MaskHappy New Year everyone!

The organizing committee has been hard at work over the holidays gearing up for our 2016 Annual Charity Event. Scheduled for April 30th, it’s just over four months away!

Invitations have been designed and printed; suitable decorations have been found and purchased on holiday in the USA; solicitation letters have been written and refined; and our companion fundraising websites have been launched.

If you are a member, look for your official invitation in the mail in the next few weeks and start planning your outfit for the big day (NOT required, but FUN). Don’t forget that our theme this year is “Masquerade Ball” and that Fasching is a GREAT time to pick up masks and other costume items.

If you’ve been wanting to get involved in the organizing of our charity event, please contact Vaida using the form below so she can add you to our private Facebook group and give you something to do! We still need plenty of help sending out and following up on letters to local businesses asking for raffle prizes. We also need extra help organizing things like our homemade baked goods table on the day of the event itself.

For the rest of you who don’t have the time to help with the actual organizing, here is how you can support us in making this event a success:

  1. RSVP for the event on our Facebook Event Page – information about buying tickets to follow shortly!
  2. If you or your spouse/partner/friends work for a company who might be willing to sponsor our event or donate items for the raffle, tell Vaida by using the contact form below and she will send you a letter to take in to the boss.
  3. Keep using our Gooding shopping portal to help us earn money every time you shop at Amazon, eBay, and a host of other online stores.
  4. Tell your friends and family in Germany about the event and shopping portal! Your friends and family outside of Germany can help our fundraising efforts by donating on our crowdfunding website over at Betterplace.

Thank you for all of your support, we are looking forward to a fantastic night raising money for the Frauenhaus of Stuttgart with all of you this spring!

Vaida Kovalick and the Charity Organizing Team