As you know, work on our 2017 Annual Charity Event: Black and White Night is well underway. Each year we appeal to local businesses, big and small, for sponsorship support.

There are several different types of sponsorship available but all offer an opportunity for a business to make themselves better known among our members.

Do you know of a great business that you find yourself often recommending to friends? Perhaps a priceless real-estate agent, hair dresser, tax accountant or travel agent that offers you the best deals and you simply couldn’t do without?

We would like to reach out to them and request their support in our charity activities.

Please send us your recommendations and we will contact them as a part of our sponsors campaign. Feel free to use the contact form below or to grab one of the charity committee members at the next event.

Thanks for your ideas!
Claire DeVaney
2017 Charity Coordinator