Happy New Year to all of our members, past and present!!!!

We are pleased to announce an exciting change in our activities planning and hosting routine for 2018, in hopes of getting more of you involved in the club!

In the past, our activities coordinators have planned and hosted the majority of our special events for members. This year we will be adjusting that formula slightly and our activities coordinators, Alex and Michelle, hope to be doing more planning and coordinating and less actual hosting.

For this to work, we need YOU to step up and volunteer to host an IWCS special event.  Alex and Michelle are ready to provide planning help and already have plenty of ideas, but they need hosts!

As motivation we are offering this fantastic new perk to our paid up members: If you host a tour or workshop, the IWCS will cover your member portion of the fees up to €15,00*. For example, if you host a tour of a museum exhibition, we will pay for your entrance ticket, which is the usual part that members pay for museum tours. This means you get to do fun things with your fellow club members FOR FREE!!

What will you be asked to do as a host? 

In addition to being a reliable and welcoming presence on the day of the event (trying to be the first one to arrive and acting as the contact person for the museum or tour guide, and helping to keep the members organized and moving during the tour), we will put your contact information in the private Facebook event and newsletter, so members know who to find on the day of the event.

If the activities coordinators are doing the organizing for your event, they will handle the RSVPs and any questions that come up prior to the event. If you would like to organize the event yourself, they will be happy to walk you through all of the steps!!

If this sounds like a great deal and you are interested in being a member host, please fill in the contact information below and Alex or Michelle will get back to you soon to coordinate where and when you can help. You can also grab one of them in person at an upcoming IWCS event and let them know you would like to participate.

*Please note that this offer is only good for the member portion of tours and workshops and will not apply to dinner events. Policy also does not apply to members of the current steering committee.