New IWC Treasurer Wanted!!

Dear members,

As mentioned in the September newsletter, we are looking for a volunteer to replace our current club Treasurer. This position is perfect for someone who wants to get involved in a behind-the-scenes way.

We’ve drawn up a brief job description for your consideration. If you have an accounting or financial background  and are interested in becoming part of our team, please contact Emily using the form below.


  • has a financial or accounting background,
  • possesses some German language skills (not 100% necessary but preferred),
  • has time to attend monthly committee meetings and is willing to communicate online with other committee members, and
  • is well-organized and motivated to work independently.


The Treasurer is a member of our organization’s Vorstand, the group of officers who are responsible for the club. Our Vorstand currently includes Emily Born as President and Dorothee Klein as Vice President. The Vorstand makes the final decisions regarding club business and the Treasurer position comes with a high level of responsibility that any motivated person can easily handle. If you have found yourself in Stuttgart during a career break, this position looks excellent on a resume.

Regular duties:

  • Keeping track of income and expenses using our Mein Verein software that would need to be installed on your computer
  • Paying club bills and reimbursing activity expenses via online banking
  • Attending monthly evening leadership committee meetings
  • Staying in regular contact with the other Vorstand members and leadership committee via social media and email (we used to use Google groups for this but now have private groups on Facebook)

Infrequent duties:

  • Preparing yearly financial statements and treasurer’s report for the AGM
  • Preparing and mailing out renewal membership dues invoices to current members once yearly
  • Preparing occasional tax receipts (especially after the charity event)
  • Filing simple tax forms with the Finanzamt Stuttgart
  • Helping with charity event budget and financial summary
  • Organizing and storing current and one prior years’ financial records in physical binders at home

A bonus would be someone who is knowledgeable enough to keep us up to date on changes to German law involving Verein finances.

If you would like to learn more about the position, please message Emily or Tonya on Facebook or send Emily an email message using the form below. Looking forward to working with you!!!

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