere are falling in love with people from everywhere else.  The Globalisation of Love is about the whirls and twirls, the quirks and perks, the frustrations and the fun of a multicultural marriage.

Wendy has painstakingly interviewed many couples and individuals from all around the world to try to uncover what a multicultural relationship really is.  The book is full of interesting and funny anecdotes from her own life experiences and these willing participants.  Wendy uses the term “GloLo” throughout her book to paraphrase globalization of love, meaning a multicultural relationship.

Members sat in an intimate setting to discuss individual concerns and share funny stories.  Wendy was an excellent speaker and has a wonderful sense of humor (Which I think is a must for all “GloLos!”)  She read anecdotes from her book and shared personal stories from her own life experiences.  It was inspiring to have Wendy join our meeting to help us “GloLos” understand that our choice was not just by chance, but there is something about us that brought us and our partners together.  Intrigued?  Read the book.

I have read the first three chapters and I can conclude for myself that I feel less alone.  I can now find more humor in my own mistakes and frustrations.  I can again remember why I fell in love.  Wendy is hesitant to make a one paragraph conclusion for such a profound issue, but her book illustrates that those of us lucky enough to get to have this experience will also have to deal with at least ten additional cultural issues.  After all, if you can get through all that, isn’t this love worth fighting for?

If you missed Wendy’s visit, be sure to visit her website for more information.

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December/January Partner Organization Events

Photo courtesy of 123.rf.comEach month we let you know about events being planned by our partner organizations that we are aware of.

Here are some highlights for December and January:

Forum der Kulturen
December 9 – Global Brunch
Click here for a monthly events calendar

The Children’s English Library
December 15 – Snowmen and Snowflakes workshop
Full schedule

Kulturcafe Merlin
December 15 – Puss in Boots English Panto
Full schedule

St. Catherine’s English Church
December 24 – Christmas Eve Candlelight Service in English
Full schedule

Partner organizations are other area groups that also serve the international community in Stuttgart and who have agreed to promote IWCS events to their membership. This listing is for information purposes only and opinions expressed at partner organization events do not necessarily reflect those of the IWCS Steering Committee.

If you are a local group serving the international community who would like to work together with us on cross-promotion, please contact us using the form below.

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2012 Annual Charity Event Wrap Up and Thank You

By Dorothee Klein

After months of preparation, we hosted our Fifth Annual Charity Event at the Württembergische Automobilclub e.V. on 10 November 2012. This year’s “Do Good & Dance” was a huge success, put together by our lovely charity team and attended by many members, their partners and friends.

The evening was kicked off by a welcome drink kindly donated by Kessler Sektkellerei and jazzy piano music by Bea Michalski, followed by delicious local specialties served up by the WAC team and party music spun by DJ Blue Wave from Mr Mac’s Party Team.

All throughout the evening, Ryoko Ichihashi and Laura Lenz’s husband, Michael, were busy selling raffle tickets for the prizes donated by BOSCH, Friedrichsbad and Rathausglöckle in Baden-Baden as well as our artist-in-residence Judy Krauss and members Maggie Bangston and Barbara Zuk, giving us record raffle takings!

The culinary highlight of the evening was our International Dessert table with yummy goodies baked by our members (thanks to Maggie Bangston, Laura Lenz, Sandra Bartsch, Ryoko Schels-Ichihashi, Christy Miller, Jamie Mueller, Karen Diguc, Ursula Fast, Salome Tan, and Tracey Stevenson) followed by the auctioning of our main prize, a sightseeing flight with the evening’s Master of Ceremony and long-standing pilot Alex Klein.

The success of this evening was not only underpinned by the generosity of local companies such as KPMG, RMS Marketing Solutions, Oest Group, Wilke Consulting and WESSELY Marketing Services who raised funds to further the work of Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. We were also very happy to see an increasing number of members who donated anonymously. We are working on the final financial statement for this event, which we will share with you as soon as it is finished.

So with this event behind us, it is time for me as your Vice President to say thank you to my team:

  • Maggie Bangston and Laura Lenz for their planning and XLS skills
  • Christy Miller and Barbara Zuk for putting together the International Dessert table and keeping the momentum going
  • Sandra Bartsch for her time keeping and staging of the location, and
  • Karen Diguc for her logistical support

It was a great experience to put this event together with you, each using our different talents to contribute to something positive!

A very special thank you also goes to Ulrike Stegmaier and Billie Schöler for their help with fundraising!

And since “after the party is before the party”, we are of course already putting our team together next year’s event. If you would like to help out in any way, just contact me using the form below and watch your newsletter for announcements!

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Members Only Event: Day Trip to Freiburg – Tour & Christmas Market

Monday, December 3rd starting at 9:00
Location: the beautiful southern German town of Freiburg
RSVP deadline: December 1st (see below)

Member Jill Velasquez is organizing this day trip to the historic town of Freiburg (near the French border). We will depart the Stuttgart HBF in the morning and travel by regional train to Freiburg on a Landers Ticket (participants will share the negligible cost of the ticket).

The group will decide (ahead of time) if we want to take the 1.5 historic walking tour through Freiburg given by the local Culture and Tours office. We will have a local lunch and hit the Christmas market. Later in the afternoon we will catch the return train to Stuttgart HBF.

We will meet at approximately 9am at the Starbucks in the Hauptbahnhof (a firm time will be agreed upon in advance). Please RSVP to Jill no later than December 1st using the form below or via the Facebook Event Page.

Hope to see you there!

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2012 Giving Tree for Residents of the Frauenhaus

Photo courtesy of

We are pleased to announce that we will be closing the giving tree early, as members and friends have already pledged the needed amount of gifts for this year – thank you to all!!!

Every year we get inquiries from members who would like to buy holiday gifts for the women and children at the Frauenhaus. This year our charity liaison, Tracy Stevenson, has organized a virtual giving tree to do exactly that.

If you would like to participate, please use the form below to make a request. You will be given information about either a child or adult to buy a gift for, and Tracey will arrange a way to get the present from you. We are suggesting 10-15 euros for the approximate value of your gift.

Tracey will be at the December club meeting on the 5th, so for those of you attending, this is an easy way to do some charitable giving this season. All gifts need to be given to Tracey before the FHF Christmas party on the 17th.

Happy Holidays!!

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IWCS December 2012 Club Meeting and International Brunch

Copyright (c) <a href=''>123RF Stock Photos</a>Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 10:00
Location: Cafe Merlin,  Augustenstrasse 72, 70178 Stuttgart-West
Prospective members welcome!

Every year at our December club meeting, we host a morning of food and love.

Participants are asked  to bring a dish to share from their home country  for our International Brunch buffet table and members will have the opportunity to bring a gift chosen from a giving tree for the children at the Frauenhaus.

Here is some information about the giving tree program which includes a way to contact the coordinator, Tracey Stevenson if you would like to participate:
Giving Tree Program for Children of the Frauenhaus.
You do not need to participate in the giving tree program to attend the monthly meeting.

There will be a babysitter available for those of you with toddlers at no extra charge.

For more information about our morning club meetings, please see this blog post.

If you have any questions about the meeting or the brunch, please contact Emily using the form below or via the Facebook Event page.

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Members Only Event – Holiday Dinner and Gift Exchange

Dear Members,

Billie Schoeler and Dorothee Klein have been working very hard to arrange a special IWCS Holiday Dinner for us once again this December. Here are all the details; we hope you can join us!

Members only Evening Get Together and Gift Exchange
Tuesday the 11th of December from 18:30
Location: Stuttgart Ratskelle, Marktplatz 1, 70173 Stuttgart-Mitte
Please RSVP using the form below

We will start out our evening with a complimentary welcome drink and appetizer, followed by a delicious Ratskeller dinner (see the choices below).

After dining, you are welcome to take part in our optional gift exchange, which is loads of fun every year. If you would like to participate, please bring a wrapped gift worth €15 (no gag or re-gifts please). Choose something you yourself would be happy to receive because with this exchange, that could very well happen!

We have a more expanded set of menu choices this year. Prices include a choice of soup, main course and dessert. Drinks are not included. Please let us know your choices when you RSVP for the event.

Main course choices (and total price of all three courses together):

  • Turkey (€24,40)
  • Salmon (€27,80)
  • Angus Beef Rump Steak (€30,80)
  • Goose (€37,40)
  • “Schwabenteller” – Pork medallions with Maultaschen and Spätzle (€26,80)
  • Vegetarian (€20,40)

For soup, we can choose from potato or pumpkin.

For dessert, we have the choice of chocolate mousse, Lebkuchen parfait, or apple fritters.

Check your calendars and RSVP now – see you there!

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October Club Meeting in Review – SPECIAL MEMBER DISCOUNT

by Debbie Strauss

“Poise rather than posture” was the essence of Heidi Winderl-Schanz’s explanation of the Alexander Technique at our club meeting last month.

We were a large group interested to find out more about a subject many of us had never heard of. Heidi has spent many years in Australia becoming a qualified instructor of the Alexander Technique, a form of movement therapy that originated in that country.

She outlined for us the various applications of this method, including neck strain that can occur with PC use; other kinds of physical pain; confidence in public speaking; improving your singing voice; and awareness of movements that affect physical well-being.

With the help of two brave volunteers, Heidi demonstrated how the way you lie on your back on the floor or get up from a chair can easily be improved with slight adjustments such as placing books under your head or by observation to counteract movement that has become habitual but is detrimental to posture. She emphasised that correcting harmful posture habits and releasing tension has a positive effect on the mind making you move and perform better and is also a way to prevent injury.

Starting November 13th, Heidi is offering IWC members a discount on her evening course titled “Alexander Technique Meets Pilates in Movement.” It will meet for 10 sessions at a non-member cost of 220 euros and a member cost of 198 euros.

If you are interested learning more about the Alexander Technique or registering for her discounted class or other courses, please visit her website page “How the Alexander Technique Can Support You” or contact her directly using the form below.

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Introducing the new IWCS Volunteer Coordinator

On September 21st, members of the IWCS and staff from Frauen helfen Frauen (FhF) had an extremely worthwhile brainstorming session to assess how our club might best support the Frauenhaus.

As a result of that meeting, member Tracey Stevenson is the new IWCS Volunteer Coordinator. Congratulations, Tracey, on your new position!

She will be organizing volunteers from within the club for joint events with FHF outside of the annual charity event – exactly what some of our members have been asking for.

How can you help? Here are some ideas from Tracey. If you are ready to make a difference in the lives of the women and children living at the Frauenhaus, message Tracey using the form at the bottom of this post.

Financial Donations:  FhF are in desperate need of additional funding.  Members are encouraged to make personal donations to FhF and to lobby other interest groups/employers for donations.

‘Adopt a Family for Christmas’: Giving a small Christmas gift for every person in the House at Christmas.

Non-Perishable Donations: The provision of non-perishable items for a ‘welcome pack’ when families arrive in the House.

Household Items/Furniture: The provision of any second hand furniture/ household items for when the families leave the House and move into personal accommodation.

Administration Tasks: Volunteers required to help with basic administration tasks.

Joint Fundraising: Liasing with FhF to combine fundraising efforts.

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Get involved in our newest project – the IWCS Scrapbook!

Calling All Members!

In an effort to document what a fun and dynamic group of women we are, please consider what you can contribute to the IWCS Scrapbook!  The scrapbook will serve as a record of club life while also acting as promotional material for prospective members to look through at club events.

Some of you may have photos of events that can be shared.  We’ve set up a special Google web album just for this purpose and you can either send photos to me to upload or upload them yourself. (Contact me at the bottom of this post)

Those who do not have photos to contribute can do so with their words and experiences.  I strongly encourage you to take 5 minutes or so and jot down a few things about the IWCS, its members, its events and the way it has touched your life.  This is the stuff that really brings the photos to life!  Comments submitted may be used by the IWCS for documentation and marketing purposes.  If you wish to remain anonymous, please make a note of it when sending in your information.

Here are some questions follow to prompt your thoughts…answer one, answer all or just email a few comments.

  •   What is your favorite thing about or event/meeting of the IWCS and why?
  • How has the IWCS enriched your living experience in Germany and the Stuttgart area?
  • If you had one piece of advice for new members, what would it be?
  • Why are you a member of the IWCS and how long have you belonged to the group?
  • What is it about the IWCS that keeps you coming back for more?

Thank you so very much in advance for whatever written or photographic items you share with us.  We promise to take good care of them and provide a place together for those memories and experiences to live!  The deadline for our current scrapbook is October 15th, 2012.

Julie Heasley

Contact Julie with your words or offer of photos using the form below:

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October Partner Organization Events

Each month we let you know about events being planned by our partner organizations that we are aware of.

Here’s what’s happening in October.

German-American Women’s Club Pfennig Basar
October 12th and 13th
Official Website

Children’s English Library Halloween Party
Saturday the 20th of October at 14:00
Official website

Kulturcafe Merlin
October 14-28th 11th Chansongsfest
Full schedule

St. Catherine’s English Church
Full schedule

Forum der Kulturen
October 14th- International Brunch
Full Website

Partner organizations are other area groups that also serve the international community in Stuttgart and who have agreed to promote IWCS events to their membership. This listing is for information purposes only and opinions expressed at partner organization events do not necessarily reflect those of the IWCS Steering Committee.

If you are a local group serving the international community who would like to work together with us on cross-promotion, please contact us using the form below.

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Volunteers Needed for ACE 2012

Photo courtesy of

Dear Members,

Are you  planning on attending the Annual Charity Event on November 10th? The Charity Committee is looking for a few volunteers to help out that evening.

We need people to great guests as they arrive, to sell extra drink tickets, to help Laura’s husband with the selling of raffle tickets, and to help set up and take down.

The more volunteers we have the better as then more people can share each task so that no one is left taking care of one job the entire night.

Additionally, if you are the owner of an art easel and would be willing to let us borrow it on the night of the event, please speak up! We are looking for multiple easels for decorative purposes.

If you are interested in volunteering or have an easel, please contact Laura Lenz using the form below. Thanks!

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Announcing 2013 Membership Renewal Discounts!

NEW! For all 2012 members wishing to renew their membership for 2013, the IWC Stuttgart will be offering the following discounts:

Regular Annual fee: €40

Discounted fee: €35 for returning members who choose one of the following payment options:

1. Members who sign up for Lastschrift (automatic withdrawal) from a German bank account. If you have already signed up for this service, you will receive the discount automatically.

2. Members who transfer 2013 dues prior to the end of 2012 (must be received in our bank account on or before December 31st).

If you are interested in taking part in this promotion, please use the form below to contact our Treasurer, Tonya Busch, to get started.

This discount is not valid for new memberships in 2013.

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September Partner Organization Events

Each month we let you know about events being planned by our partner organizations that we are aware of.

Here’s what’s happening in September.

Children’s Museum at the State Museum of Württemberg
Charity Evening
Tuesday, September 18th at 19:00
Junges Schloss in the Altes Schloss, Schillerplatz 6, 70173 Stuttgart
For more information, see this blog post.

The Children’s English Library
Open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays in September after the summer break
Full schedule

Kulturcafe Merlin
Sept. 20th at 19:30 City of Stuttgart seminar: “The Defiant Toddler” (in German)
Full schedule

St. Catherine’s English Church
Sept. 5th at 19:00 “Sunset Viewing Picnic”
Full schedule

Forum der Kulturen
No events scheduled in September
Full Website

Partner organizations are other area groups that also serve the international community in Stuttgart and who have agreed to promote IWCS events to their membership. This listing is for information purposes only and opinions expressed at partner organization events do not necessarily reflect those of the IWCS Steering Committee.

If you are a local group serving the international community who would like to work together with us on cross-promotion, please contact us using the form below.

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Third Annual IWCS Bowling Tournament

Strike! Get your bowling shoes ready! For the third year running, the IWCS Bowling Tournament is back for another round of laughter and gutter balls.

Before bowling, we will hold our monthly evening get together at the Arena. They offer tasty Swabian dishes, burgers, pizza and salads. Dinner is planned from 19:00 to 20:30.

After dinner, all interested members and prospective members are welcome to participate the bowling tournament. Your shoe rental and one game of bowling will be paid for by the club. As we did last year, we will have teams of 4 to 5 members each. The winning team and the individual high scorer will take home “gold medals” and the 2012 Trophy, respectively.

Tuesday, October 16th starting at 20:30 (dinner beforehand at 19:00)
Location: Bowling Arena, Am Sportpark 9, 70469 Stuttgart-Feuerbach
Nearest Station: Sportpark Feuerbach (U-Bahn)
Prospective members welcome

To RSVP for the bowling portion of the evening, please fill in the contact form below and organizer Ryoco Ichihashi will make sure to reserve enough lanes.

Please RSVP for the dinner portion of the evening using the email link in the newsletter or on Facebook.

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Canstatter Volksfest 2012

The IWCS is excited to announce that we have once again reserved a table for 20 in the Sonja Merz Wasenzelt! This event is for members only and is partially sponsored by the IWCS.

The Canstatter Volksfest is the second-largest beer festival in the world after Munich’s Oktoberfest and will be taking place for the 167th time this year. For more information about the Volksfest in English, please visit their website.

Places in our tent can be reserved on a first paid, first served basis. Tickets are only 5€ per member and include a 10€ gift certificate towards food and drink as well as your reservation. Dirndls are highly recommended, but not mandatory.

To reserve your spot, please fill out the RSVP form below and you will be put on this event’s pending payment list and sent an email with our bank information.

Hurry! There are only a few spots left!!

Event: IWCS Outing to the Cannstatter Volksfest
Date: Thursday, October 11th starting at 17:00*
Hosts: Laura Lenz and Irena Wilke
Location: Cannstatter Wasen, Bad Cannstatt
Nearest Stations: Bad Cannstatt (S-Bahn), Cannstatter Wasen (U-Bahn)
Your RSVP must be accompanied by transfer of fee due for your reservation to be confirmed!

*We need a minimum of 4 people to be at the table no later than 16:00 to hold it. If you can make it that early, please let us know in your RSVP!

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Partner Event – Charity Evening at the Junges Schloss Kindermuseum

The Junges Schloss at the Museum of Baden Württemberg cordially invites all IWCS members and their friends and family to a Charity Evening.

Dienstag, 18. September 2012, 19 Uhr
Junges Schloss. Das Kindermuseum in Stuttgart
Altes Schloss, Schillerplatz 6, 70173 Stuttgart
Anmeldung bis zum 12. September erbeten (s. unten)
Am 15. Oktober 2010 öffnete das Junge Schloss im Landesmuseum Württemberg seine Tore. Mit großen Erwartungen ging die erste Ausstellung „Geheimnisvolle Wunderkammer. Schatzsuche im Jungen Schloss“ an den Start. Diese wurden nicht nur erfüllt, sondern weit übertroffen: 95.000 große und kleine Besucherinnen und Besucher haben die Startausstellung gesehen. 1.353 Gruppenführungen und Veranstaltungen fanden statt und über 454 Kindergeburtstage wurden während der Laufzeit der “Geheimnisvollen Wunderkammer” gefeiert. Im Frühjahr 2012 wählten die “European Museums Academy“ und „Hands On! International“ das Junge Schloss unter die besten 13 Kindermuseen weltweit.
Damit das Landesmuseum Württemberg auch künftig den Kindern, Schulklassen und Kindergärten unserer Region ein facettenreiches Vermittlungsangebot bieten kann, benötigen wir zusätzliche Freundinnen und Freunde, die sich für die kulturelle Bildung der Kinder in unserer Region einsetzen. Ab dem 15. September startet die neue Mitmachausstellung „Tapfer, pfiffig, einfach stark! Die Kelten im Jungen Schloss“
Der Charity-Abend bietet die Gelegenheit, als einer der ersten Besucher die neue Ausstellung im Kindermuseum zu besichtigen. Mitglieder des Kinderbeirats, die an der Entstehung der Ausstellung beteiligt waren, werden an diesem Abend anwesend sein und Einblicke in die Präsentation vermitteln. Interessierten bieten wir zum Ausklang des Abends optional auch an, den Ausstellungsteil „Kostbarkeiten der Kunst“ der Großen Landesausstellung „Die Welt der Kelten“ zu besichtigen.
Für die musikalische Untermalung des Abends und kulinarische Genüsse ist gesorgt.
Gerne kann im Vorfeld der Veranstaltung für das Kindermuseum gespendet werden. Die Spenden fließen direkt in die Ausstellung „Tapfer, pfiffig, einfach stark! Die Kelten im Jungen Schloss“ sowie in unsere zukünftigen Vermittlungsangebote.
Das Spendenkonto für das Junge Schloss lautet:
Landesmuseum Württemberg
Konto-Nr. 600 015 35
BBk Stuttgart
BLZ 600 000 00
Bitte im Betreff das Stichwort „Regenbogen“ angeben. Jede/r Spender/in erhält eine steuerabzugsfähige Zuwendungsbescheinigung und im Rahmen unserer aktuellen Spendenaktion „Ein Schüsselchen voll Glück“ zudem als kleines Dankeschön eine keltische Münze, ein so genanntes Regenbogenschüsselchen. Es wurde von einem Original unserer keltischen Sammlung abgeformt.
Weitere Informationen unter:

Anmeldung bis zum 12. September erbeten :

Landesmuseum Württemberg
Sabine Werner
Altes Schloss
Schillerplatz 6, 70173 Stuttgart
(0711) 89 535 160

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Coming up in September – Brainstorming Session with the Frauenhaus

Friday, September 21st at 10:00
Location: Cafe Scholz
Marktplatz 12, 70173 Stuttgart-Mitte
Nearest stations: Rathaus, Stadtmitte
RSVP: See below

All members interested in doing charity work with Frauen helfen Frauen are welcome to join us for a joint brainstorming session in September to discuss ideas for regular activities with our designated charity, Frauen helfen Frauen (the Frauenhaus is the battered women’s shelter that we support as a club).

One of our main club objectives for this year is to form a closer and more personal bond with FHF and their families through joint activities. To this end, we are holding a meeting with our two main contacts from FHF to brainstorm and plan fun activities for their and our families to enjoy throughout the year. This is another good opportunity to “give back” and as always, your input is much appreciated. Of course, any and all ideas you may have are very welcome. They can be as simple as an annual trip to Wilhelma …

We are looking forward to hearing your many ideas and creating a calendar of activities for us all to enjoy!

Please RSVP using this Doodle link if you are interested in joining.

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October Event – Whiskey Tasting

EVENT DATE: Saturday, October 27th
TIME: Starting at 4pm
LOCATION: BestWhiskey Shop
Rotenwaldstrasse 41, 70197 Stuttgart
Nearest Station: 10 minute walk from S-Bahn Schwabstrasse
COST: 39 euros per person, paid in advance
RSVP using the form below (hosted by member Christy Miller)

Join us for an evening of Whiskey Tasting! Maybe you’re a whiskey connoisseur or perhaps you’re just interested in trying new things. Either way, this is the event for you!!

The proprietor of BestWhiskey, Mr. Peter Sondheim, will guide us through a private tour of Scottish Whiskey at his shop in downtown Stuttgart. The evening will include a tasting of 7 kinds of whiskey (up to 29 years old), plus a cold buffet and water.

The tasting will last until approximately 6:30pm . There is a maximum capacity of 25 people for this event, so get your paid reservation in soon!

For anyone interested, following the tasting we will have dinner at a nearby restaurant. Details to follow. To reserve your spot and make your payment, please use the contact form below.

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Fireworks shows in Stuttgart

Copyright (c) <a href=''>123RF Stock Photos</a>Happy Fourth of July to those of you in the club and the community who are from the U.S.!

Today during our tour of Stuttgart, some of the Americans in the group were discussing where they could see fireworks this year and we came up with the following list to share.

Of course most of these events are not happening as part of any U.S. Independence Day festivities, people in the Stuttgart area just like a good fireworks show and everyone is invited to attend. If you know of any more firework shows happening this summer, please use the form at the end of this post to tell us about it!

July 4th – Patch Barracks fireworks show, Stuttgart-Vaihingen

July 14th – Lekker Lichterfest, Stuttgart-Killesberg

July 24th – Schlossfestspiele Open Air Concert and Fireworks, Ludwigsburg

August 17-19 – Flammende Stern Internationales Feuerwerksfestival, Ostfildern

Do you know of any more?

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New Monthly Focus Group for Members – Beginning German Conversation

image courtesy of www.123rtf.omA common struggle many of our members share is trying to learn German. We’ve held several well-attended events already this year that have focused on basic German language skills. Starting this month, a dedicated group of members have decided to take this idea further and formalize it into our very first German Conversation focus group!

The group plans to meet 1-2 time monthly, depending on interest. All levels will be welcome with the more fluent speakers helping the beginners. Patient native speakers of German are especially welcome to join in when possible!

Meeting places will vary – homes, coffee shop, parks, etc. Bring your creative ideas on how to best learn and improve.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the group, please use the form below to send a message to the group contact, Jill Velasquez.

If you know you are ready to join in, please see the newsletter for the most current meeting information.

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Members-Only Event: The Healthy Expatriate!

Join member Jamie Mueller on Wednesday, August 29th to learn about the benefits of juicing and natural juice therapy.

Natural Juice Therapy (NJT) has been around in one form or another for many centuries. It has been used by some of the world’s most renowned leaders in nutritional therapy for use in the prevention and treatment of disease.

NJT uses the unique blend of healing properties found within the natural juices of fruits and vegetables to aid the body to optimum health. Freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices furnish the body with the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, ant-oxidants and enzymes. Most of us are overfed and undernourished, as our bodies are still craving essential vitamins and minerals even after we have finished our meal.

Jamie is currently completing her studies to be a certified NJ Therapist and is excited to share her experiences with you and answer your questions about juicing and health.  We will have the chance to sample a variety of freshly extracted juices, vegetable and fruit, as well as learn about the healing benefits of specific juices and supplements, like wheatgrass and spirulina.

Special members-only event:
The Healthy-Expatriate! Nutrition and Leading a Juicy Lifestyle
Wednesday, August 29th starting at 19:00
Location: KPMG Building at Theodor-Heuss-Str. 5, 70174 Stuttgart
Nearest Station: Hauptbahnhof

An RSVP is absolutely required because we will need to approve our list of visitors with KPMG in advance.
Please send your RSVP request to Laura Lenz no later than Tuesday the 28th of July using the form below.

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June Club Meeting in Review – Bilingual Gymnasiums in Stuttgart

Janina Seltzer

At our June club meeting we had a lively discussion about the bilingual Gymnasium system in Stuttgart. We were joined for the morning by Janina Seltzer, a recent graduate of Königin Olga Stift (KOST) in Stuttgart-West.

In a normal Gymnasium, all subjects are taught in German. Janina explained to us how at her school, certain subjects are taught exclusively in English, including geography, biology, and history. In addition, students are required to attend extra hours in the subject of English itself from the fifth class onwards.

In addition to the class work, English support is given in the form of short exchange programs to English-speaking countries in the younger classes and a month-long trip to the US in the 11th class. Her school also has an debating society where the students can learn a lot of extra vocabulary and sharpen their quick thinking and argument formation skills in English.

Janina also took advantage of the year abroad program in the 10th class by spending a year in Australia that not only helped bring her English language skills up to a very high level, but exposed her to a very different kind of high school experience than the standard German model. (Note: one does not have to attend a bilingual school to participate in the year abroad program.)

Probably the biggest surprise to those of us with bilingual children was that the bilingual Gymnasium program is not intended to support children who already know another language. Janina had only monolingual German students in her classes with the exception of exchange students. The program is directed at highly-motivated students, not bilingual students. As Janina explained, success in her school didn’t come from knowing English well, but rather from being a good student in general.

We thank Janina for her excellent presentation and wish her well at Cambridge University in the fall!

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June/August Partner Organization Events

Each month we let you know about events being planned by our partner organizations that we are aware of.

Here’s what’s happening in July.

Forum der Kulturen
July 10 – 15 Sommerfest
Click here for a monthly events calendar

The Children’s English Library
July 14 Etzelfest
Full schedule

Kulturcafe Merlin
July 27-28 9th International Low & No Budget Film Festival
Full schedule

St. Catherine’s English Church
July 1 Diamond Jubilee Evensong
Full schedule

Partner organizations are other area groups that also serve the international community in Stuttgart and who have agreed to promote IWCS events to their membership. This listing is for information purposes only and opinions expressed at partner organization events do not necessarily reflect those of the IWCS Steering Committee.

If you are a local group serving the international community who would like to work together with us on cross-promotion, please contact us using the form below.

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Members Only Event – Maori Exhibit at the Lindenmuseum

Join host Billie Schoeler for a guided tour of the Maori Exhibit at the Lindenmuseum in Stuttgart. The tour will be in English and will be sponsored by the club, with members paying only their entrance fee (€7).

The exhibit, “Maori: New Zealand’s First Inhabitants”, will present Maori culture, past and present. The Lindenmuseum focusing on world cultures and more information about the exhibit and the museum can be found in English on their website.

On the night of our visit, the museum will be open until 20:00, so starting at 18:00 we will have our hour tour and then be able to go back and re-visit the most interesting sections on our own for up to another hour.

Afterwards, Billie will be hosting a small dinner at Hegel Eins, a German restaurant right around the corner. Please let her know in the RSVP section below if you wish to attend the museum tour and dinner, or just the museum tour.

Maori Exhibit Visit at the Lindenmuseum
Wednesday, July 11th starting at 18:00
Location: Lindenmuseum, Hegelplatz 1, 70174 Stuttgart
Nearest Station: Hauptbahnhof
RSVP to Billie using the form below

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Library Tour in Review – June 2012

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have you been to the new Stuttgart library? A group of members who had never been took a tour this past month and were amazed by much of what they saw.

From the mechanized carts that sort 8 floors worth of returned books to the self check out of laptops for use during a visit, you’ll find lots of impressive and forward-looking touches in the new library. It’s definitely worth a visit!

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FAQ – Annual Charity Event 2012

As with every activity or event, there are always questions so please keep them coming by submitting yours in the form at the bottom of this page and we will answer them as quickly as possible. Some questions we have recently had are answered below:

What will the evening be like?
This elegant and sociable event will be very similar to last year, with delicious drinks and snacks (both warm and cold) served throughout the evening and dinner music during the first half of the evening. Later on, we’ll kick things up a notch and dance the night away to music from Mr. Mac’s Party Team. Included in the entrance fee are all non-alcoholic drinks, two alcoholic beverages as well as the seasonal “Flying Buffet.”

The WAC has a foyer and large hall for socializing and mingling as well as a cozy bar for quieter conversation.

There even is an outside space for our smoking guests.

What is the venue like? Is it part of a museum?
The venue is the main hall of the Württembergische Automobilclub e.V. in central Stuttgart, go to for more information. The club was founded over one hundred years ago by Daimler, Maybach and Bosch.

It is not connected in any way to the Mercedes Museum and in a different part of the city altogether.

Is the event only for women or for members with partners?
In short: no! In fact, we would love to meet your partners and encourage you to bring your friends, both male and female, to make it a fun, sociable occasion.

Please do not hesitate to come “without a date” – many of our members also came alone last year and had a wonderful time.

How can we pay the entrance fee?
This year guests will have the choice of purchasing tickets in advance with cash or putting their name on our guest list and paying via bank transfer.

Members and prospective members may purchase tickets with cash at a monthly club meeting or evening get together.

If you would like to pay for your tickets online, please submit your RSVP using the form on the main event page and you will sent an email with our bank information.

How will money be raised for the Frauenhaus?
Corporate sponsorship and a portion of your ticket price will make up the bulk of our fundraising. Raffle tickets will also be available to purchase and those members who cannot attend the event are welcome to send a dedicated donation on behalf of Frauen helfen Frauen.

Unfortunately,  we will be unable to issue tax receipts for that portion of your entrance fee over and above the costs of the event, although receipts for additional cash and bank transfer donations will be available.

Where can I park on the evening of the event?
Our host, the WAC 1899, recommends that you park on Mörikestrasse, Humboldtstrasse, Hohenstauffenstrasse or Hohenzollernstrasse. All are in the immediate area surrounding the club.

What shall I wear?
This is a very good occasion to dress up a little and an opportunity to take your party outfit for a spin on the dance floor. Anything from a cocktail length dress to dressy black pants with a sparkly top works! While the event is an excellent opportunity to dress shop, don’t worry if you can’t or don’t want to. Just pretty yourself up a little and you will be fine!

How can I invite other people?
Friends, family members and the general public are all welcome to attend this event! Please feel free to share with them the main event page here on our website or our post on Facebook.

Is there something I can print off and hang on my office’s blackboard or give to my spouse or partner for his office’s blackboard?
Yes, we will have printable flyers available for members to distribute. Please contact us below or watch for updates in the club newsletter.

Any other questions? Please contact us using the form below. See you in November!

International Dining Followup – Korean Cuisine

If you missed the Korean dinner in May but are curious about Korean cuisine, look no further than this very informative handout created by member Dorothee Klein for the guests at the dinner:

Caught between Japan and China, Korean food is a wonderful combination of the two, mixed with its own distinctive elements.

Korean cuisine originated from prehistoric traditions in the Korean peninsula evolving through a complex interaction of environmental, political, and cultural trends.

The food has a warming robustness that defies the winter ice and snow, most notably in its national dish: kim chi, a spicy pickle served at every meal.

Korean cuisine is largely based upon rice, vegetables, and meats. Traditional Korean meals are noted for the number of side dishes (banchan) that accompany steam-cooked short-grain rice. The dishes are flavoured with soy sauce, ginger, bean paste and toasted sesame seeds, while the centre piece may be a steaming hotpot or thinly sliced meat, grilled at the table.

Meals are regulated by Korean cultural etiquette. Dining etiquette in Korea can be traced back to the Confucian philosophies of the Joseon period. The eldest male at the table was always served first, commonly served to them in the men’s quarters by the women of the house. Women usually dined in a separate portion of the house after the men were served. The eldest men or women always ate before the younger family members. The meal was usually quiet, as conversation was discouraged during meals. In modern times, these rules have become lax, as families usually dine together now and use the time to converse. Of the remaining elements of this decorum, one is that the younger members of the table should not pick up their chopsticks or start eating before the elders of the table or guests and should not finish eating before the elders or guests finish eating. Also, in Korea, unlike in China and Japan, the rice or soup bowl is not lifted from the table when eating from it.

This is due to the fact that each diner is given a metal spoon along with the chopsticks known collectively as sujeo. The use of the spoon for eating rice and soups is expected. There are rules which reflect the decorum of sharing communal side dishes; rules include not picking through the dishes for certain items while leaving others, and the spoon used should be clean, because usually diners put their spoons in the same serving bowl on the table. Diners should also cover their mouths when using a toothpick after the meal.

The table setup is important as well, and individual place settings, moving from the diner’s left should be as follows: rice bowl, spoon, then chopsticks. Hot foods are set to the right side of the table, with the cold foods to the left. Soup must remain on the right side of the diner along with stews. Vegetables remain on the left along with the rice, and kimchi is set to the back while sauces remain in the front

The manner of drinking alcoholic drinks at dining is significant in Korean dining etiquette. Each diner is expected to face away from the eldest male and cover his mouth when drinking alcohol. It is impolite for a king and his vassal, a father and his son, or a teacher and his student to drink face to face. Also, a guest should not refuse the first drink offered by host, and in the most formal situations, the diner should politely refuse twice a drink offered by the eldest male or a host. When the host offers for the third time, then finally the guest can receive it. If the guest refuses three times, drink is not to be offered any more.

Spicy fermented cabbage and spicy fermented radish / 김치, 깍두기

Kimchi is a staple of Korean life and many people include it in their meals three times a day. You can eat it by itself, or use it in so many different Korean recipes. When Koreans make kimchi, they make an effort to make the best kimchi possible and include many different kinds of ingredients depending on the region where they live.

Of course there are loads of differing recipes, this one is from


2 heads Napa cabbage1 1/4 cups sea salt

1 tablespoon fish sauce

5 green onions, chopped

1/2 small white onion, minced

2 cloves garlic, pressed2 tablespoons white sugar

1 teaspoon ground ginger

5 tablespoons Korean chile powder


1. Cut the cabbages in half lengthwise and trim the ends. Rinse and cut into pieces about 2 inch square. Place the cabbage into large resealable bags and sprinkle salt on the leaves so they are evenly coated. Use your hands to rub the salt in to the leaves. Seal the bags and leave at room temperature for 6 hours.
2. Rinse the salt from the cabbage leaves and then drain and squeeze out any excess liquid. Place the cabbage in a large container with a tight fitting lid. Stir in the fish sauce, green onions, white onion, garlic, sugar and ginger. Sprinkle the Korean chile powder over the mixture. Wear plastic gloves to protect your hands and rub the chile powder into the cabbage leaves until evenly coated. Seal the container and set in a cool dry place. Leave undisturbed for 4 days. Refrigerate before serving, and store in the refrigerator for up to 1 month (if it lasts that long!).

Another can be found at

Maangchi posted hers at and says:

I usually put all my kimchi in the fridge except for a little bit in a small container. I like fresh kimchi, so this way the kimchi in the fridge ferments slowly and stays fresh, while the smaller container ferments faster and gets sour. I use this sour kimchi for making things like kimchi chigae where sour kimchi is better. Then, when the small container is empty, I fill it up again with kimchi from the big container. It takes a little management, but experiment and you’ll get the hang of it!

How do you know it’s fermented or not?
One or 2 days after, open the lid of the Kimchi container. You may see some bubbles with lots of liquids, or maybe sour smells. That means it’s already being fermented.

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June partner organization events

Each month we let you know about events being planned by our partner organizations that we are aware of. Here’s what’s happening in June.

Forum der Kulturen
Click here for a monthly events calendar

The Children’s English Library
Full schedule

Cafe Merlin
European Championship Football (EM 2012) all month long
Full schedule

St. Catherine’s English Church
Full schedule

Partner organizations are other area groups that also serve the international community in Stuttgart and who have agreed to promote IWCS events to their membership. This listing is for information purposes only and opinions expressed at partner organization events do not necessarily reflect those of the IWCS Steering Committee.

If you are a local group serving the international community who would like to work together with us on cross-promotion, please contact us using the form below.

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Posted Recently in the IWCS Facebook Group

Here’s a round up of news links posted in our Facebook group for members last month.

If you are an IWCS member but haven’t yet joined our private conversation, please go to our group and ask to join.

I Come From Somewhere Else is a personal blog post from member Jamie Mueller about feeling like you are “from nowhere”.

Laura Lenz posted this article (in German) about a possible new twist in German tax law affecting spouses.

Anuradha Kipf gave us a tip about this Biergarten in Ostfildern that serves an American-style BBQ every Thursday evening throughout the summer months.

Lisa Cvejn asked about websites for cheap airfare and was given the following suggestions:

Emily Born suggested using this photobook method to deal with storage of children’s artwork.

Jamie Miller posted this link to a blog about raising children bilingual.

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The Importance of Being Earnest (and RSVPing!)

“I don’t need to RSVP…I’m sure they can fit just one more at the table.”

“I’m sure they won’t miss me tonight at the dinner if I don’t show up.”

“But I come every time, the host will surely know to count me in.”

Have you caught yourself making excuses like this recently instead of communicating with the host about an IWCS event? Here’s what we ask of members regarding signing up for events:

If you would like to attend an event – be sure to let the host know.

If you have already RSVPed and find yourself unable to attend at the last minute – just give the host a quick call or send her a text or Facebook message.

Here’s why it’s important:

1. If we don’t know you are coming, we can’t save a place for you. And in smaller venues with limited space, that could make the difference between everyone having comfortable seating or…not.

2. Even you are thinking “Ah, I’m just one person,” there are usually five other people thinking that exact same thing.

3. If more than 2 people don’t show up for a dinner without cancelling with the host (which happens pretty much every month), that empty table being saved for you stays empty and we feel pretty guilty watching the restaurant turn away business while we wait for people who may never come.

4. If the event is being held at a small place with limited seating, the host will need to know exactly how many people are coming to manage her wait list.

So if you plan to attend an outing, a dinner, or even a meeting in a small apartment, please be courteous to your host and ALWAYS let them know if you are coming or cancelling.

Looking forward to seeing you at an event soon!
Your IWCS Steering Committee

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2012 Charity Committee Looking for Corporate Fundraising Help

Image courtesy of

One of the ways we can keep ticket prices low for our big charity event in November is by raising money from corporate donors.

Stuttgart is full of well-off companies we can ask for donations from, many of them international companies employing of the very kind of expats who often become members of our club. They usually have charity budgets with money earmarked for donation to the community. But if we never ask, they’ll never have the chance to say YES.

Someone has to make the effort to hunt down those companies and write those letters and do the necessary follow up. Could this be you?

If you think this is something you’d like to help with, please contact our Charity Coordinator, Dorothee Klein, using the form below.

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Members & Families event – High Ropes Course in Rutesheim

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

Member Ulrike Stegmaier has arranged for a fun afternoon of climbing for all members and their families on June 16th!

We will meet at 13:30 in the Freizeitpark Rutesheim, which is direct at the exit “Rutesheim” on the A8 Stuttgart Direction Karlsruhe. You have to come by car, but parking is free of charge.

First we will get our climbing equipment and a short introduction on how to use it. After this we will have 3 hours in which we can climb in the course and have the choice of 12 parcours at different heights. If you or your accompanying partner doesn’t want to climb, then you can enjoy this time in the Kraxl-Alm Biergarten or play Minigolf.

To conclude our sporty afternoon we will meet at 17:00 at the next door Kraxl Alm Restaurant to enjoy Alpine cuisine.

Pricing for climbing (you pay upon receiving the climbing equipment):
Child 3 – 5 years : 6 Euro
Child 6 – 12 years : 11 Euro
Teenager 13 – 17 years: 16 Euro
Adults older than 18 years: 20 Euro

Check out their website for more information.

Please fill in the form below prior to Friday the 15th to RSVP and give Ulrike the proper number of guests for each activity.

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FdK Plea – Do you know a “Sanitärbetrieb?”

Our friends over at Forum der Kulturen (the umbrella Vereine for intercultural groups in Stuttgart that we belong to) are looking for some very specific help for their Sommerfest in July. Do you know anyone who handles Sanitation work who might be able to help?

Here is their original message to us:

“Liebe Freunde des Forums der Kulturen,

für unser SommerFestival der Kulturen, das dieses Jahr vom 10.–15. Juli auf dem Stuttgarter Markplatz stattfindet, suchen wir kurzfristig einen Sanitärbetrieb, der die Wasserinstallationen auf dem Platz übernehmen und im Optimalfall auch während des Festivals betreuen würde.

Es wäre toll, wenn Ihr/Sie, sofern Ihr/Sie einen Sanitärbetrieb kennt, der dafür in Frage käme, die Auftragsbeschreibung mit den Eckdaten in der Anlage weiterleiten könntet.

Wichtig: Da die Finanzierung unseres Festivals jedes Jahr nach wie vor auf wackligen Füßen steht, wären wir natürlich dankbar für möglichst günstige Angebote mit einem kleinen Ehrenamtsanteil! Wenn alles gut läuft, sind wir dafür an einer langjährigen Zusammenarbeit sehr interessiert!

Ganz herzliche Grüße,


Forum der Kulturen Stuttgart e. V.

Bitte wenden Sie sich bei Interesse mit einem Angebot schnellstmöglich an:

Paulino Miguel
Forum der Kulturen Stuttgart e. V.
Marktplatz 4
70173 Stuttgart
Tel. 0711/248 48 08-18

Basisinfos zum Festival:”;


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Invitation: FdK Powerpoint Seminar in June 2012

Have you been wanting to learn the basics of Power Point? The Forum der Kulturen has put together a seminar for its members (including all members of the IWCS) at a reduced cost. You must be able to follow along in German.

Here is the invitation:

“Liebe Vereinsaktive,

gerne möchten wir Sie über unser neues Doppelseminar „Power Point I & II“ informieren und Sie herzlich am Mittwoch den 20.6.2012 und Mittwoch den 27.6.2012 dazu einladen.

Power Point I & II

Der Bericht auf der Hauptversammlung muss nicht langatmig sein. Mit Powerpoint gelungen gestaltete und übersichtliche Seiten zu entwerfen ist gar nicht so schwer. Auch Bilder von Ausflügen etc. lassen sich elegant einfügen und zu einer ”Diashow” verbinden. Aber da ist manchmal weniger mehr – im Kurs wird über sinnvolle Gliederungen nachgedacht und die gekonnte Zusammenstellung von Text, Bild und Grafik erläutert.

Für den Kursbesuch benötigen Sie Kenntnisse im Umgang mit dem Computer und Word.

Referentin: Katharina Heinzelmann (Freiberufliche Dozentin)

In Kooperation mit der Volkshochschule Stuttgart
Mi, 20.6.2012 & Mi, 27.6.2012
18:30 Uhr
Kursnummer: 06407

Treffpunkt Rotebühlplatz,
Rotebühlplatz 28, S-Mitte
(der Raum wird auf den Monitoren im Foyer angezeigt, zusammen mit der Kursnummer!)

Achtung Kursgebühr für beide Seminare 10 Euro !

(max. 12 Teilnehmer!)

Anna Labrinakou,
Forum der Kulturen Stuttgart e.V.
Marktplatz 4 (Eingang Schulstraße)
70173 Stuttgart

Tel.++49 711/ 248 48 08-12
Fax ++49 711/ 248 48 08-88″

Anmeldung per E-mail:

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May partner organization events

Each month we let you know about events being planned by our partner organizations that we are aware of. Here’s what’s happening in May.

Forum der Kulturen
6th of May – Global Brunch
Click here for a monthly events calendar
(The IWCS is a member of this organization and our members are invited to attend any FdK events they find interesting)

The Children’s English Library
Come Chill with CEL (ages 10-18)
Full schedule

Cafe Merlin
Full schedule

St. Catherine’s English Church
Saturday, May 12th – American-German gospel concert
Sunday, May 20th – Organ Concert
Full schedule

Partner organizations are other area groups that also serve the international community in Stuttgart and who have agreed to promote IWCS events to their membership. This listing is for information purposes only and opinions expressed at partner organization events do not necessarily reflect those of the IWCS Steering Committee.

If you are a local group serving the international community who would like to work together with us on cross-promotion, please contact us using the form below.

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An Indian Food Primer

For those members who missed April’s International Dinner at Ganesha’s Indian Restaurant, host Anuradha Kipf has prepared this informative lesson on the different kinds of Indian cooking.

All About Indian Food

by Anuradha Kipf

There is a lot of mumbo jumbo about the Indian cuisine. We are led to believe that each dish is lovingly prepared to some secret recipe known only to chefs. There is one thing you can be sure of, most dishes don’t vary much at all, other than the most prominent ingredients, such as the type of meat, fish or vegetable and possibly whether the sauce is lentil or cream based. So, every Indian dish will have its basic ‘curry gravy’ and every dish served will be a derivative of that sauce. I have tried to demystify the Indian restaurant menu by explaining what individual items are and how they vary from each other. The spellings are not definitive as all the translations into the English language are based on phonetics.

BALTI: Balti describes the cooking pot. In a ‘traditional’ balti cooking, the dish is served in a large balti pot and eaten with Indian breads, such as Nans, Chappatis and Parathas.

KARAHI: The term Karahi or Korai refers to the serving dish, which is made of cast iron on a wooden base and pre-heated, so that the curry sizzles in the serving dish when it is brought to the table. Don’t touch the Karahi or you will get your fingers char grilled.

BHUNA, BHOONA: A Bhuna is a dry fried curry containing onions and spices. It tends to be medium hot.

BIRYANI: Biryani is a rice dish, cooked together with meat or vegetable. The meat and vegetables are pre-cooked and then mixed with the pilau rice. It is usually served with a separate bowl of curry sauce.

CHAPATTI: Chapattis are a simple circular unleavened bread. They are simply made from flour and water and then cooked on a griddle on both sides.

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

DHANSAK, DANSAK: Dhansak is based on the addition of a lentil puree to cooking process. It is described as a sweet and sour curry with a lentil sauce. The serving varies often for added hot, sweet and sour flavours.

DOPIAZA, DUPIAZA: Do means “two” and Dopiaza means something like “double onions”. Typically this is a fairly basic Indian curry prepared as a Bhuna or Bhoona but with the addition of extra onions probably both in the cooking and as a garnish.

JALFREZI, JALFRAZI, JHALL FRYZY, ZALl FREZI: Jalfrezi is ‘hot’ dish given additional heat by being cooked with fresh green chillis. It usually also contains visible onion, tomato and capsicum.

KORMA, KURMA: Korma is the mild curry typically prepared with butter and thickened with single cream and coconut milk to give a mild creamy sauce. Spicing would be more subtle, and there would be more use of aromatic spices such as cardamom, clove and cinnamon rather than the more robust spices such as chilli, cumin, black pepper etc.

MADRAS: Madras is a city in Southern India. In an Indian restaurant, Madras means a ‘hot dish’. I doubt if the dish owes its origins to Madras at all, other than its name was chosen way back in the mists of time to signify a fiery hot dish, just as the city of Madras sizzles in the fiery hot Sun.

NAN, NAAN BREAD: Nan bread is leavened bread traditionally baked in the Tandoor Oven. It is baked from a dough containing flour (usually Chapatti flour or wholemeal), yogurt, milk, sugar, yeast and ghee (clarified butter). They obtain a distinctive teardrop shape from being stuck to the side of the Tandoor and baking whilst gravity is stretching them. They are served piping hot often spread lightly with melted butter or ghee and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

PURI: Puris are Indian fried breads. They are served as an accompaniment or sometimes as the base for a starter, such a Bhuna Prawn on Puri.

RICE: Rice is the staple diet on the Indian sub-continent and its influence has extended to it being the traditional accompaniment for Indian dishes. The very best rice is Basmati rice (from the foothills of the Himalaya’s). Never confuse the quality of Basmati for normal long grain (such as Patna) rice, as Basmati is far superior. Rice is served as either plain boiled or Pilau. Pilau rice is fried with cardamom, clove, cinnamon and flavoured with saffron. Then there are all of the variations of Pilau rice such as fried with pre-cooked vegetables or mushrooms or mince or eggs or peas. Rice lends itself better to curries.

ROGAN JOSH: Rogan Josh originates from Kashmiri cooked with tomatoes and onions and probably capsicum. It is generally presented as a medium strength curry, not as hot as a Madras.

SAMBER: Samber is prepared with a lentil base. I would personally, expect the Samber to be presented as a sour curry with the addition of tamarind juice.

SHAMI KEBAB: Shami Kebabs are small round patties of minced lamb and lentils cooked in a Tandoor oven. Sometimes they are exactly the same as the Sheek Kebab, but formed into a flat pattie rather than formed onto a skewer like a sausage. Usually served with a small side salad and Yoghurt and Mint Sauce.

SHEEK KEBAB, SHEIK KEBAB: Sheek Kebabs consists of minced lamb mixed with lemon juice, coriander, onion, garlic and green chilli. The meat is shaped onto a skewer, like a sausage, and cooked in the Tandoor Oven (or failing a Tandoor oven, sometimes on a charcoal barbeque). Usually served with a small side salad and Yoghurt and Mint Sauce.

TANDOORI: Tandoori dishes derive their name from the Tandoor oven that they are cooked in. Tandoor ovens are traditionally clay ovens fuelled by charcoal in the bottom, gas or electricity. It is probably the heat generated in the Tandoor that give Tandoori dishes their unique taste, rather than the particular fuel used to fire them. Meat, kebabs and breads are cooked in the Tandoor. Meats are lowered into the oven on skewers and bread is stuck to the side with fingers.

I suppose most things can be ‘Tandoorized’, but the preparation is to marinate the meat in a marinade of yoghurt and spices. In the Indian restaurant, red food dye is often added, giving a rather radioactive red to the colour of the dish. This is not traditional and is only done for presentation.

Tandoori dishes do not have a reputation for being too spicy and are often recommended as being subtle and especially good for anybody wanting a more gentle introduction to the Indian menu. They are usually served as starter with a small side Salad and a Yoghurt and Mint Sauce, or with a Salad and Naan bread as a main course.

TIKKA: Tikka is prepared in a similar way to a Tandoori dish. However it is usually a piece of fillet meat, chicken or fish that is cooked on a skewer, whereas Tandoori dishes are usually a whole portion of meat such as a Chicken quarter or half.

TIKKA MASSALA: Tikka Massala is most popular. The Tikka Massala curry is made with Tikka meat. That is, meat that has been marinated and cooked on skewers in a Tandoor before being used in the curry preparation. The Massala is the curry sauce that the Tikka is served in. It is a creamy mild and colourful dish. It is prepared in the same way as a basic curry dish but with the addition of possibly yoghurt and just before serving, single cream.

VINDALOO: Vindaloo is traditionally a Potato, Pork and Vinegar curry from Goa. It usually has diced potatoes in the sauce along with the chosen meat or chicken. However, I can’t ever remember seeing pork as an option. I wonder why? Vindaloo is ‘hotter’ than a Madras. Potatoes are added to alleviate the piquancy of the dish.

Tips for cooking Indian cuisine

  1. Most spices are potent, so a little goes a long way. You want the spices to enhance the flavours of foods, not overpower the whole dish.
  2. When blending several spices in a dish, experiment to find combinations you like. Be adventurous! A good cookbook can start you out with suggestions for spices.
  3. Many spices release their flavours and aromas best when sautéed in Ghee (clarified butter) or oil, some when they are dry-roasted. Be nimble when sautéing or roasting spices, they tend to burn quickly. Remove from heat when aromas are released and continue stirring to prevent burning.
  4. Many spices release their flavours and aromas best when sautéed in Ghee (clarified butter) or oil, some when they are dry-roasted. Be nimble when sautéing or roasting spices, they tend to burn quickly. Remove from heat when aromas are released and continue stirring to prevent burning.
  5. Look for organic, non-irradiated spices. Store spices in airtight containers away from heat and light.
  6. Put an Indian spin on everyday dishes. For example, try adding spices to dishes you already make. Sizzle some cumin, saffron or other Indian spices in hot oil and pour over mashed potatoes
  7. Warm up chili and stews. Spice things up with cumin, coriander and cinnamon.
  8. Add a bit of cayenne. Cayenne, just a touch, adds zing to bland soups.
  9. Give meatloaf new depth. Darker spices like cloves and cinnamon, freshly ground, add wonderful depth to meatloaf and other meat-based dishes.
  10. Make curry marinades. Mild curry powder is a very flavourful mix to add to marinades for chicken, beef and lamb. I advise adding it to yogurt, along with minced ginger and garlic. Mix well and then marinate your meats in it.
  11. Try Indian cheese. Paneer is made with cow’s milk and is sold in brick form in most Indian stores and even in local grocery stores now. I suggest grating it on a cheese grater and using it instead of eggs for a scramble! Heat some oil, and add cumin, bell peppers, paneer, salt, pepper and turmeric. Saute for a few moments or until bell peppers are soft.
  12. Make paneer croutons. Paneer is also wonderful in place of bread croutons, and it’s certainly more nutritious. Cut the cheese into small cubes and pan fry for a few moments.
  13. Be creative with chutney. Blend up some cilantro, mint, red onion, salt, pepper and lemon juice for a super-simple chutney that does triple duty as a salad dressing, simmering sauce for chicken and spread for buttered bread!
  14. Spice up your rice. Add a few cloves and a touch of cumin seeds to hot oil, add the rice, and cook as you would normally. This yields a very toasty flavour.
  15. Don’t forget the drinks. Add a touch of saffron to homemade lemonade or other beverages to make them exotic and delightful.

Ayurveda – A glimpse into the 5000-year-old ancient science of healing.

Turmeric – detoxifies liver and blood. It is anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antiviral and anti fungal actions.

Cumin – kindles burning stomach, aids absorption of minerals, reduces gastric, helps stomach pain, nausea, menstrual cramps.

Coriander – supports kidney and bladder functions, diuretic, reduces fever, relieves pitta skin rashes, in conjunctivitis tea is used as eye wash.

Fennel – good for upper respiratory congestion, indigestion, diarrhea, hot flashes, helps to rid intestinal worms.

Cardamom – aids digestion of milk and dairy, cough and breathlessness, hemorrhoids, prevents cavities.

Black Mustard Seeds – heals bronchial system, asthma and cough, helps remove intestinal worms. Mustard oil used in heating massage.

Saffron – blood cleanser and thinner, liver detoxifier, brain/nerve tonic, heart tonic and aphrodisiac.

Preview of 2012 Activities

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

With the help of our members’ many suggestions, the IWCS activities-planning team (Laura Lenz, Maggie Bangston, Ulrike Stegmaier and Andy Ng) have put together a projected schedule of events for the year.

Here are some of the events they are working on that our members can look forward to (subject to change):

  • June: Hochseilgarten followed by dinner in Rutesheim (possibly to include families)
  • June: Tour the Stuttgart Galerie and learn some German (Tour given in basic German on a set topic to a small group)
  • June: Tour of Stuttgart Library in English
  • July: Visit to a local Biergarten for dinner (to include spouses/partners)
  • July: Summer BBQ at members house
  • July: Bier Bike
  • July: Outing to the Bonhenviertel Fest
  • Summer: Visit to Maori Exhibit
  • August: Outing to the Esslingen Zwiebelfest
  • September: Bicycle tour (weekend activity also for family)
  • September: Group outing to the Stuttgarter Weindorf one evening
  • September / October: another dinner with spouses/partners, this time in Gerlingen
  • September / October: Saturday hiking trip in the region
  • September/October: Annual IWCS visit to the Canstatter Wasen
  • October: Tour of Kessler Sekt
  • October:  Tour of Stuttgarter Zeitung
  • October: Annual EGT Bowling tournament
  • November: Annual Charity Event 2012
  • November: Diwali night (Indian festival of lights)
  • December: Visit to 1 or 2 Weihnachtsmarkts in the area
  • December: Christmas Cookie Exchange

Of course, this is by no means a final list – there’s always plenty of room in our calendar any other events our members can dream up. If you have idea for a club event or something you’d like to organize, please contact Laura using the form below.

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IWCS Evening Club Meetings

Because of of the great diversity in our membership, we routinely schedule some of our monthly club meetings in the morning and some in the evening. If you will be attending one of our evening meetings, here is all you need to know:

The meeting will take place at the offices of KPMG Auditing in downtown Stuttgart. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to membership coordinator Billie Schoeler for arranging the use of KPMG’s beautiful meeting facilities.

For security reasons, we have been asked to provide an advance list of attendees to KPMG and we will be checked in as we arrive. Please send your name for the list no later than the day before the event.

Time and agenda
The meeting will start at 20:00. After we’ve had a chance to greet each other and grab something to drink, our speaker for the evening will being his/her presentation between 20:15 and 20:30 and speak for 45 minutes to an hour.

We have the room until 22:00 and can use the time after the speaker finishes to socialize and network.

Dinner beforehand:
Those of you coming directly from work or anyone else needing a bite to eat before the meeting are welcome to join us from 18:00 onwards at the monthly Happy Hour focus group for an early dinner. Because of this special event, Happy Hour will be open to all who are attending the meeting. Please see your monthly newsletter for more details.

Water, coffee and juice will be available for us to enjoy at no charge.

Due to the late hour, there will be no babysitter for young children, so please leave them at home. New mothers are welcome to bring infants along in strollers.

Prospective members:
Those interested in learning more about our club are welcome to attend this meeting to meet some of our members. You are welcome to join us for up to two meetings as a non-member to see if we are right for you.

Registration forms will be available to those of you wishing to join that evening. Please RSVP in advance to get your name on the security list.

If you have any questions about the evening club meeting, please do not hesitate to contact Emily Born using the contact form below. See you there!

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IWCS in the Stuttgarter Zeitung

Check out this week’s lovely Stuttgarter Zeitung article about the IWCS: 35 Nationalitäten, ein Gemeinsamer Club.

A big thank you to our Vice Chairperson, Dorothee Klein, who did a fantastic job of representing us in the Stuttgarter Zeitung’s series on local associations.

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April partner organization events

Each month we let you know about events being planned by our partner organizations that we are aware of. Here’s what’s happening in April.

Forum der Kulturen
Click here for a monthly events calendar

The Children’s English Library
13th April – Ferien Workshop “Flags of the World” (ages 7-10)
20th April – Earth Day workshop
Full schedule

Cafe Merlin
Full schedule

St. Catherine’s English Church
Easter Celebrations in English
Full schedule

Daimler Choir – Mass for Peace Concert
In aid of Omaruru Children’s Haven, Namibia
Saturday, 28th April, 19:30, St Georg Church, Stuttgart, Heilbronnerstrasse 135
(Member Debbie Strauss is a member of the choir)

Partner organizations are other area groups that also serve the international community in Stuttgart and who have agreed to promote IWCS events to their membership. This listing is for information purposes only and opinions expressed at partner organization events do not necessarily reflect those of the IWCS Steering Committee.

If you are a local group serving the international community who would like to work together with us on cross-promotion, please contact us using the form below.

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Charity Team kick-off on 18 April 2012

I would like to invite all IWC Stuttgart members to get involved in our charitable endeavors this year. I am hoping that you will find – like me – that regardless of how we spend our days, in jobs, in our homes or elsewhere, coming together and working on a common goal is hugely fulfilling. Having worked on our charitable activities in one role or another for the past few years, I can tell you that I learned many new skills and I had a great time doing it.

As you may already know, Frauen helfen Frauen, our designated charity, are losing their premises at the end of June this year. While they have already secured interim accommodation, you can imagine which kind of impact – financially and emotionally – this upheaval will have on the families as well as the FHF team.

There are several areas where we can become active

  • Financially: by hosting our next charity event and engaging in fund-raising
  • “Regularly”: by understanding what FHF need currently and how we can become engaged with them in a more regular and hands-on way.

I feel that the best way to begin is to hold a kick-off meeting amongst members first and then break into groups. Once we have decided on which actions to take, it will probably be beneficial to meet up with our new focal points at FHF, Ms Limitone and Ms Bosch. Some of you will already have met them at last year’s charity event. This meeting will probably take place during the day.

If you can attend the big kick-off on April 18th at 19:00 (or even if you just have more questions), please contact me using the form below. The location is still to be confirmed.

Once we have kicked off, we will have a central online tool allowing us to collaborate so that even if you missed a meeting, you can remain up to date.

I am very excited about this new year of charitable activities and am looking forward to accomplishing great things with you all!


Dorothee Klein
Vice President  – Charitable Relations

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Introducing our newest monthly Focus Group – the IWCS Scrapbooking Crop

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Earlier this month the IWCS Scrapbooking group met for their first “crop” which is scrapbooking-speak for scrapbooking and socializing.  It was a small, fun group and we’d like to continue and are looking for more members to join us!

Here’s how you can take part:

1.  Register for the next meeting, which will be on Saturday the 16th of June (details and RSVP form below).

2. If you are on Facebook, you can join our Facebook group to stay in touch and receive updates.

At our meetings, members should bring along a project in progress to work on. Digital scrapbookers are also welcome to bring their computers and join us.

Are you new to scrapbooking? The store where we meet has tools for our use so beginners looking for guidance should bring 10-15 pictures, buy paper and tape either in advance or at the store during the meeting and then use the store supplied tools. Julie will have information on hand and can demonstrate several page layouts to get you started with basic techniques.

If you would like to purchase paper and tape before the meeting, you can visit Scrapbooking Stuttgart’s online shop at From the home page, click on “Zu den Scrapbooking Artikeln”.

If you want more advice about supplies and/ or easy projects to start with (such as the sample pictured above), please contact Julie directly and she’ll be glad to help.

Saturday, June 16th from 11:00 – 14:00
Location: Scrapbooking Stuttgart, Schwieberdinger Str. 58, 70435 Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen
The meeting fee of 5€ can be paid at the crop.
RSVP required to Julie Heasley using the form below

Parking is available at the store.

For train, take S4, S5, S6 to Zuffenhausen and follow the signs to Schwieberdinger Str., turn right onto Schweiberdinger Str. and the store is on the right hand side under 10 minute walk.

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March Club Meeting in Review

On March 7th, members and guests were treated to a fantastic presentation by Jamie Müller on the subject of intercultural marriage. In the discussion at the end it quickly became apparent that all kinds of marriages qualify as intercultural and face similar challenges.

For those of you who missed her talk or wanted some notes, Jamie has given us this link which includes scans of her flip charts. She suggested Expat Bookshop as a great place to get books on the subject and had the following book recommendations:

Intercultural marriage:
Intercultural Marriage: Promises and Pitfalls by Dugan Romano
A Moveable Marriage: Relocate Your Relationship without Breaking It by Robin Pascoe
The Globalisation of Love – A Book about Multicultural Romance and Marriage by Wendy Williams

Career Guidance:
Laptop Entrepreneur: How to Make a Living Anywhere in the World by Nick Snelling
Turning Points: 25 Inspiring Stories from Women Entrepreneurs by Kate Cobb

Children of intercultural marriages:
Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds by David C. Pollock
Raising Global Nomads: Parenting Abroad in an On-Demand World by Robin Pascoe

Jamie is the owner and founder of Caterpillar Spirit, a Stuttgart-based intercultural coaching and training company, and has been a member of the IWC Stuttgart since 2006.

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Upcoming event: Guided tour of Monet-Turner-Twombly exhibit at Staatsgalerie

Join host Dorothee Klein at the Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart on Thursday, May 24th to experience the outstanding late works of the three greatest painters of the last two centuries.

This exhibition unites the works by William Turner, Claude Monet and the late Cy Twombly, and it offers visitors new perspectives on the art of each, in and of itself. Approximately seventy late works – some quite large in scale – by these three painters will be exhibited, and will serve to illuminate similarities and interrelationships between the works and exemplify their common characteristics. This will also be one of the last chances to visit this exhibition as it will only run until May 28th!

A total of 25 participants is possible for this event, which will be done as a guided tour in English. Our tour will start at 17:30 prompt, thus it is important that all participants arrive on time at the meeting point at 17:15.

Following the tour, which is expected to last 1 hour, we plan on going to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

This event is for members only and is being sponsored by the IWC. We will be covering the cost of the tour guide and part of your ticket price. You pay only €10 for the entire experience!

To RSVP for this event, please fill out the form below.

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Get Involved!

Here on the Steering Committee, we each have our set duties. But we can’t manage them without input from the general membership and now is the time to speak up while we are planning for the year.

What do we need from you?

  • Suggestions for speaker topics at the club meeting – what would you like to hear about that would be of interest to the majority of the members?
  • Recommendations for speakers themselves – do you know someone personally who might make a great speaker (and could do so in English)?
  • Ideas for events and activities

In addition to ideas, we need people power!! We have two areas in particular that have coordinators but need sub-committees to actually make things happen: activities planning and charity. Both committees require people who are doers and planners and you don’t necessarily need to have a great command of German to help. You also don’t need a whole lot of time – even short-term help is welcomed.

If you feel out of place during your time in Stuttgart, volunteering can help you find your footing and feel good about belonging. It also looks great on a resume or CV if you are not working now but will be returning to the job market soon.

Please use the form below to start a conversation with us about ideas you have or time you’d like to volunteer (or grab one of the Steering Committee members at any event).

Hope to hear from you soon!

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2012 Annual General Meeting Review

At the beginning of February, we came together as a group to enjoy great food and company, all while taking care of our annual club business. Thank you to all of you who came out on that freezing, snowy night to help us meet our quorum! (And thank you to those who wanted to come from far away but just couldn’t make it out of your driveways!)

We held our yearly elections and the Steering Committee members for 2012 are:
President – Emily Born
Vice President/Charitable Relations – Dorothee Klein
Treasurer – Tonya Busch
Secretary – Christy Miller
Activities Coordinator – Laura Lenz
Mother’s Corner Coordinator – Sandra Bartsch
Communications Chair – Lisa Cvejn
Public Relations Chair – Renea Miller
Membership – Billie Schoeler
These are the people you want to turn to if you have a question, idea or problem. Over the next few months, we’ll learn more about the newest members of the Steering Committee in detail.

Our treasurer, Tonya Busch, presented the the money side of things, including the final 2011 donation amount to Frauen helfen Frauen of €3.431,27. She again reported on our renewed non-profit tax status; this means we won’t be up for review again for 3 more years.

After presentation of the Board Report for 2011, we discussed what was in store for the club in 2012.

In the category “More of the Same” we talked about continuing to work hard on the four pillars of our Mission Statement:

  • Friendship (events and meet-ups)
  • Community (Facebook groups)
  • Charity  (ACE)
  • Intergration (Speakers and activities)

Some of the new developments promised this year included having more evening meetings, a revised website, joining the Forum der Kulturen Sommerfest instead of the usual American Days bake sale, review and simplification of our by laws, and outreach to more corporate expat departments.

The evening ended with a plea for member involvement and some yummy desserts. We are looking forward to another successful and fun-filled year together and are glad to have everyone along for the ride!

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2012 Board Report to Members

The International Women’s Club of Stuttgart had a wonderful and successful 2011. We worked hard towards our goals and continued to define who we are as a group and how we do things.

Our membership goals were to keep overall membership growth steady while increasing member participation. Overall membership numbers stayed steady throughout the year despite all the coming and going that is an normal part of an international club such as ours. This was possible thanks to member help in recruiting friends, our new Facebook fan page, and continued work with partner organizations such as Bosch and Forum der Kulturen to get the word out about IWCS membership. The gorgeous new club logo designed by Tonya Busch also didn’t hurt. As for increasing member participation, we created an active Facebook community of members always ready to help each other out with questions about living in Stuttgart.

Membership goals met.

Our charity goals were to raise and donate between €3,000 – 4,000 for Frauen helfen Frauen. We accomplished this thanks to a successful bake sale and revamped Annual Charity Event.

Charity goals met.

We continued to work towards our community and integration goals with another year of fantastic club meetings, dinners and activities.

At our club meetings, we had some great speakers who helped us learn more about ourselves and the community around us, such as the Stuttgart policeman and Jamie Mueller with her culture shock talk.  For the first time in the history of the club, we also held evening meetings so we would be more accessible for those members who work during the day.

With the help of our many active members, our activities coordinators Pavla Hora and Irena Wilke planned and executed many successful social and cultural events for the club. We tasted wine, practiced our language skills, and enjoyed art and music together.

Mother’s Corner continued to reach out to area mums and bring their members closer together by introducing their new Facebook group as well as a monthly crafting session at the Eltern-Kind-Zentrum in Stuttgart.

2011 also saw the introduction of a couple new monthly focus groups such as the new monthly walking group and Mahjongg group.

In summary, members networked with one another and made new friends at our events, shared recommendations in our Facebook forum, and learned new skills and information at our club meetings.

Community and integration goals met.

And administratively our Steering Committee had set itself the goals to streamline club procedures and improve how we communicate with members.  With the addition of our new accounting and membership software and some new newsletter and blogging tools we exceeded our expectations.

Administrative goals met.

None of these achievements would have been possible without all members of the 2011 Steering Committee working very hard at the jobs you elected them to do, not to mention the incredible help we received from the members who stepped in as we lost several of our committee members during the course of the year. It also wouldn’t have been possible without input and effort from the general membership, so please accept our thanks for your assistance and enthusiasm.

The IWC has been part of the Stuttgart international community for only six short years, but we’ve definitely made an impact on people. I’m very proud to be part of this group of such amazing and interesting women and your steering committee is looking forward to the honor of serving you for another year.

Your 2011 Chairperson,
Emily Born

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A note from the new Activities Coordinator, Laura Lenz

As the new Activities Coordinator, I hope to help organize each month varied, fun and interesting activities for us. However we are a large and varied group of individuals, and what may appeal to one may not to the next person. Thus, I need your help and input.

What kind of activities would you like to see? Would you also be interested in hosting one or more activities? Please use the form below (or catch me in person at an event) to send me your ideas, and whether or not you would like to take an active role in organizing and/or hosting that event.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Yours, Laura Lenz

p.s. Please do not limit yourself to activity ideas solely for members as oftentimes it is nice when we can include our partners / husbands and children.

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Frauenhaus News – FHF Women’s Shelter to Lose Its Shelter!

Late last year, the building housing the Frauen helfen Frauen’s women’s shelter changed ownership and the new owner decided to terminate the lease the city holds for FHF. This means that on 30 June 2012, FHF with all their women and children must vacate their house.

Both the city council and FHF are currently searching for a new location, but it’s a difficult endeavour. Low budget living accommodation is already scarce in Stuttgart and the new house must tick quite a few boxes: 1500 – 1800 m², proximity to primary schools, transport links as well as an enclosed outside space for the children to play safely (post updated to include this link with detailed information about what they are searching for).

Of course, this move also puts their organization under tremendous financial strain. This is where we can lend our support! FHF has dedicated two team members to their relationship with us and we are looking forward to intensifying our relationship with them. If you would like to help, please get in touch with the Charity team using the form below.

If you want to find out more about Frauen helfen Frauen and their housing situation, please click here for more information.

written by Dorothee Klein

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March partner organization events


Each month we let you know about events being planned by our partner organizations that we are aware of. Here’s what’s happening in March.


Forum der Kulturen
Global Brunch
Sunday the 4th of March from 11:00 – 15:00
This month’s focus will be on food and music from Spain, Tunisia and Peru

The Children’s English Library
17th March (Sat) – St. Patrick’s Day Workshop (3-8)
31st March (Sat) – Easter Craft Workshop (5 & up)
Full schedule

Cafe Merlin
Throughout the month – 20th Annual Stuttgart Cabaret Festival

St. Catherine’s English Church
17th & 18th of March – Lenten Lectures
Full schedule

Partner organizations are other area groups that also serve the international community in Stuttgart and who have agreed to promote IWCS events to their membership. This listing is for information purposes only and opinions expressed at partner organization events do not necessarily reflect those of the IWCS Steering Committee.

If you are a local group serving the international community who would like to work together with us on cross-promotion, please contact us using the form below.

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Annual Members-Only Spa Weekend

It’s that time of the year again! We will once again head to the spa town of Baden-Baden on April 21st and 22nd for an overnight stay, and a fabulous and relaxing time!

We will depart from the Hauptbahnhof in Stuttgart on Saturday at 9:00 arriving in time for lunch at a nearby Italian restaurant. We will stay at the historic 4-star Hotel Rathausglöckel in the historic city center, which is less than a minutes’ walk from the famous Baden-Baden thermal baths.

After lunch, there is the choice of visiting the Friedrichsbad, making an appointment at one of the spas in Baden-Baden, visiting the sauna, or shopping. In the evening we will all meet up at the wine cellar of the hotel for a glass of wine or two before enjoying dinner in the hotel restaurant. Afterwards there is the option of heading out for a drink or two, or visiting the casino.

On Sunday, we will have breakfast and then return to Stuttgart. Return times however will be staggered so that one group can leave earlier while another group could take some time to explore the city before returning to Stuttgart in the late afternoon.

Hotel prices, including breakfast, are as follows:

  • €65,20 per person for a double (4 rooms available)
  • €86,70 per person for a suite for 2 people (2 rooms available)
  • €77,70 per person for a Junior-Suite for 2 people (1 room available)
  • €83,20 for a single room (4 rooms available)

We will gladly match you with someone if you would like to share a room.  A maximum of 18 members can attend and room choices are available on first come, first served basis.

Please note that the hotel must be notified at least two weeks in advance of any cancellations. Thus, if you cancel after this deadline, you will still be responsible for your hotel costs.

The train will cost around €15 to €20 per person for a round trip ticket, depending on the number of people travelling together.

If you would like to come, please inform Laura Lenz no later than March 9thusing the RSVP form below. Do not forget to state your room preference when you RSVP. A €20 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place. Once your RSVP has been received, the bank account details for where to send the deposit will be sent to you.  This money will be used to purchase the train tickets and the remainder will be returned that weekend at the hotel.


Hotel Website
Hotel’s Wine Cellar
Hotel Restaurant
Friedrichsbad Info
Caracalla Spa next to Friedrichsbad
Note: Members are responsible for booking their own spa treatments. If you are planning a spa treatment, it’s best to book early as these appointments fill up very quickly. This is not the only spa in the city.

A tour of this historic casino can be done during the day, however if you plan to visit at night there is a dress code to be aware of….tennis shoes for one are not allowed.

Other local places of interest

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IWC Stuttgart Club Meeting and Evening Get Together Dates for 2012

Photo courtesy of

If you are the kind of person who likes to plan ahead a bit, here is a complete list of 2012 dates for our upcoming meetings and dinners:

Monthly Club Meetings – Wednesday mornings at 10:00 at Cafe Merlin:
March 7th
June 13th
July 4th
October 10th
December 5th (International Brunch)

Monthly Club Meetings – Wednesday evenings at 20:00 at KPMG Offices
May 2nd
September 12th

Months without a regular club meeting:
February (due to AGM)
April (due to school holidays)
August (due to school holidays)
November (due to Annual Charity Event)

Evening Get Togethers (Monthly Dinners) – Tuesdays at 19:00, Locations TBD
March 20th
April 17th
May 15th
June 19th
July 17th
August 21st
September 18th
October 16th
December 11th (Holiday Dinner & Gift Exchange)

All dates are subject to change and members will be notified of any changes in the monthly newsletter.

If you have any questions about these dates or would like more information about becoming a member, please contact us using the form below.

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Coming up in Spring 2012

There, doesn't that feel better? (Photo courtesy of

It may not feel like it when you are reading this, but spring will soon be arriving in Stuttgart!

So that you have something to look forward to, here is a list of some of the IWCS events in the pipeline for Spring 2012 (subject to change):

  • Turner – Monet – Twombly Later Paintings Exhibit at the Staatsgalerie
  • English-language tour of the new Stuttgart Library
  • Spa weekend in Baden Baden
  • Dinner at a new Chilean restaurant

If this list inspires you to think of other possible outings for your fellow IWC Stuttgart members, please contact our fabulous Activities Coordinator, Laura Lenz, using the form below.

Member’s Moment – What’s in Your Coffee Cup?

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by Anuradha Kipf

I love to taste coffee in different ways, it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling that far surpasses any comfort food. However, it can be daunting to walk into a café and pick from the long list of coffees on the menu. My fascination and understanding of this intense brown fluid ascended when I tried to educate myself, culinary-wise, and understand what was in this mysterious beverage. Almost instantly, coffee became my best friend. Let me share with you what I discovered and how different types of coffees are prepared. Happy coffee time!

Caffè Americano: A single shot of espresso with about 30 ml of hot water added to the mix. The name for this coffee drink stemmed from Americans, who weren’t up to drinking full espressos.

Iced Americano: This is made by combining espresso with cold water instead of hot water.

Espresso: A Strong black coffee made by forcing very hot water under high pressure through finely ground compacted coffee.

Caffè Lungo: Lungo is Italian for ‘long’, and refers to the coffee beverage made by using an espresso (single or double dose or shot) with much more water (generally twice as much), resulting in a stretched espresso, a lungo. A Caffè Lungo should not be mistaken for a Caffè Americano, which is an espresso with hot water added to it

Black coffee:  A drip brew, percolated or French press style coffee served straight, with no milk.

Caffe latte:  A single shot of espresso in steamed (not frothed) milk. The ratio of milk to coffee is about 3:1

Cafe au lait: Similar to Caffe Latte, except that an au lait is made with brewed coffee instead of espresso. Additionally, the ratio of milk to coffee is 1:1, which makes it less intense.

Cappuccino: Usually equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and frothed milk, often with cinnamon or flaked chocolate sprinkled on top.

Dry cappuccino: A regular cappuccino, only with a smaller amount of foam, and no steamed milk at all.

Cafe Macchiato:  A shot of espresso with steamed milk added. The ratio of coffee to milk is approximately 4:1.

Hammerhead: A real caffeine fix, this drink consists of a shot of espresso in a regular-sized coffee cup, which is then filled with drip coffee. Also known as a ‘shot in the dark’.

Double or double shot: Just as it sounds, this is two shots of espresso mixed in with the regular amount of additional ingredients. For example, if I was to make a double hammerhead, I would put two shots of espresso into a coffee cup, and fill it with the drip blend, rather than the usual single espresso shot.

Espresso con panna:  Basic standard espresso with a shot of whipped cream on top.

Frappe: Originally a cold espresso prepared adding 1-2 teaspoons of instant coffee with sugar, water and ice. The brew is placed in a long glass with ice, and milk if you like, turning it into a big coffee milkshake.

Indian filter coffee: Indian filter coffee is made from rough ground, dark-roasted coffee beans. It’s drip-brewed for several hours in a traditional metal coffee filter before being served. The ratio of coffee to milk is usually 3:1.

Red eye: This is a fortified coffee drink in which espresso is combined with normal drip brew coffee.

Instant coffee: These grounds have usually been freeze-dried and turned into soluble powder or coffee granules.

Irish coffee: A coffee spiked with Irish whiskey, with cream on top.

Arabic coffee/Turkish coffee: This traditional coffee brewing is flavour-rich with cardamom, and sometimes other spices like saffron (to give it a golden color), cloves, and cinnamon. This method uses coffee beans that are not roasted.

Caffé mocha: This popular drink is basically a cappuccino or latte with chocolate syrup added to it.

Vienna coffee: It is made by preparing two shots of strong black espresso in a standard sized coffee cup and infusing the coffee with whipped cream until the cup is full. Then the cream is twirled and optionally topped off with chocolate sprinklings.

Invitation to a new choir in Bad Canstatt (in German)

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For those of you who are interested in singing, this invitation was recently sent to the IWC Stuttgart email box. A quick search of Google found this affiliated link.

Neu in Stuttgart
” Chor der Kulturen ”
Am 12. Januar 2012 beginnt in Stuttgart
ein neuer internationaler Chor zu proben.

Ziel des Chores
Menschen aus den verschiedenen in Stuttgart angesiedelten Kulturen mit
Liedern aus ihrer Heimat und der ganzen Welt zusammen zu führen.

Wer kann mitsingen?
Junge Menschen zwischen 18 und 40 Jahren die Freude am Singen haben.

Erster Auftritt
Juli 2012 beim Festival der Kulturen auf dem Marktplatz mit
weltbekannten Melodien.

Jeden Donnerstag 19:30 Uhr in Stuttgart Bad Cannstatt
Waiblinger Straße 27 (Kolpinghaus)

Herzlich Willkommen!
Uljana Lauterbach
Telefon 0711-484818

Roland Maier
Telefon 07150-41367
e-mail  e-mail

(Please note that the IWCS does not endorse nor have we checked out the validity of this information.)

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February 16, 2012: German Movie Night – Prospective Members welcome!

Since we will not be hosting our usual Evening Get Together this month, prospective members are welcome to attend this special event instead!

Practice your German and have some fun with host Laura Lenz at the IWC German Movie Night this month.

We will be seeing the film “Für Immer Liebe” (“The Vow” in English), which is about a newlywed couple that must rediscover love. A car accident puts Paige (the wife) in a coma. Upon waking from her coma,  she has severe memory loss,  and her husband endeavors to win her heart again. (For more about the movie, click here)

We plan to meet up before the movie at 18:30 for a snack or dinner at the restaurant CBC, which is located in the same building just down the hall from the entrance to the cinema.

If you plan on driving, reduced rate parking is available at the SI-Centrum parking garage with a cinema-validated ticket for only €2.50.

For questions or to RSVP for this event, please use the contact form below.

Extras wanted for TV pilot shoot in Stuttgart area (German)

We recently received this invitation from an assistant director for a local TV project looking for extras. The invitation is in German, but the homepage she links to below is in English.
(Please note that the IWCS does not endorse nor have we checked out the validity of this information.)

Komparsen gesucht für Diplomserie „Killing all the Flies“ (10.-29. Februar 2012)

Es handelt sich um eine non-profit Kooperation zwischen der Filmakademie, ProSiebenSat1 und der Ufa.

Wir suchen zahlreiche Komparsen verschiedenen Alters (Jung, Alt, männlich, weiblich…), eine internationale Mischung von Leuten, da Stuttgart und Umgebung in eine amerikanische Großstadt verwandelt wird.

Drehzeit wird vom 10.-29. Februar 2012 sein und hauptsächlich in Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg, Esslingen und evtl. Bietigheim-Bissingen stattfinden. Wir brauchen für eine Szene auch Bauarbeiter, also kräfitge Männer… Kinder, Passanten (Jung/Alt), und für eine Discoszene auch Jugendliche im Alter von 15-30.

Wer Interesse hat an dem Film mitzuwirken, schickt bitte ein einfaches Foto (Portrait und Ganzkörperfoto) und seine Kontaktdaten an (please use contact form below).

Da wir ein Hochschulprojekt sind, sind wir sehr knapp budgetiert und können daher keine Gage an Team, Schauspieler oder Komparsen zahlen.

Nichts desto trotz bieten wir Verpflegung (heisse/kalte Getränke und Snacks), erste Kontakte zu Filmschaffenden und viel Einblick hinter die Kulissen einer Filmproduktion.
Um einen guten Eindruck von unserer Regisseurin Hanna Maria Heidrich zu bekommen, finden Sie unter dem Link ihren letzten Spot, mit dem sie dieses Jahr in Cannes 3x Gold gewonnen hat.

Der Kameramann Stephan Burchardt hat letztes Jahr den deutschen Kamerapreis gewonnen.

Hier auch noch unsere Homepage.

Unter der Rubrik “help us” gibt es auch noch mehr Infos zu uns und dem Projekt.

Wir würden uns freuen, wenn Sie uns unterstützen könnten?
Bei Rückfragen können Sie mich gerne kontaktieren.
Ich freue mich von Ihnen zu hören.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Lisa Weinbrecht
Killing all the flies 2. Regie Assistentin

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Posted last month in the IWCS Member Facebook Group

Here’s a round up of news links posted in our Facebook group for members last month. If you are an IWCS member but haven’t yet joined our private conversation, please go to our page here and ask to join.

Chicken infected with anti-biotic resistant germs

Learn German online with flashcards

German magazine for beginners

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FdK Invitation to “Alles Theater” (in German)

Einladung: Mittwoch, den 15. Februar, um 18.30 Uhr

Alles Theater

Stuttgarter Migrantenvereine im Gespräch

mit Stuttgarter Theatermachern


An alle Theater-Interessierten!

Wir alle möchten, dass künftig noch mehr Menschen, natürlich auch mehr Migrantinnen und Migranten ins Theater gehen  – egal ob in Gastspiele aus fernen Ländern oder zu Produktionen von Stuttgarter Bühnen, egal ob es sich um Kinder-, Jugend- oder Erwachsenentheater handelt, egal ob Amateure oder Profis am Werk sind.

Viele von Ihnen spielen selbst Theater oder organisieren Theateraufführungen und Gastspiele – oft unter schwierigen Bedingungen. Und die meisten von Ihnen sind sicherlich auch begeisterte Theaterbesucher oder wären es zumindest gerne, wenn Sie mehr Zeit hätten oder wenn Ihnen die Spielpläne besser zusagen würden.

Gemeinsam mit den Leitern verschiedener Stuttgarter Theater wollen wir diskutieren:

  • Mit welchen Schwierigkeiten haben Migrantenvereine bei ihrer Theaterarbeit zu kämpfen und wie könnte den Vereinen hierbei geholfen werden?
  • Wie können wir mehr Menschen, vor allem mehr Mitglieder Ihrer Vereine, für das Theater begeistern?
  • Was muss an den etablierten Theatern verändert werden, damit mehr Migrantinnen und Migranten ins Theater gehen

Wir laden Sie hierzu herzlich ein
am Mittwoch, den 15. Februar, um 18.30 Uhr
in die Räume des Forums der Kulturen
(Marktplatz 4, Eingang Schulstraße beim Juwelier)

Von Seiten der Theater nehmen an dem Gespräch teil:

  • Brigitte Dethier, Intendantin, Junges Ensemble Stuttgart (JES)
  • Katja Spiess, Theaterleitung, FITZ! Zentrum für Figurentheater
  • Esther Bernhardt, Theaterleitung, Studio Theater Stuttgart
  • Helga Brehme, Theaterleitung, Theater am Faden
  • Catja Baumann, Regisseurin, Schauspiel Stuttgart

Die teilnehmenden Theatermacher sind Mitglieder des Arbeitskreises, der im Herbst das interkulturelle Theaterfestival „Made in Germany“ veranstaltet hat.

Die Veranstaltung soll der Auftakt sein für einen längerfristigen Dialog und eine fruchtbare Zusammenarbeit zwischen Stuttgarter Theatern und Stuttgarter Migrantenvereinen.

Wir freuen uns über eine zahlreiche Teilnahme!
Sami Ari & Rolf Graser
Forum der Kulturen (contact them using the form below)

2012 Membership Renewal

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By now all current members should have received an invoice for 2012 membership renewal fees with their invitation to our Annual General Meeting next month.

Our new accounting software has made it possible for us to issue these invoices this year for the first time. We hope this is useful for those of you who need to pass your bills on to someone else for payment and can be kept as part of your proof of payment for next year’s tax return.

If you have decided not to return for another year, please send your membership cancellation email to Billie Schoeler so we don’t keep sending you annoying reminder messages.

2012 Steering Committee Candidates

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

The IWC Stuttgart Steering Committee is a microcosm of the club itself. Members come and go as work assignments end or interests change. Every year we have some turnover in both the Steering Committee and the general membership.

This is one of the most interesting things about our club – we are dynamic and ever changing. There’s always new people to meet and new ideas to pursue.

At this year’s AGM, you’ll recognize some familiar names in new places and meet some new volunteers for our slate of candidates for 2012 Steering Committee positions. Thank you to everybody who has already sent their RSVP and will be coming to support the following members running for office:

Chairperson – Emily Born
Treasurer – Tonya Busch
Vice Chairperson and Charity Officer – Dorothee Klein

Mother’s Corner Coordinator – Sandra Bartsch
Member Communications Officer – Lisa Cvjen
Activities Coordinator – Laura Lenz
Secretary – Christy Miller
Public Relations Officer – Renea Miller
Membership Coordinator – Billie Schoeler

A big thank you to these candidates for volunteering their time and energy to make our club vibrant and exciting. This promises to be one of our strongest teams yet! As always, we will not be able to do our jobs without significant feedback from the general club membership so we are looking for ward to hearing your opinions, wishes and ideas in 2012.

See you on February 7th at the AGM!

Brunch & Tour at the Mercedes Museum in March 2012


Our superstar event planner Irena Wilke has set up a fantastic outing for members in March. We will have a special tour of the Mercedes Museum plus brunch at their restaurant on Sunday the 11th of March 2012.

This once-a-month brunch is so popular that you have to make reservations 6 months in advance! We have reserved spaces for up to 20 people and members are welcome to bring their families to this event (other than families this is a members-only event).

You can attend the brunch only, the tour only, or both. Here are all the details:

10:00 – 11:20 Brunch
11:20 – 12:45 Tour in English
12:45 – 14:30 Brunch continues back at the restaurant if we wish

Brunch Prices:
Adult €29,50
Children 7-14 €14,50
Children 0-6 eat free
The brunch includes non-alcoholic drinks and one glass of Prosecco

Tour Prices:
English tour guide plus museum entrance ticket free for members
For members of your family:
Adults €8,00
Reduced tickets (see description in link below) €4,00
Children under age 15 have free entrance
Note: Daimler employees and ClubCard holders also receive free entrance

You can find basic information about the museum, parking, etc. here.


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Classified ad – Conference Assistant Wanted (English language)

Former member Cornelia Ilg has contacted us with the following opportunity for IWC members and their friends:

“I am looking for an assistant in conference and fair organisation (freelance or 400 Euro basis), who is fluent in English or even better a native speaker or with asian background.

Responsibilities: support of our international exhibitors at tekom fair. Homeoffice possible.

Employer would be tcworld GmbH / tekom,, Europe’s largest professional association for technical communication.”

Please contact Cornelia directly for more information using the form below.

2012 Steering Committee Elections

At the 2012 Annual General Meeting, we will be electing members to serve on the Steering Committee which meets regularly to discuss IWCS operations. As in every year, all positions are open. We encourage you to ask for more information if you are interested in standing for a position.

According to our club bylaws, we must elect three members to the Vorstand (Core Committee). The Vorstand is responsible for the overall organization and operations of the IWCS. They are responsible for making all final decisions and keeping the IWCS in good stand with the German authorities. Our Vorstand positions are:

  • Chairperson (Vorsitzende)
  • Vice Chairperson (Schriftführerin)
  • Treasurer (Schatzmeisterin)

Additionally, we can elect more members to the extended steering committee. These positions are in charge of other important tasks needed for the club to function. All steering committee members meet once a month for planning purposes. This year we would like to elect the following additional committee members if we have willing candidates:

  • Charity Officer
  • Activities Planning Coordinator
  • Mother’s Corner Coordinator
  • Secretary
  • Public Relations/Cross-Promotions Officer – volunteer still needed!
  • Member Communications Officer
  • Membership Coordinator

Although all positions are open for any member to put their name in for, several of the positions already have volunteers. If you are interested in any of the above positions or have more questions, please contact Emily Born using the form below.

If you are not quite feeling up to an elected position but feel this is the right time for you to step up and help out, we will need lots of support in our charity and activities planning committees this year. Let us know how you can help!


AGM 2012 – Directions to Waldau Park

If you have already RSVPed for the Annual General Meeting, thank you!!!

The SSB Conference Center at Waldau Park (SSB-Veranstaltungszentrum) is located directly underneath the Fernsehturm in Stuttgart and is quite easy to reach by car or U-Bahn.

The exact name and address of the meeting location:
SSB-Veranstaltungszentrum Waldaupark
Friedrich-Strobel-Weg 4-6
70597 Stuttgart
Tel. (0711) 78 85-45 11

The building is in the middle of the Waldau Sports Park and there is a parking lot directly next to it. It is also a very short walk to the Waldau or Heumaden stops.

Walking directions from the Waldau stop: If you are traveling with the U-Bahn from downtown, please take the stairs to your left when you exit the train. If you arrive from Sillenbuch/Fernsehturm, take the stairs to your right. After you’ve reached the top of the stairs, turn left and take the narrow path which leads directly to the conference center.

You can find a map showing both stops and the building here.

The main website for the SSB-Veranstaltungszentrum Waldaupark can be found here.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions and we’ll see you there!!

2012 Annual General Meeting

Coming up on February 7th we will be holding our 2012 Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Waldau Park by the Fernsehturm (easily accessible by U-Bahn and with parking on the premises).

At this meeting we will review 2011, look forward to 2012, and elect a new Steering Committee to lead the club until this time next year. This meeting is for members only.

It is very important that as many members attend this meeting as possible, because there is a minimum attendance requirement that we must fulfill to validate the elections results (one-quarter of our current membership must attend).

All members are invited to join us for dinner before the meeting in lieu of our regular Monthly Evening Get Together. The Waldau catering service will have a reasonably-priced a la Carte menu of mostly Swabian dishes to order from and those who were in attendance last year know that their food is quite delicious. Both meat and vegetarian dishes will be available and priced from €10-15

You do not need to come to the dinner in order to attend the AGM, but we hope as many members as possible can join us.

The proposed schedule for the evening will be as follows:

18:30 – 19:00
Doors open
Members can start arriving and order drinks

19:00 – 20:30
Dinner orders will be taken and served

The AGM part of the evening will start promptly at 20:30 and should last no more than one hour. Complementary bottled water will be available to drink during the meeting.

If you have any questions about the meeting, please contact us using the form below.

The International Women’s Club of Stuttgart , e.V. Annual General Meeting
Tuesday, February 7th, doors opening at 18:30
Location: SSB-Veranstaltungszentrum Waldaupark,
Friedrich-Strobel-Weg 4-6, 70597 Stuttgart

U-Bahn: Waldau (click here for directions)
RSVP no later than Friday the 3rd of February using the form below
Please let Emily know if you will be coming to the dinner, AGM, or both.

February partner organization events

Each month we let you know about events being planned by our partner organizations that we are aware of. Here’s what’s happening in February.

The Children’s English Library
Valentine’s Day Workshop
Saturday, 11th of February

Cafe Merlin
Monthly Schedule of Events

St. Catherine’s English Church
Pancake Lunch
Sunday the 19th of February at 13:00

Forum der Kulturen
February calendar of events
IWC members are invited to take part in a talk about immigrants in Stuttgart Theater on February 15th (in German). You can view the invitation here.

Partner organizations are other area groups that also serve the international community in Stuttgart and who have agreed to promote IWCS events to their membership. This listing is for information purposes only and opinions expressed at partner organization events do not necessarily reflect those of the IWCS Steering Committee.

If you are a local group serving the international community who would like to work together with us on cross-promotion, please contact us using the form below.

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IWC Stuttgart’s Non-Profit Status Renewed Until 2013

We’ve just received an early present from the Finanzamt in Stuttgart!!!

Thanks to the hard work of our Steering and Charity Committees over the past three years, we’ve just learned that our club will be allowed to keep its non-profit (“gemeinnützig”) status for the next three years!

This means we will continue to have a charity focus for our organization and that we can continue to offer tax receipts for membership fees and donations.

Well done ladies!!

Shout out to the 2011 IWCS Charity Team

The team like no other

The official thank you cards are in the mail this week to all of our amazing sponsors and volunteers who helped make the 2011 a reality. We couldn’t have done it without you!

But as Chairperson of the IWC Stuttgart, I’d also like to personally thank the fantastic women sending those thank you cards out – our charity committee. They accomplished an incredible goal in a very short time and with almost no resources. They planned, schemed, donated, fundraised and publicized their hearts out to bring us an event we would remember forever.

Tiffiney, Dorothee, Irena, Sandra and Laura, considered yourself thanked for a job well done.

Emily Born, IWCS Chair


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December partner organization events

Each month we let you know about events being planned by our partner organizations that we are aware of. Here’s what’s happening in December.

Forum der Kulturen
Global Brunch
Sunday 11th of December
The Children’s English Library
Gingerbread Workshop for 4&up
Saturday 10th of December
Full December schedule

Cafe Merlin
“Weihnachtsmann vergiss mich nicht!” (German – for children)
Sunday 18th of December

St. Catherine’s English Church
English Carol Service
Sunday 11th of December

Partner organizations are other area groups that also serve the international community in Stuttgart and who have agreed to promote IWCS events to their membership. This listing is for information purposes only and opinions expressed at partner organization events do not necessarily reflect those of the IWCS Steering Committee.

If you are a local group serving the international community who would like to work together with us on cross-promotion, please contact us using the form below.

Volunteers wanted for survey

A local student named Susan Davidson sent us a message asking us to pass it on to our American members:

“Wanted: Americans who have relocated to Germany for work!

I am an American writing my master’s thesis in Germany. My thesis focuses on the different types of relocation assistance companies offer and how this affects the relocation experience and success of Americans relocating to Germany.

I am looking for Americans who have worked or are currently working in Germany to interview by telephone or survey by e-mail. Of course, all interviews will be confidential and no names or specific companies will be mentioned in my thesis.”

If you are interested in taking part, please contact her directly using the form below. Please note that the IWCS doesn’t know this woman and hasn’t verified her identity, so you will want to do that before giving her any personal information.

Stuttgart apartment available

Member Caroline Gueldener has this information to pass on from a friend of hers:

“Due to work commitments we´re moving to Brazil in March 2012 and are looking to sub-let our very bright and spacious top floor apartment, within walking distance of the City Centre and the park. 120sqm, 3 rooms, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, parquet flooring throughout, fire place, and roof terrace with amazing view over Stuttgart. Rent: 1380EUR per calender month.”

If you or someone you know might be interested, please contact Caroline using the form below and she can get you in touch with her friend.

Doctor Recommendations

Many of us know what it’s like to move to a new city where you don’t speak the language and need a doctor in your native language. We also realize that the best way to find one of those doctors is through word of mouth from other native speakers, but that it can be a hit or miss process if you don’t run into just the right person at the right time.

This is an area in which the IWCS would like to be a resource for our members. We would
like to compile a list of your favorite doctors (general or specialists, including veterinarians) and eventually make it available on our website to members.

If you can recommend a doctor who can speak a language other than German at a very high level, please share it with us below. Member Dorothee Klein has offered to organize this information for the club –thank you Dorothee!!

A note about English-speaking doctors: Even though most medical professionals in Germany can speak some English, that doesn’t mean that a native English-speaker would feel comfortable with him or her. If you know that your doctor can speak English but are not a native English-speaker yourself, please ask them whether their clientele already
includes native speakers before recommending them.

IWCS Cookbook

Do you have a favorite recipe from your home country? Or just a dish that you and your family love to have? Why don’t you share it with us and the IWCS? We’ll be preparing a cook book with all of the best recipes from around the world, tested and approved by our own members!

Please send Sandra Bartsch yours, including the name of the recipe, the country of origin, ingredients and preparation and if possible, a picture of your dish.

Calling all bridge aficionados!


Mahjongg group host Sibylle Stanzl is looking for other members who are interested in forming a daytime bridge group.

If you are interested in joining this new focus group, please contact Sibylle using the form below.

Additional playgroups around Stuttgart

We would like to let you know of other non-IWCS native language playgroups in the Stuttgart area in case you are looking for additional opportunities to meet with other mothers and children.

We encourage anyone who knows of other local playgroups (especially in languages other than English) to submit the contact information to us in the form below so it can be added to this list.

Please note that the IWCS is not affiliated with any of the groups below and that this information is being provided as a service to our members.

English Playgroup Stuttgart
Meets Mondays & Thursdays (in S-Vaihingen)

English Playgroup Böblingen
Meets Tuesdays
Contact: Catherine Frieß at

English Playgroup Gerlingen
Meets Wednesdays & Thursdays
Contact: Kirsten Bergen at

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Now collecting babysitter recommendations

All mothers know that a good babysitter is worth his or her weight in gold and should be protected at all costs. But expat and immigrant mothers depend on their network of contacts to help them find good babysitters, especially ones who might speak their native language.

If you are an IWCS member who is willing to fill in as a babysitter for other members, our
Mother’s Corner Coordinator, Sandra Bartsch, would like to hear from you in the comment form below. She is putting together a list of babysitter recommendations exclusively for members of the club.

This information will not be published anywhere publicly, but will be available from the Mother’s Corner Coordinator upon request.

Thanks for your input!

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Invitation to the December 2011 Holiday Dinner & Gift Exchange

Mark your calendars now for a very special IWCS holiday dinner at Das Gast Restaurant at the Stuttgart Staatsgalerie on December 13th starting at 18:30.

Our evening will include:

  • A delicious three-course meal (soup, main course and dessert)
  • A welcome drink (Sekt or a fruit smoothie)
  • Crostini appetizers
  • The ever-hilarious IWCS gift exchange
  • For members-only, an optional English tour of the Staatsgalerie’s special exhibit about James Stirling, the UK architect who designed the museum

For all this you pay only €31,00 plus drinks and tip for the entire evening!

Prospective members and guest are also welcome to attend the dinner and gift exchange.

Interested? We need your RSVP in advance.

Please let us know by December 5th at the latest if you would like to attend the dinner. We will need to know your choice of main course and if you will also be coming to the museum tour (we will meet for the tour at 17:15).

Send your RSVP to today!

Menu Choices

All menus include pumpkin soup, a Christmas mousse dessert and your choice of main course. Guests will also receive a welcome drink and crostini appetizers.

Main course choices are:

  • Stuffed chicken breast in mushroom sauce with seasonal vegetables and potatoes
  • Pangasius filet in lemon grass mousse with tomato-zucchini vegetable mix and rice
  • Giant homemade tomato and basil ravioli in a spinach-parmesan mousse

Please let us know when you RSVP if you would like the chicken, fish or vegetarian menu.

Don’t forget to bring a gift for the exchange!

If you would like to take part in our annual gift exchange, please bring a wrapped, unmarked present worth €15 (something you think other members might like to receive).

If you don’t want to participate, please come without a gift and you are welcome to stay and watch the fun!

This year’s gift exchange will be moderated by Lisa Cvejn and the complete rules can be found here.

Restaurant information

Das Gast Restaurant is located at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart (separate entrance from the museum along the front side).


Oh What a Night!

Members and guests dancing the night away

If you weren’t there, you missed the event of the year! Our charity committee promised we would “Do Good and Dance” and that’s exactly what we did at our club’s first-ever evening charity event, held on Saturday the 12th of November at the Würrtembergische Automobilclub in Stuttgart.

Our members and guests enjoyed fantastic entertainment and delicious food and drinks while mingling and dancing until the early morning. All proceeds from the event will be donated to Frauen helfen Frauen e.V., our club’s designated charity.

Hans im Glück by Judy Krauss

Hans im Glück by Judy Krauss

There was a little something for everyone at the event. The first half of the evening was not unlike charity events from past years, with guests socializing and enjoying the delicious catering of the WAC. Representatives from the IWCS and the Frauenhaus were on hand to give short speeches and raffle tickets were sold for our door prize, a painting of “Hans im Glück” by Judy Krauss, donated by Anne Mascall.

Guests were also treated to two musical performances. Member Susanne Vogelmann first thrilled us with her beautiful voice in several operatic pieces, accompanied by her husband on the piano with Sabine Juchheim-Pfeiffer as a second voice.Afterwards, we enjoyed a lovely performance by local Serbian singing group Pravoslavni Srpski Hor Sveti Knjaz Lazar.

The big difference in this year’s event were found in the second half of our program. Unlike in years past, we did not hold a silent auction to raise money, but depended upon generous donations from members and sponsors.

Instead, our event offered pure entertainment for guests to enjoy. First up was the fabulous Dacia Bridges and her band, who so generously agreed to spend their Saturday evening entertaining us. They rocked out in a 45 minute performance that brought many members out onto the dance floor. (

Then our wonderful DJ Mario from Mr. Mac’s Party Team took over for the rest of the night, keeping us on our feet from start to finish with a mix of current and classic dance music. (

In addition to the entertainers who donated much or all of their services for the evening, we would like to thank these additional sponsors for making our event possible:

  • Thomas Wilke Consulting for sponsoring a sparkling wine reception where each guest was treated to a glass of rose Sekt as they arrived. (
  • The Oest Gruppe Freudenstadt for sponsoring postage costs for the event, along with lending us their Chief Executive Alexander Klein, who acted as our Master of Ceremonies for the evening. (
  • WESSELY Marketing Services for sponsoring printing costs (
  • KMPG auditing for their general sponsorship of the event (

And last but not least, the charity committee would like to thank all of the members who attended, donated to, or assisted at the event and the Württembergische Automobilclub e.V. and its catering staff for taking such good care of us that evening. (

See you next year!!

Our monthly club meetings

We normally meet for a monthly club meeting each first Wednesday morning of the month (note: this is subject to change or postponement due to holidays or other events). Beginning in 2011, we have also started scheduling alternate evening meetings several times each year.

Prospective members are invited to attend a club meeting anytime; please check out the activities page of our website for dates and details.

Our morning meetings are held at Cafe Merlin in Stuttgart-West, located between the Schwabstrasse and Feuersee train stations. Parking is scarce (although not completely impossible) so you might wish to consider public transportation to reach it. You can find us around the back in the large “Saal” or conference room. Just follow the signs though the garden to the right of the cafe.

Drink refreshments are provided, consisting of coffee, tea, water or juice.

An on-site babysitter is provided for young children at no charge. Babies are welcome to stay in the meeting room with their mothers but we ask that toddlers and preschoolers stay upstairs with the babysitter during the speaker.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us below.


2011 Member Donation Challenge

Attention all members!!

One of you (who wishes to remain nameless) has generously donated an additional €500 for the Frauenhaus…and she has challenged other members to do the same.

So let’s see if we can get together enough donations to match and exceed her €500! Any size donation is welcome and don’t forget, we can issue you a tax receipt for your contribution.

This is the perfect opportunity for all of you who were unable to attend the event to still take part. You can deposit cash in the donation box at the December club meeting or dinner or email us for bank information to make a transfer.

Do good and donate!

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Rules for IWCS holiday gift exchange 2011

  1. All gifts should cost 15 Euro and be wrapped.
  2. Each person selects a number to determine the order in which a person gets to select a gift. Number 1 goes first and gets to select and unwrap a gift.
  3. Number 2 then selects. But she may take Number 1’s gift or she may select a gift from the pile. If she takes Number 1’s gift, Number 1 gets to select again from the pile. After she has finished her turn, Number 3 gets to select.
  4. Once again, she may select any opened or unopened gift. Each time a gift is taken away from someone, that person gets to select again.
  5. She may select any gift except the one that was just taken away from her. She may however, have the opportunity to select it again later.
  6. The third person to possess it gets to keep it. No more swiping the gift. The gift is frozen. (This means it can only be taken twice)
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IWCS Do Good & Dance zu Gunsten von Frauen helfen Frauen ein voller Erfolg

Stuttgart, 14. November 2011 – Am Samstag 12. November 2011 fand in
den Räumen des Württembergischen Automobil Clubs in Stuttgart die fünfte Wohltätigkeitsveranstaltung des International Women’s Club
Stuttgart e.V. zu Gunsten des Vereins Fauen helfen Frauen statt. Unter dem Motto „Do Good & Dance“ verbrachten Mitglieder, Mitarbeiter und Gäste unterhaltsame Stunden mit exklusiver Unterhaltung, köstlichem Essen und tanzten bis in den frühen Morgen, um so Spenden für das größte Frauenhaus im Land Baden-Württemberg zu sammeln.

Unter dem Motto “Fun, Food & Fancy Footwork” begann der Abend mit einem Frizzante als Willkommensgruß und kurzen Ansprachen durch IWCS Chairperson Emily Born und das Charity Team, gefolgt von Schilderungen des Teams von Frauen helfen Frauen. Angesagt durch Conferencier Alexander Klein unterhielt als erstes Sopranistin Susanne Vogelmann unterstützt durch Sabine Juchheim-Pfeiffer das Publikum mit vier ausgewählten Stücken, bevor der Chor der serbisch-orthodoxen Gemeinde die Bühne betrat. Einen rockigen Gegenpunkt zu diesen Darbietungen setzten Dacia Bridges und Band, die mit ihren kraftvollen Stücken die Gäste schnell auf die Tanzfläche lockten. Nach ca 45 Minuten gelang DJ Mario von Mr. Mac’s Party Team der perfekte Übergang in den zweiten Teil des Abends, der ganz im Zeichen der flotten Fußarbeit stand. Das gastgebende Team des Württembergischen Automobilclubs versorgte währenddessen mit Freundlichkeit und Engagement mit Speisen in Form eines fliegenden Büffets und alkoholischen und nicht-alkoholischen Getränken an der Bar.

Dieser Abend wurde möglich durch die freundliche und großzügige Unterstützung zahlreicher Unternehmen und Einzelpersonen. So danken der IWCS und seine Mitglieder:
• Dacia Bridges & Band für ihr exklusives Konzert an diesem Abend. 1973 in den USA geboren verbindet Dacia Bridges Talent und Kreativität mit Nächstenliebe und positiver Ausstrahlung zu einem einzigartigen Stil. Ihr Auftritt war geprägt von Rock’n’Roll und Offenheit … Mehr über Dacia Bridges und ihre Musik erfahren Sie unter
• der Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft KPMG für ihre großzügige Geldspende. Mit 8000 Mitarbeitern an 20 Standorten in Deutschland sind KPMG mit seinen drei Geschäftsbereiten Audit, Tax und Advisory stets nah an ihren Mandanten, seien diese mittelständische Unternehmen oder weltweit agierende Konzerne:
• Thomas Wilke Consulting für das Sponsoring des Willkommensgrußes. Wilke Consulting bietet mittelständischen und Großunternehmen ganzheitliche Geschäftstechnologieberatung für Außenwirtschaft und Zoll. Mehr über Wilke Consulting erfahren Sie hier:
• Mr. Mac’s Party Team und insbesondere DJ Mario für die ausgezeichnete Musikauswahl, sein Gespür für sein Publikum und die zurückhaltende Moderation in englischer Sprache. Die DJs von Mr. Mac’s Party Team haben die passende Musik und sorgen für beste Unterhaltung auf rauschenden Hochzeiten, Betriebsfesten, Geburtstagen oder Vereinsfeiern im Großraum Stuttgart und ganz Süddeutschland. Mehr über Mr Mac’s erfahren Sie hier:
• der Oest Gruppe Freudenstadt für das Sponsoring des anfallenden
Portos und ihrem Geschäftsführer Alexander A. Klein für die Moderation der Veranstaltung. 1915 gegründet, betreibt die Oest Gruppe drei Geschäftszweige: Schmierstoffe, Energiehandel und Maschinenbau. Mehr über das Unternehmen erfahren Sie hier:
• den WESSELY Marketing Services für das Sponsoring der Drucksachen. Mehr über diesen Dienstleister erfahren Sie hier:

und nicht zuletzt dem Württembergischen Automobilclub e.V. für seine Gastfreundschaft. Das Team um Herrn Wössner servierte ein Flying Buffet mit lokal-saisonalen Köstlichkeiten und ausgewählte Weine. Mehr über den ältesten Automobilclub der Welt, gegründet von Bosch, Daimler & Maybach erfahren Sie auf

Wie in den Jahren zuvor kommen die Erlöse dieser Veranstaltung dem Verein Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. in Stuttgart zu. Mit seinem Frauenhaus bietet der Verein bis zu 18 Frauen und 22 Kindern Zuflucht vor häuslicher Gewalt. Ein Team aus einfühlsamen Fachleuten unterstützt diese Frauen und Kinder auf ihrem Weg in ein selbstbestimmtes und freies Leben.

Über den IWCS: seit seiner Gründung im April 2005 steht der als gemeinnützig anerkannte International Women’s Club Stuttgart e.V. Frauen allen Alters, aller Nationalitäten und Glaubensrichtungen offen. Wesentliche Säulen des Vereinslebens sind Gemeinschaft, Integration, Wohltätigkeit und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung. Derzeit umfaßt der Verein ca 125 Mitglieder aus 35 Ländern. Offizielle Vereinssprache ist englisch, jedoch haben viele Mitglieder eine andere Muttersprache, die sie im Rahmen von einzelnen Veranstaltungen pflegen. Mehr über den IWCS, seine regelmäßigen Angebote und Veranstaltungen erfahren Sie hier:

Late with your RSVP? Read on …

Sometimes life just gets away from us … or of our bosses who are just NOW deciding when we need to work or not. But fear not, it is not too late to attend our event!

Just let us know that you will be attending by sending a message to telling us how many you are responding for and bring your €50 per person to pay at the door.

Go on, come and have a fun evening with us!

What is a Flying Buffet?

We want you to make the most of the evening by allowing you to mingle and chat while having light lovely local food:

Canapeés on Baguettes:
Smoked salmon with cream of horse radish
Trout fillet with cream of horse radish
Filet of turkey with curry cream
Melon and ham
Pumpernickel with cream cheese and a cherry tomato

On petite plates:
Maultaschen with onion sauce and potato salad; also vegetarian option
Meatballs with chili sauce
Veggie quiche
Dates wrapped in bacon

Creme Brûlee
Mousse au Chocolat

Accompanied by:
2010 Gerster-Wagner Rheingauer Gutsriesling Kabinett
2008 Mouton Cadet Pinot Noir
Water, Local Lager, Coffee

Thank You for the Music … to Mr. Mac’s Party Team!

Mr Mac’s is your source for DJ-music for any style and size of event in a multitude of languages such as English, French, Italian and others.

For more info, go to

Can’t attend but still want to contribute?

Even if you cannot make this year’s “Do Good & Dance” charity event, you can still contribute. How?

Simply send a donation into the IWC bank account as follows:
Bank Information: IWC Stuttgart
Account Number: 2590707
Bank Sort Code: 60050101 (LBBW Stuttgart)
Reference: Spende Frauen helfen Frauen and your name

Remember, that even small amounts can help provide relief to the women and children of the shelter. They can pay for essential cosmetics or go towards expenses such as translations and legal help.

First Look: Judy Krauss painting

During our event we will raffle off a piece of art by member Judy Krauss. Judy has been in Stuttgart since 2006 and her works are ever popular with our members.

More about Judy:

Invite your friends and colleagues

Would you like to spread the word about our charity event? Invite your colleagues? Put up a flyer on the blackboard at work? Here you can download our Charity Event flyer for just that purpose … and remember: the more, the merrier!

Dacia Bridges to perform at Do Good & Dance!

We’re very pleased to announce that Dacia Bridges will be performing at our Charity Event on 12 November 2011.
Continue reading

RSVP and Tickets

With the RSVP date drawing nearer, we thought it to be a good idea to let you know how to get your tickets and pay for them.

In order for you, your partner, friends and other guests to attend the event, we recommend that you:
RSVP in the positive to You will then automatically receive instructions on how to pay.
need to transfer €50 per person into our bank account no. 2590707, BLZ / bank sort code: 60050101 (LBBW Stuttgart), quoting “Spende Frauen helfen Frauen e.V.” and your email address.

As soon as you have done both, your name will be put onto our guest list. Please note that we will not be sending you actual tickets in the mail.

If you have any questions, please send a message to

Do Good & Dance on 12 November 2011

12 November 2011
From 19:30 o’clock

Württembergischer Autombil Club e.V.
Mörikestraße 30, 70178 Stuttgart

This year, the International Women’s Club of Stuttgart e.V. cordially invites you to our annual charity event at the oldest automobile club in the world, founded by Robert Bosch, Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in 1899 right here in the heart of Stuttgart.

From 19:30 o’clock, we will enjoy a lively and sociable evening with seasonal finger foods, wine, music and dancing.

Tickets are 50 euro per person and cover food, non-alcoholic beverages, two glasses of wine or beer, as well as the entertainment. Vouchers for additional drinks will be available during the event.

All proceeds will benefit Frauen helfen Frauen e.V.

To reserve a place on our guest list, please send an email to Do Good and Dance! for more information.

Dress code: Dancing Shoes

Meet our Patron for the 2010 event: Bürgermeisterin Dr. Susanne Eisenmann

The International Women’s Club Stuttgart e.V. is proud to present Bürgermeisterin Dr. Susanne Eisenmann as the patron to this year.

In her work, Dr. Eisenmanns covers cultural and educational matters as well as sports (Stabsstelle zur Forderung bürgerlichen Engagements). Furthermore she is a member of the non-exec board at the Instituts für Auslandsbeziehungen as well as AIESEC Stuttgart and Stuttgart-Hohenheim.

More on Dr. Susanne Eisenmann:

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Grußwort der Bürgermeisterin Dr. Susanne Eisenmann vom 4. Juli 2009

Sehr geehrte Frau O’Boyle,
sehr geehrte Frau Klein,
meine sehr geehrten Damen und Herren,

ich grüße Sie ganz herzlich und wünsche Ihnen auch in meiner Abwesenheit einen guten Verlauf Ihrer Veranstaltung. Sehr gerne habe ich in diesem Jahr die Schirmherrschaft über Ihren Annual Charity Event übernommen.

Ab dem dritten Male sprechen wir von Tradition – Sie veranstalten heute bereits zum vierten Mal einen Empfang mit einer Tombola, deren Erlös der Stuttgarter Sektion des Vereins Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. zugute kommt. Der Verein Frauen helfen Frauen wiederum will die Sach- und Geldspenden für die Betreuung von traumatisierten Frauen und Mädchen verwenden.

Mag es Zufall sein oder nicht, daß der diesjährige Empfang auf den 4. Juli fällt, den Independence Day. Auch Sie verhelfen mit Ihrem ehrenamtlichen Engagement Frauen dazu, das hohe Gut der Unabhängigkeit zu bewahren oder wiederzuerlangen.

Unabhängig und selbstbestimmt leben zu dürfen ist auch in einem Ballungsraum wie Stuttgart nicht jedem geschenkt. Natürlich sind wir dankbar über das offene Miteinander der Kulturen und Generationen unserser Menschen aus über 170 Nationen in Stuttgart. Ich denke aber, daß wir gegenüber Ausgrenzung und Gewalt kein Auge zudrücken dürfen. Und deshalb ist Ihr Einsatz für die Benachteiligten so hoch zu schätzen.

In Zeiten großer Umbrüche und Krisen ist bürgerschaftliches Engagement, wie Sie es ausüben, wichtiger denn je; es ist Zeichen dafür, daß jemandem die Schicksale der anderen zu Herzen gehen. Es ist ein Zeichen gelebter Solidarität und deswegen Eckpfeiler unserer Gesellschaft.

Immer mehr Menschen, und dankenswerter Weise auch Unternehmen, entdecken für sich, daß sich bürgerschaftliches Engagement lohnt. Es lohnt sich nicht nur für die Gesellschaft, es lohnt sich auch für sie selbst. Freiwillig Engagierte erfahren in ihrem Tun Selbstbestätigung, soziale Nähe und Anerkennung.

Gradmesser für ein gutes soziales Miteinander ist die Quote der ehrenamtlich Engagierten und die Zahl der Stiftungen. Da haben wir in Stuttgart einen reichen Schatz: weit über 100.000 Menschen – mehr als ein Fünftel der erwachsenen Bevölkerung – betätigen sich in Stuttgart in einem Ehrenamt, geben unserer Stadt ein lebendiges, menschliches Antlitz. Noch einmal so viele Menschen sind prinzipiell zu einem freiwilligen Engagement bereit. Um sie zu gewinnen, haben wir eine eigene Stabsstelle Bürgerengagement, eine Freiwilligenagentur und eine Akademie für ehrenamtliche Weiterbildung gegründet. Und eine Bürgerstiftung, die Geld sammelt.

Dem Gemeinderat sind die Probleme bewußt. Einerseits steigt die Zahl hilfsbedürftiger Frauen und Mädchen, andererseits stagniert die Zahl der Betreuerinnen in den Stuttgarter Frauenhäusern. In den entsprechenden Gremien werden wir deshalb nach Lösungsansätzen suchen. Klar ist: Alleine kann die öffentliche Hand den Bedarf an Betreuung diskriminierter Frauen nicht schultern.

Ich freue mich deswegen umso mehr, daß Sie als International Women’s Club benachteiligte Frauen unterstützen und ihnen neuen Raum zum Leben verschaffen. Schließlich steht hinter Ihrer Arbeit ein wichtiges Thema, das zwar in aller Munde ist, aber auch praktiziert werden muß: Gleichberechtigung.

In Artikel 3 Absatz 2 des Grundgesetzes heißt es: “Männer und Frauen sind gleichberechtigt.” Die Realität spricht leider häufig andere Bände. Gleichberechtigung zwischen Mann und Frau ist nicht nur in der modernen Arbeitswelt selten anzutreffen. Wir erleben in deutschen und nicht-deutschen Familien, daß Frauen Opfer von Gewalt werden, gegen die sie sich nur schwerlich wehren können. Umso wichtiger ist es, wenn aktive Bürgerinnen wie Sie selbst auf diesem Feld Initiative ergreifen.

Der Stuttgarter Ehrenbürger und ehemalige Bundespräsident Theodor Heuss drückt dies wie folgt aus: “Was einer für sich selbst tut, mag viel zählen. Jedoch mehr zählt, was einer für die anderen getan hat. Die Sorge und Hilfe für andere Menschen ist das wertvollste Kapital im Haushalt der Menschheit. Und solange es noch Leute gibt, die freiwillig bereit sind, für andere da zu sein, ist es um diese Welt nicht allzu schlimm bestellt.”

Hoffen wir, daß Sie heute mit dem Erlös Ihrer Veranstaltung zufrieden sein können. Bleiben Sie auch in Zukunft so couragierte Kämpferinnen für Gleichberechtigung und seien Sie uns ein Vorbild für solidarisches Handeln!

Ihnen alles Gute und viel Erfolg.
Ich wünsche Ihnen einen schönen Abend!

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