The IWCS German Conversation Group


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The IWCS German Conversation Group was created with a simple concept in mind: to help break down the barriers of the German language that most foreigners face when coming to live in this country, without the pressure of a classroom!

Instead, we get together once a month in a coffee shop in Stuttgart and present our questions and doubts to each other. And our complaints as well, about how insanely difficult it is sometimes to wrap our tongues around some German words.

All levels of German are welcome, from the “just arrived and only know how to say Guten Tag” to the more fluent. There will always be either a German native speaker or an advanced speaker present, to make it a little easier for everyone!

So bring your questions, or even exercises if you have some and let’s win this battle against the Deutsche Sprache!


The IWCS German Conversation Group is a monthly focus group for members only. Please refer to your member newsletter for details about the next meeting.