October Club Meeting in Review – SPECIAL MEMBER DISCOUNT

by Debbie Strauss

“Poise rather than posture” was the essence of Heidi Winderl-Schanz’s explanation of the Alexander Technique at our club meeting last month.

We were a large group interested to find out more about a subject many of us had never heard of. Heidi has spent many years in Australia becoming a qualified instructor of the Alexander Technique, a form of movement therapy that originated in that country.

She outlined for us the various applications of this method, including neck strain that can occur with PC use; other kinds of physical pain; confidence in public speaking; improving your singing voice; and awareness of movements that affect physical well-being.

With the help of two brave volunteers, Heidi demonstrated how the way you lie on your back on the floor or get up from a chair can easily be improved with slight adjustments such as placing books under your head or by observation to counteract movement that has become habitual but is detrimental to posture. She emphasised that correcting harmful posture habits and releasing tension has a positive effect on the mind making you move and perform better and is also a way to prevent injury.

Starting November 13th, Heidi is offering IWC members a discount on her evening course titled “Alexander Technique Meets Pilates in Movement.” It will meet for 10 sessions at a non-member cost of 220 euros and a member cost of 198 euros.

If you are interested learning more about the Alexander Technique or registering for her discounted class or other courses, please visit her website page “How the Alexander Technique Can Support You” or contact her directly using the form below.