Coming up in September – Brainstorming Session with the Frauenhaus

Friday, September 21st at 10:00
Location: Cafe Scholz
Marktplatz 12, 70173 Stuttgart-Mitte
Nearest stations: Rathaus, Stadtmitte
RSVP: See below

All members interested in doing charity work with Frauen helfen Frauen are welcome to join us for a joint brainstorming session in September to discuss ideas for regular activities with our designated charity, Frauen helfen Frauen (the Frauenhaus is the battered women’s shelter that we support as a club).

One of our main club objectives for this year is to form a closer and more personal bond with FHF and their families through joint activities. To this end, we are holding a meeting with our two main contacts from FHF to brainstorm and plan fun activities for their and our families to enjoy throughout the year. This is another good opportunity to “give back” and as always, your input is much appreciated. Of course, any and all ideas you may have are very welcome. They can be as simple as an annual trip to Wilhelma …

We are looking forward to hearing your many ideas and creating a calendar of activities for us all to enjoy!

Please RSVP using this Doodle link if you are interested in joining.