Swimming is a great way to keep fit that can be enjoyed year-round.  Our newest member interest group, the IWCS Strokes Club, has been created for those who like to swim for fitness and fun.

Each member swims at her own pace, on her own time, at a pool of her choice, and then adds her laps to our online group goal. We’ll work together and support each other as a team to reach our target.

We’ll meet twice a month – once for a morning swim and once in the evening – at local Hallenbad (or Freibad weather and opening times permitting!).

If you are interested in taking part, please join our members-only Facebook group!

Scheduled upcoming meets:

  • Morning swim – August 24, Hohenfreibad Killesberg, 10:00
  • Evening swim – September 28, Hallenbad Heslach, 19:00
  • Morning swim – September 14, Sonnenberg Hallenbad, 10:00

Facebook events have already been created for these meets and can be found in the group above.

See you at the pool!!!!!!!!!!!