2014 Steering Committee Candidates

The IWC Stuttgart Steering Committee is a microcosm of the club itself. Members come and go as work assignments end or interests change. Every year we have some turnover in both the Steering Committee and the general membership.

At this year’s AGM, you’ll recognize some familiar names in new places and meet some new volunteers for our slate of candidates for the 2014 Steering Committee positions.

We are still looking for another member to work closely with Laura Lenz to create exciting activities and events for our calendar. If this sounds like something fun you’d like to do, please contact Laura using the form at the end of this post so she can give you more details.

2014 from silkydesigns

Our slate of 2014 candidates so far:

Chairperson – Emily Born
Treasurer – Dorothee Klein
Vice Chairperson and Communications – Sandra Bartsch

Membership Coordinator – Billie Schoeler
Charitable Relations – Helen Noll
Mother’s Corner Coordinator – Cassie Wiselka
Activities Coordinator – Laura Lenz
Second Activities Coordinator – POSITION STILL OPEN
Secretary – Christy Miller

A big thank you to these candidates for volunteering their time and energy to make our club vibrant and exciting. As always, current members are welcome to volunteer for any of these positions, even if there is another candidate already in that slot.

We cannot do our jobs without significant feedback from the general club membership so we are looking forward to hearing your opinions, wishes and ideas in 2014.

See you on February 19th at the AGM!