2013 Holiday Giving Tree for Frauen helfen Frauen

Photo courtesy of www.123rf.comKeeping up with last year’s tradition, the IWCS is once again supporting the women of Frauen helfen Frauen by creating a virtual Holiday Gift Tree!

In this joint project with The English Playgroup of Stuttgart e. V. , IWCS members are in charge of getting presents for all of the women in the shelter, while playgroup members have been tasked with getting gifts for each of the children.

As of the date of this post, all names have already been taken via our member Facebook group. If you would still like to help, please contact the organizer, Sandra Bartsch, using the contact form below. We can still accept general gift cards to be given to any newcomers to the shelter between now and their holiday party.

Thank you to all of our members and those of the EPG Stuttgart for their wholehearted support for this project!!