FAQ – Annual Charity Event 2013

As with every activity or event, there are always questions so please keep them coming by submitting yours in the form at the bottom of this page and we will answer them as quickly as possible. Some questions we have recently had are answered below:

Is this a fundraiser? Who does it benefit?
Every year since the club was founded in 2005, we have held a fundraiser to benefit a local women’s shelter, Frauen helfen Frauen. Corporate sponsorship, a raffle, and a portion of your entrance fee will make up the bulk of our fundraising efforts.
Those members who cannot attend the event are welcome to make a cash donation on behalf of the Frauenhaus.

Who is invited? Only members/women/couples?
Absolutely not! Everyone is welcome. In fact, we would love to meet your partners and encourage you to bring your friends, both male and female, to make it a fun, sociable occasion. Please do not hesitate to come by yourself – many of our members come solo and always have a wonderful time.

What will the evening be like?
This elegant and fun event will be very similar to last year, with delicious drinks and snacks (both warm and cold) served throughout the evening and dinner music during the first half of the evening. Later on, we’ll kick things up a notch and dance the night away to music from Mr. Mac’s Party Team. Other planned activities include a raffle for fantastic prizes and a homemade desserts bar in the 1950s-style lounge.

Included in the entrance fee are a welcome glass of bubbly, a seasonal buffet of finger foods, and vouchers that can be exchanged for either alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks or dessert. Additional vouchers will be available for purchase during the evening.

The event will take place in a large hall at the Württembergische Automobilclub in central Stuttgart and we also have access to a large foyer for socializing and mingling as well as a cozy lounge area for quieter conversation.

There is an outside space for our guests who would like to smoke.

How can we buy tickets?
You will not need a paper ticket to enter the event, but must pay the entrance fee in advance to be on the guest list.

If you would like to pay your entrance fee online, please RSVP using the form at the bottom of the event invitation and you will sent an email with our bank information. The deadline for transferring your entrance fee is November 2nd.

If you would like to pay in advance with cash, please speak with Dorothee Klein or any of the charity committee members at most club events leading up to the November 9th.

How can I invite other people?
Friends, family members and the general public are all welcome to attend this event! Please feel free to share the event invitation link or our Facebook event.

What should I wear?
This is a very good opportunity to dress up a little and take your best party outfit for a spin on the dance floor. Anything from a cocktail length dress to dressy pants with a sparkly top works! While the event is an excellent opportunity to go shopping, don’t worry if you can’t or don’t want to. Just pretty yourself up a little and you will be fine!

What is the venue like? Is it part of a museum?
The venue is the main hall of the Württembergische Automobilclub e.V. in central Stuttgart, go to www.wac1899.com for more information. The club was founded over one hundred years ago by Daimler, Maybach and Bosch.
It is not connected in any way to the Mercedes Museum and in a different part of the city altogether.

Where can I park on the evening of the event?
The WAC 1899 recommends that you park on Mörikestrasse, Humboldtstrasse, Hohenstauffenstrasse or Hohenzollernstrasse. All are in the immediate area surrounding the club. You can also take public transportation to Marienplatz and either walk up the stairs (a nine-minute walk) or take Bus #41 from Marienplatz to the next stop of Mörikestrasse (making it a five-minute walk but less uphill – please note that this bus will not be running later in the evening when the event is over).

Are the entrance fees tax deductible?
Unfortunately, we will be unable to issue tax receipts for that portion of your entrance fee over and above the costs of the event, although receipts for additional cash and bank transfer donations will be available.

Any other questions? Please contact us using the form below. See you in November!