Volunteer bakers needed for the Annual Charity Event 2013

Dear Members,

Once again this year we are asking for your baked good donations for the dessert table for the Annual Charity Event. Your baking skills will greatly contribute to the proceeds for Frauen helfen Frauen, our designated charity.

This year we will be offering a single-price dessert plate, rather than selling items piece by piece like last year. Therefore, we would prefer that the desserts be presented as individual portions or single bites, (e.g. mini cupcakes or cake pops, miniature cheese or carrot cakes, chocolate bars, brownie squares, sandwich cookies, rolls, balls, drops, etc.) Almost all your favorite cake recipes can be baked in a standard form and then cut into squares or bars, etc.

Savory desserts are also welcome! The desserts can be delivered to the WAC as early as 16:00 on the day of the event or brought along with you as you arrive for the evening.

Please let me know if you can help no later than October 20th using the form below. If you are unable to attend or stop by but would still like to contribute, please contact me to arrange the drop off/pickup.

Thank you in advance! Looking forward to tasting the fabulous desserts from the fabulous ladies!!!

Vaida Kovalick
Charity Committee Member