2012 Annual General Meeting Review

At the beginning of February, we came together as a group to enjoy great food and company, all while taking care of our annual club business. Thank you to all of you who came out on that freezing, snowy night to help us meet our quorum! (And thank you to those who wanted to come from far away but just couldn’t make it out of your driveways!)

We held our yearly elections and the Steering Committee members for 2012 are:
President – Emily Born
Vice President/Charitable Relations – Dorothee Klein
Treasurer – Tonya Busch
Secretary – Christy Miller
Activities Coordinator – Laura Lenz
Mother’s Corner Coordinator – Sandra Bartsch
Communications Chair – Lisa Cvejn
Public Relations Chair – Renea Miller
Membership – Billie Schoeler
These are the people you want to turn to if you have a question, idea or problem. Over the next few months, we’ll learn more about the newest members of the Steering Committee in detail.

Our treasurer, Tonya Busch, presented the the money side of things, including the final 2011 donation amount to Frauen helfen Frauen of €3.431,27. She again reported on our renewed non-profit tax status; this means we won’t be up for review again for 3 more years.

After presentation of the Board Report for 2011, we discussed what was in store for the club in 2012.

In the category “More of the Same” we talked about continuing to work hard on the four pillars of our Mission Statement:

  • Friendship (events and meet-ups)
  • Community (Facebook groups)
  • Charity  (ACE)
  • Intergration (Speakers and activities)

Some of the new developments promised this year included having more evening meetings, a revised website, joining the Forum der Kulturen Sommerfest instead of the usual American Days bake sale, review and simplification of our by laws, and outreach to more corporate expat departments.

The evening ended with a plea for member involvement and some yummy desserts. We are looking forward to another successful and fun-filled year together and are glad to have everyone along for the ride!