Preview of 2012 Activities

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With the help of our members’ many suggestions, the IWCS activities-planning team (Laura Lenz, Maggie Bangston, Ulrike Stegmaier and Andy Ng) have put together a projected schedule of events for the year.

Here are some of the events they are working on that our members can look forward to (subject to change):

  • June: Hochseilgarten followed by dinner in Rutesheim (possibly to include families)
  • June: Tour the Stuttgart Galerie and learn some German (Tour given in basic German on a set topic to a small group)
  • June: Tour of Stuttgart Library in English
  • July: Visit to a local Biergarten for dinner (to include spouses/partners)
  • July: Summer BBQ at members house
  • July: Bier Bike
  • July: Outing to the Bonhenviertel Fest
  • Summer: Visit to Maori Exhibit
  • August: Outing to the Esslingen Zwiebelfest
  • September: Bicycle tour (weekend activity also for family)
  • September: Group outing to the Stuttgarter Weindorf one evening
  • September / October: another dinner with spouses/partners, this time in Gerlingen
  • September / October: Saturday hiking trip in the region
  • September/October: Annual IWCS visit to the Canstatter Wasen
  • October: Tour of Kessler Sekt
  • October:  Tour of Stuttgarter Zeitung
  • October: Annual EGT Bowling tournament
  • November: Annual Charity Event 2012
  • November: Diwali night (Indian festival of lights)
  • December: Visit to 1 or 2 Weihnachtsmarkts in the area
  • December: Christmas Cookie Exchange

Of course, this is by no means a final list – there’s always plenty of room in our calendar any other events our members can dream up. If you have idea for a club event or something you’d like to organize, please contact Laura using the form below.