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Are you looking to trade your recently read books for different ones? Will you be moving soon and don’t want to take all of your much loved novels or travel books with you? Have your children outgrown their “library” and you want to pass it on?

Just bring them all to the IWCS 2015 Annual General Meeting on February 10th. Last year’s book swap was so successful – we collected just shy of €90 for Frauen helfen Frauen Stuttgart e.V. – we’ve decided to do it again!

How it works: Bring any books you would like to swap. Buy books at the swap that catch your fancy and take them home.

You do not have to bring books to participate and you aren’t required to buy books in order to bring any … so this is open to everybody! After you’ve selected what you want, decide how much you would like to pay for that book and put the money in our donation jar. Remember, this is for charity so every € is much appreciated! However, please only bring books that are in a good state (rule of thumb: would you buy it? Yes? Then bring it.)

Any unsold books will be donated to the local Oxfam book shop (or you can take yours home again).

Any questions? Contact Dorothee using the form below.