Get Involved!

Here on the Steering Committee, we each have our set duties. But we can’t manage them without input from the general membership and now is the time to speak up while we are planning for the year.

What do we need from you?

  • Suggestions for speaker topics at the club meeting – what would you like to hear about that would be of interest to the majority of the members?
  • Recommendations for speakers themselves – do you know someone personally who might make a great speaker (and could do so in English)?
  • Ideas for events and activities

In addition to ideas, we need people power!! We have two areas in particular that have coordinators but need sub-committees to actually make things happen: activities planning and charity. Both committees require people who are doers and planners and you don’t necessarily need to have a great command of German to help. You also don’t need a whole lot of time – even short-term help is welcomed.

If you feel out of place during your time in Stuttgart, volunteering can help you find your footing and feel good about belonging. It also looks great on a resume or CV if you are not working now but will be returning to the job market soon.

Please use the form below to start a conversation with us about ideas you have or time you’d like to volunteer (or grab one of the Steering Committee members at any event).

Hope to hear from you soon!