2012 Annual Charity Event Wrap Up and Thank You

By Dorothee Klein

After months of preparation, we hosted our Fifth Annual Charity Event at the Württembergische Automobilclub e.V. on 10 November 2012. This year’s “Do Good & Dance” was a huge success, put together by our lovely charity team and attended by many members, their partners and friends.

The evening was kicked off by a welcome drink kindly donated by Kessler Sektkellerei and jazzy piano music by Bea Michalski, followed by delicious local specialties served up by the WAC team and party music spun by DJ Blue Wave from Mr Mac’s Party Team.

All throughout the evening, Ryoko Ichihashi and Laura Lenz’s husband, Michael, were busy selling raffle tickets for the prizes donated by BOSCH, Friedrichsbad and Rathausglöckle in Baden-Baden as well as our artist-in-residence Judy Krauss and members Maggie Bangston and Barbara Zuk, giving us record raffle takings!

The culinary highlight of the evening was our International Dessert table with yummy goodies baked by our members (thanks to Maggie Bangston, Laura Lenz, Sandra Bartsch, Ryoko Schels-Ichihashi, Christy Miller, Jamie Mueller, Karen Diguc, Ursula Fast, Salome Tan, and Tracey Stevenson) followed by the auctioning of our main prize, a sightseeing flight with the evening’s Master of Ceremony and long-standing pilot Alex Klein.

The success of this evening was not only underpinned by the generosity of local companies such as KPMG, RMS Marketing Solutions, Oest Group, Wilke Consulting and WESSELY Marketing Services who raised funds to further the work of Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. We were also very happy to see an increasing number of members who donated anonymously. We are working on the final financial statement for this event, which we will share with you as soon as it is finished.

So with this event behind us, it is time for me as your Vice President to say thank you to my team:

  • Maggie Bangston and Laura Lenz for their planning and XLS skills
  • Christy Miller and Barbara Zuk for putting together the International Dessert table and keeping the momentum going
  • Sandra Bartsch for her time keeping and staging of the location, and
  • Karen Diguc for her logistical support

It was a great experience to put this event together with you, each using our different talents to contribute to something positive!

A very special thank you also goes to Ulrike Stegmaier and Billie Schöler for their help with fundraising!

And since “after the party is before the party”, we are of course already putting our team together next year’s event. If you would like to help out in any way, just contact me using the form below and watch your newsletter for announcements!