ACE 2018: Dreamers, Here’s To You!

Photo of the ACE Organizing Committee by Sandra Ruth

It has been my absolute pleasure to work with a fabulous team of volunteers to bring you the IWCS 2018 Annual Charity Event, which took place April 14th. I’m so proud to report that it not only proved to be a big hit with our guests, it was also a fundraising success for the Frauenhaus, with just under €2500 in profit at the end of the night!

Money raised through our efforts and everyone’s contributions, large and small, will go to Frauen helfen Frauen e.V as part of our 2018 donation to support their tireless work providing safety for vulnerable women and children right here in Stuttgart.

The Evening’s Program

This year’s event drew inspiration from the Hollywood film “La La Land,” which saw guests donning colorful clothing and enjoying a magical evening in the parlors of the sparkling Villa Humboldt.

First our guests checked out the fabulous Tombola table and bought raffle tickets while enjoying a welcome drink from our long-time sponsor, Kessler Sekt. Just like the film, the evening’s program opened with a surprise dance sequence from our friends at SwingKultur Stuttgart, whose joyful Lindy hop put everybody in the right mood. Throughout the evening, photographer Sandra Ruth captured our guests looking their finest in her photo booth and in candid shots, while Michelle and Allison served us tasty cocktails of their own design. After a delicious dinner with homemade desserts, we were entertained by the fabulous Fanny di Favola  and Raunchy Rita and taught a few swing dance moves by SwingKultur Stuttgart.

On the night of the event we raised €1010 through tombola tickets sales and the bar and dessert table took in €1055. Adding in private donations, business sponsorships, and other related fundraising activities, we’ve raised a net total of €2436!

To see pictures from our amazing evening, please visit the official IWCS ACE 2018 Photo Album.

The ACE TEAM 2018 

If you’re wondering who was responsible for all the magic, you can thank:

  • Sandra Ruth for her amazing photography and her German language skills, which helped a lot in contacting sponsors;
  • Sandra Bartsch for her decorating ideas, taking care of the raffle , keeping everything on time, and being there to tidy up after us all;
  • Vaida Kovalick for giving up her Saturday to set up and her Monday to tidy up and for doing the rather boring but necessary work of selling raffle and drink tickets during the event;
  • Michelle Moore for bringing a crowd and being an amazing hype girl, also for baking like fiend and welcoming everyone to the Villa;
  • Dorothee Klein for keeping us protected insurance-wise (making it possible for us to have candles at the event), paying all our suppliers, doing all the boring paperwork, and checking guests in at the door – Katja too!!;
  • Michelle Niese-Mendel for convincing Eurail to supply us with a MEGA major prize, inventing some amazing cocktails, and sacrificing her whole night to be at our service with said beverages;
  • Alison Mendel for allowing herself to be dragged along again like every year but being such a good sport behind the bar and running errands for me upon request;
  • Alison Tyler for whipping our bakers into line, for being the first one on site to ensure desserts were handled as they arrived, and for ensuring all the cute towers made out of old LP records were properly assembled;
  • and Emily Born for making sure everyone in Stuttgart with a Facebook account got an invitation, editing my often less-than-perfect copy writing, helping to shape and drive the entire concept, and approving pretty much everything I wanted to do.

What an amazing team. Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm, for buying into my idea and ‘getting it’!

Thanking Our Sponsors

Many of our sponsors are organizations owned and run by women in the Stuttgart community. They give generously to our cause through financial support or by donating prizes to our raffle table. If you would like to support our any of our sponsors, you can find a complete list on our website.

I look forward to helping out in 2019 – what on earth are we going to do to top this?!

Until next year,
Claire DeVaney
IWCS Charity Coordinator