Upcoming event: Guided tour of Monet-Turner-Twombly exhibit at Staatsgalerie

Join host Dorothee Klein at the Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart on Thursday, May 24th to experience the outstanding late works of the three greatest painters of the last two centuries.

This exhibition unites the works by William Turner, Claude Monet and the late Cy Twombly, and it offers visitors new perspectives on the art of each, in and of itself. Approximately seventy late works ā€“ some quite large in scale ā€“ by these three painters will be exhibited, and will serve to illuminate similarities and interrelationships between the works and exemplify their common characteristics. This will also be one of the last chances to visit this exhibition as it will only run until May 28th!

A total of 25 participants is possible for this event, which will be done as a guided tour in English. Our tour will start at 17:30 prompt, thus it is important that all participants arrive on time at the meeting point at 17:15.

Following the tour, which is expected to last 1 hour, we plan on going to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

This event is for members only and is being sponsored by the IWC. We will be covering the cost of the tour guide and part of your ticket price. You pay only ā‚¬10 for the entire experience!

To RSVP for this event, please fill out the form below.