Members of the IWC Stuttgart have gathered together for dinner on the third Tuesday of each month since the club was founded in 2005. This year we’ve decided to shake things up a little bit in that department.

The monthly dinner is traditionally meant to be both our main social event each month and a way to welcome prospective members and we’d like to increase attendance with a few changes and more promotion.

The first big change will be the time. Right now, 19:00 is a bit too late for those who are done with work in the early evening but a bit too early for those who need to wait for their spouse to come home so they can leave. As we already have the Happy Hour starting at 18:00 for the first group, we’ve decided to push our main dinner back to a 19:30 or 20:00 start time.

The second big change will be that Billie Schoeler will no longer be hosting every single dinner. She has done an outstanding job the past few years, but it really is too much for one person all by herself. Billie will continue to be the main host for the Happy Hour dinner and we will have rotating hosts for the main monthly dinner.

What does this mean? Because the dinners are not only a social event but a welcome event for prospective members, we will have our steering committee members take turns hosting the dinner, along with other highly involved and enthusiastic members.

We will also be changing the standing date from the third Tuesday to “the third week” of each month. The host will get to choose which day of the week is best for her schedule, so watch for upcoming dinners on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays this year!

If you would like to host a monthly dinner, just fill in the contact form below to let Emily know. Remember, you get to choose your favorite Stuttgart restaurant (as long as it’s within walking distance of a train or tram stop and they are flexible enough for 10-20 people)!!

Looking forward to seeing you there!