Volunteers Needed for ACE 2012

Photo courtesy of 123rf.com

Dear Members,

Are you  planning on attending the Annual Charity Event on November 10th? The Charity Committee is looking for a few volunteers to help out that evening.

We need people to great guests as they arrive, to sell extra drink tickets, to help Laura’s husband with the selling of raffle tickets, and to help set up and take down.

The more volunteers we have the better as then more people can share each task so that no one is left taking care of one job the entire night.

Additionally, if you are the owner of an art easel and would be willing to let us borrow it on the night of the event, please speak up! We are looking for multiple easels for decorative purposes.

If you are interested in volunteering or have an easel, please contact Laura Lenz using the form below. Thanks!