Annual General Meeting 2013 in Review

AGM greenwritten by Emily Born, Chairperson

Earlier this week, we held our Annual General Meeting where the big stories were making both our quorum and some changes to the IWCS bylaws.

First, I’d like to extend a warm thank you to all of our members who came out in the cold, snowy night (why does it always snow the night of our AGM??) to help us meet our quorum. Every year since the founding of the club in 2005 we have struggled to meet the required 25% of membership threshold and this year was no different – we made it by the skin of our teeth.

Second, rest assured that we won’t have to go through these contortions in the future, because one of the rule changes we voted for on Tuesday was to do away with the quorum completely! This was the rule in our bylaws that said we had to have at least 25% of our official membership list in attendance at the meeting in order for it to be official. Starting next year, whoever would like to come and vote and have a voice in club matters is welcome and encouraged to attend, but we won’t be under any pressure to reach a specific number.

We also voted in our 2013-14 steering committee and re-elected pretty much the whole bunch from last year. I am looking forward to another year as your Chairperson, working with the following amazing women:

  • Dorothee Klein – Vice Chair and Charitable Relations
  • Tonya Busch – Treasurer
  • Christy Miller – Secretary
  • Laura Lenz – Activities
  • Lisa Cvejn – Communications
  • Sandra Bartsch – Mother’s Corner
  • Billie Schoeler – Membership

In addition to the voting, we heard reports on our activities in 2012 and talked about 2013. When you add the delicious food served at the SSB restaurant, it was a lovely evening overall. Looking forward to next year!!

Links to the 2012 Board and Financial Reports can be found in the March 2013 Member Newsletter