Members Only Event – Maori Exhibit at the Lindenmuseum

Join host Billie Schoeler for a guided tour of the Maori Exhibit at the Lindenmuseum in Stuttgart. The tour will be in English and will be sponsored by the club, with members paying only their entrance fee (€7).

The exhibit, “Maori: New Zealand’s First Inhabitants”, will present Maori culture, past and present. The Lindenmuseum focusing on world cultures and more information about the exhibit and the museum can be found in English on their website.

On the night of our visit, the museum will be open until 20:00, so starting at 18:00 we will have our hour tour and then be able to go back and re-visit the most interesting sections on our own for up to another hour.

Afterwards, Billie will be hosting a small dinner at Hegel Eins, a German restaurant right around the corner. Please let her know in the RSVP section below if you wish to attend the museum tour and dinner, or just the museum tour.

Maori Exhibit Visit at the Lindenmuseum
Wednesday, July 11th starting at 18:00
Location: Lindenmuseum, Hegelplatz 1, 70174 Stuttgart
Nearest Station: Hauptbahnhof
RSVP to Billie using the form below