Welcome to our New Mother’s Corner Coordinators!


A few months ago, we put out a “help wanted” call for a new coordinator for our Mother’s Corner group.

We were fortunate to have not just one, but TWO, members answer that call! The mamas of the Mother’s Corner no doubt already know Mimi and Laura, who will be splitting the duties and working together to create fun events for IWCS families with young children starting in May.

Got ideas for new activities? Then these are the two ladies you want to talk to! Post about it in the Mother’s Corner Facebook group or send them a message using the contact form below.

If you have young children and are not currently in the Mother’s Corner group, please contact them below!

A big thanks to Allison, our current Mother’s Corner coordinator who is retiring from her coordinating duties, but remaining a member of the group. Thanks for your efforts this past year!


IWCS Member Advertising Policy


At our March leaders’ group meeting, we brainstormed about what kind of advertising policy would best serve our membership – not only for those who have a business they’d like to promote but also for other members who would prefer to avoid excessive sales pitches in our shared online spaces.

After much discussion we’ve come up with the following policy, effective immediately:

1. Members are asked NOT to post business promotions in the member Facebook groups. We would like to keep those spaces ad free.

2. We DO encourage those members with businesses to promote to use the following tools:

  • Sponsor the next Annual Charity Event 
    This is one of the best ways to get your name in front of other members AND to support our fundraising efforts to boot. Donate your services for the event or a gift certificate for the raffle and your sponsorship will be promoted at the event and on our website.
  • Share your expertise in a Community or Gathering
    If your business involves a special skill set that you might be willing to teach to other members at a Gathering, we are happy to have you do so with your promotional materials on hand to share at the end. For example, if you are a photographer, maybe volunteer to give the Sharp Shooters group a seminar about taking photos at night. Or if you make cakes, perhaps offer to host an afternoon showing interested members how to make a specific kind of frosting. What is not allowed (due to our by laws) is any kind of direct sales event, nor are we allowed to pay you for sharing your expertise.
  • Include your business on our Member Business List
    Sandra will be creating a document to be posted in the monthly newsletter and in the members’ Facebook group (as a file) that includes your business information for members to refer to as needed. Contact Sandra using the form below if you would like to be included!

IWCS Focus and Facebook Groups Update


We’ve got some big changes coming up in our member Facebook Groups and focus group meet ups!

Currently, our club offers “focus groups” centered on specific interests that meet regularly and an assortment of Facebook Groups to go with them. Some of the focus groups have Facebook Groups, but not all. And not all of our Facebook Groups have focus groups that meet up regularly. This has caused plenty of confusion, especially to new members.

So starting this month, Emily will be working on reorganizing and restructuring our focus groups and Facebook Groups. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Most of our current Facebook Groups will be rebranded into “Interest Communities” modeled after our crafting and cooking Facebook Groups. We will start with the following Communities:

  • Food/cooking
  • Walking/Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Books
  • Crafts
  • Photography
  • Gaming
  • Cycling
  • Mothers Corner

These Facebook Groups will be renamed in a straightforward manner to make them easy to find, for example, “IWCS Food & Cooking Community.” These Communities will be open to all current members and will be used for forum-like discussions of that topic.

The Communities will also be used to plan regular events, which we are re-branding as “Gatherings.” These are the current focus groups such as “Breakfast & Books” and “Stitch ‘n Bitch.”

Each community can have zero, one, or multiple Gatherings associated with them. Currently those are:

  • Monthly walking group
  • Strokes Club
  • Breakfast & Books
  • Stitch ‘n Bitch
  • Mother’s Corner Playgroup

Please note that joining a Community does not mean you have to attend an associated Gathering. For example, if you want to talk about a new hiking tour you took last weekend in the IWCS Walking & Hiking Community or just want to ask for recommendations, feel free to do that without ever attending the monthly walks Sandra puts in the newsletter. You can be a member of all the IWCS Facebook Communities without ever attending a single Gathering.

Alternatively, you may attend a Gathering without joining the associated Community – you have the choice to do as much or as little as you wish. And if you don’t use Facebook at all, you may of course continue to attend any of the Gatherings that interest you, as they will still be listed in the monthly newsletter.

Some additional notes about this process:

  • Communities are welcome to create additional Gatherings (such as an evening book club in addition to Breakfast & Books)  if there is demand for it. The same goes for creating additional Interest Communities – talk to Emily for details!
  • Purely social Gatherings will not be associated with a Community because they aren’t centered around an interest (Happy Hour, Ladies who Lunch, Buy/Sell/Trade, EPG/IWCS Crossover) and will be listed in a separate section of the newsletter to avoid confusion.
  • The German conversation group will need to decide if they want to have an Interest Community that discusses learning German or if they will be a purely social group that happens to speak German (to be discussed at their next Gathering).
  • The Facebook Interest Communities will all have Emily as an admin + a local member for purely administrative (membership-related) purposes.
  • We ask that Facebook events for monthly Gatherings be created in the main Member Group only and not in the Communities for consistency’s sake (the host is welcome to share the event link to the Community page).

If you have any questions or feedback about this process, please use the contact form below to message Emily directly. Look for these changes to start happening in May!




Stuttgart City Center Walking Tour
Monday, July 2nd from 10:00 – 12:00
Location: Meet at i-Punkt across from the Hauptbahnhof (Königsstrasse 1)
Cost: FREE
Prospective members welcome!!

Please join us for a fun and FREE tour of the city center (in English) with our good friend from Stuttgart Marketing, Petra Rentschler.

We will meet on Königsstrasse outside of the i-Punkt meeting place opposite the Hauptbahnhof at 10:00 and we will begin our tour promptly at 10:15 . If you get lost or are late, call Emily’s mobile phone at (0151) 2408 4485.

For those of you who have done Petra’s tours in the past, you know that each time she shares new places and hilarious stories with us. So even if you’ve been on her tour before, don’t hesitate to come again! Prospective members are welcome to attend. Stroller-friendly.

Please RSVP no later than Friday, June 29th using the form below or in the pending Facebook event.


**This event will take the place of our welcome coffee in July**




For members +1 adult guest

Friday, September 28th from 17:00
Location: Sonja Merz Zelt, Cannstatter Wasen, Mercedesstrasse 50, 70372 Stuttgart
Cost per member €30 paid in advance (+1 guest pays €40 in advance)
To RSVP  please use the pending Facebook event or the contact form at the end of this post

Are you ready for an introduction to one of the most well-known cultural events in Stuttgart? Join fellow members of the IWCS at the Cannstatter Volksfest in September for one of our much-anticipated evenings out!

The Cannstatter Volksfest, aka “the Wasen,” is the second-largest beer festival in the world after Munich’s Oktoberfest and will be taking place for the 172nd time this year. Together we will enjoy traditional fest food, drinks, dancing, singing, and general madness in the Sonja Merz Wasenzelt (beer tent).

We have a table reserved for 20 and your reservation includes:

  • Five (5) vouchers worth 10 euros apiece to be used for any food or drink
  • Your entry bracelet to the tent
  • A reservation at a prime table in front of the band

The IWC Stuttgart will be subsidizing our table so members pay only €30 each! The guest (non-member) price will be €40 per person. Participants are responsible for mandatory tips, so please bring some euro coins along. Trachtenmode (dirndls and lederhosen) is optional but encouraged 😊

This is a +1 event, which means:

  • Any IWCS member plus one adult guest are welcome to attend (18+).
  • Your +1 can be a partner, spouse, family member, or friend (male or female).
  • You and your guest each pay the costs listed above.

To start the reservation process, please RSVP in the pending Facebook event or use the form below to contact our activities team if you are not on Facebook.

To confirm your reservation, please transfer your prepayment of €30/40 per member/guest to the IWCS bank account no later than September 14th. If you have any extenuating circumstances that keep you from getting the funds to us by that date, please speak directly with the host so we don’t assume you are no longer interested.

Prepayments are non-refundable after the payment deadline. Members who have to cancel at the last minute are welcome to find another member or guest to send in their place.

Ein Prosit!!



For members only
Thursday, June 7th at 19:00
Meeting Location: Siemensstr. 160, 70469 Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen
Nearest station: Borsigstrasse, Feuerbach
Host: Alex Elwin

You’ve probably all heard of a bicycle made for two, but how about a bicycle made for 17?

Cross your fingers for good weather on June 7th when we will take a gentle evening cycle through the streets of Stuttgart on a party bike outfitted with 16 sets of pedals, a be-dirndled lady at the ready to pour you a drink as the need arises, and a trusty bike chauffeur from Bierbike Stuttgart who will ensure we avoid all hills along the way.

Our tour starts and finishes in the Feuerbach area of Stuttgart. We will be enjoying the great outdoors regardless of the weather, so dress appropriately. You know what the Germans say – there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing! We can also bring our own music to play as we pedal and there will be set bathroom breaks.

Maximum 17 participants allowed, but we need at least 11 members to make the bike move. This has been a very popular event in the past so be sure to RSVP quickly to guarantee a spot on this crazy contraption, fun and laughter guaranteed!

Your cost for this event will be based on what we choose to drink because the club is picking up the tab for the tour and the bike rental making that part FREE for members. We will be ordering in advance from a choice of beer, Sekt, or soft drinks closer to the event. The costs for pre-ordered drinks will be split evenly among all participants. Watch the Facebook event for this very important discussion as the date draws nearer.

To start the reservation process, please RSVP in the pending Facebook event or use the form below to contact the host, Alex Elwin, if you are not on Facebook.



Sunday, October 14th from 13:00
Location: Schorndorf area (exact location published 1 week beforehand)
To RSVP with host Alex Elwin, use the pending Facebook event or contact form below – Prepayment deadline is September 30th

Autumn is mushroom season! But which are edible and which not? What is cauliflower fungus? Can one eat giant puffballs? Which fungi can be used as tinder? Fewer and fewer people these days are sure, so we’ve booked a guided walk through the Schwäbisch woods to learn everything there is to know on the subject with abenteuerreich Erlebnistouren.

During this unique event, an experienced guide will show us how to determine if a particular mushroom is edible, how to harvest it and also how to cook it. This 2-3 hour tour will also include a small tasting.

Although we will be greeted in English, most of this tour will be in German, so be prepared to work your brains, learn some new vocabulary, and have your kids or fellow members translate if necessary. Bring along worn-in walking shoes/boots, a waterproof jacket, a camera, a penknife, a small basket or other container, and a notebook and pen. We’ll find out the exact meeting place nearer the time.

Current IWCS members and their entire family are welcome to join this event and costs will be partially subsidized by the club. Children (up to age 13) are free and two adults or teenagers are invited to attend at the discount price of €25 per person. Additional adults are welcome to join but will pay full price (€39 per person).

We have reserved space for 15 adults and 5 children but can add more to this reservation up to 25 people total. If there is huge demand for this event we can open a second reservation for another group on the same day. To reserve your spot, please RSVP in the pending Facebook event or use the contact form below if you are not on Facebook.

To confirm your reservation, please transfer the  €25/€39 per person to the IWCS bank account no later than September 30th. If you have any extenuating circumstances that keep you from getting the funds to us by that date, please speak directly with the host so we don’t assume you are no longer interested.

Prepayments are non-refundable after the payment deadline. Members who have to cancel at the last minute are welcome to find another member or guest to send in their place.