March Club Meeting in Review: The Poetry of Netty Abraminko

Dove free image 11972562_sThose of you who weren’t at last month’s club meeting missed out on a delightful two hours with our speaker, Netty Abraminko.

Netty is a British citizen living in Germany who recently found herself writing poetry and recording it with music onto an audio CD. During our club meeting, Netty played several pieces from that recording and explained how this unusual process came to be.

A friend of Netty’s had asked her to be the English voice of some German meditation poems on a CD recording. Samples of some of this work can be found on NewEraMeditation’s You Tube page.

After hearing how powerful poems could be when set to a musical background, Netty started writing poems of her own. She self-published a book of those poems, calledWords On Wings” and then recorded selected poems with music written by two of her friends.

Many of her poems are dedicated to specific friends or family members. Netty gives her poems to those people as gifts and then asks permission to use their poems on her CD. One of her poems was written about a cleaning woman she saw frequently at a supermarket back home in the UK and the woman was thrilled when Netty presented it to her.

Netty reports that her soothing voice and the accompanying music works well to calm both pets and children and those who have bought her CD very often use it for a grounding meditation session daily. Those of us in attendance left the meeting refreshed, focused and eager to hear more about mediation (don’t miss our April club meeting on this very topic). Thank you Netty, for sharing your special words and your interesting stories with us this month!

Anyone interested in purchasing a copy of either her book or CD should contact Netty directly via email.