Is the lack of a weekly card game haunting you deep in your soul? Then you are invited to join our newest focus group that meets every Friday morning in Stuttgart-Vaihingen.

This very social and friendly bunch already has a core group of members and is looking for some new recruits. Feel free to bring along a bridge-playing friend, just let them know how many will be coming. The meeting place is close to an S-Bahn station.

Attendance is organized via email (no Facebook events). A weekly mail is sent out on Mondays and members are asked to RSVP by the following Wednesday for that next Friday meeting. You are welcome to attend only when you can/want to.

They don’t really keep score but would appreciate it if new players have a rudimentary knowledge of the rules, even if that’s only through playing online. The group mainly speaks English but are happy to switch to German occasionally for the practice.

If you are interested, contact Alex using the contact form below. She will add you to the private email distribution list.