Members Only – Traditional Goose Dinner for St. Martin’s Day (+1 Event)

Members Only – Traditional Goose Dinner for St. Martin’s Day (+1 Event)

Thursday, November 7th at 19:00
Location: Gasthaus Waldhorn, Krehlstr. 111, 70565 Stuttgart-Rohr
Nearest station: Stuttgart Rohr (S-Bahn)
Members +1 guest are welcome, maximum 14 participants
RSVP deadline November 5th

Do you know the story of St. Martin and the geese? When he was elected bishop in the 4th century,  St. Martin’s modesty didn’t allow him to accept the position so he hid in a stable full of geese. But the birds were making so much noise that he was found and was ordained despite his attempt to avoid it. This legend forms the basis of the traditional goose dinner on St. Martin’s Day in Germany, Austria and other European countries (the actual date is on November 11th).

On November 7th we will celebrate St. Martin’s Day together with a traditional menu consisting of:

  • leg and breast of goose
  • two kinds of traditional German dumplings (Semmelknödel and Kartoffelklöße)
  • red cabbage
  • and a roast apple (Bratapfel)

If you still have room for a dessert it can be ordered a la Carte.

This is a +1 event, which means:

  • Any IWCS member plus one guest are welcome to attend
  • Your +1 can be a partner, spouse, adult child, or friend
  • You and your guest each pay the cost listed below

The price of this menu is €31,50 per person (drinks not included). The club will sponsor table water for everyone. Please be advised that this restaurant only accepts cash, so please bring plenty with you!!

To reserve your spot, please RSVP to host Katja Zajac in the pending Facebook event or use the form below if you are not on Facebook.




It’s almost time for renewal invoices to go out to all returning members!

Every year during renewal invoice season we get lots of mail returned as “undeliverable.” If you have moved during the past year, please send a message using the form below to double check that we have your correct mailing address.

Update your mailing address now to make sure our letter finds it way to you easily next month!

Moving away and don’t need an invoice? See the instructions in this blog post.



Do you already know you won’t be renewing your
membership with our club in 2020?

If you do, we ask that you please fill out the contact form at the end of this post before NOVEMBER 1ST of this year*. An email will automatically be sent to our membership coordinator, Billie Schoeler, who will then make sure you aren’t sent a renewal invoice in November and annoying reminders in early 2020!

Why do we need to have you cancel your membership in writing?

Because we are a registered organization here in Germany, we have to follow the rules specified in our By Laws when members leave the area or otherwise wish to withdraw their membership in our club.

Those rules are:

1. Members must notify us in writing if they wish to cancel their membership in the IWC Stuttgart (emails are fine).

2. Members must notify us before the end of 2019 if they wish to cancel their membership for 2020.

3. Members who do not cancel their membership before the end of 2019 or pay their renewal dues before the end of the first quarter in 2020 will be sent one reminder and then a letter notifying them that they are being removed from the membership list.

If you know you will be leaving, tell us now! It will save lots of extra work for everyone.

*If you miss the November 1st deadline, please let us know anyways! You might still get an invoice for 2020 in the mail but we can still cancel it and the reminders.




Members Only Annual Spa Weekend 2019
Saturday/Sunday, November 9th and 10th

Location: Baden Baden
RSVP/Prepayment in full required no later than October 14th 
Spaces limited to 15 members

Join us for a ladies’ weekend away in beautiful Baden Baden! We will leave Saturday morning via train, have a relaxing day at the baths (or spa – your choice!), and return on Sunday afternoon. Spaces are limited, so reserve your place now!!


Our hotel will be the Hotel Quellenhof Sophia  where we have reserved beds for 15 people – 5 double rooms (€49,50+ 3,80 Kurtaxe per person) and 5 singles (€85 +3,80 Kurtaxe per person).

The hotel is located right in the heart of the spa town of Baden-Baden, between the romantic old town and the cozy Baths District, right on the impressive shopping street, Sophienstrasse.



The agenda for the weekend is as follows:

  • Leaving from the Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof Saturday morning at 9:32
  • Lunch at a restaurant (TBD)
  • In the afternoon we will spend time at one of the nearby baths/spa described below
  • Dinner at a restaurant (TBD)
  • Breakfast together Sunday morning (included in the hotel price)
  • Return to Stuttgart on a Sunday afternoon train



What makes Baden Baden so special are the Roman-Irish baths at the Friedrichsbad (no swimsuits allowed). From their website: “Roman bathing culture displays its full splendor in combination with Irish hot-air baths. This exclusive bathing treat can be experienced and enjoyed by completing a special circuit of 17 different stations. The changing temperatures and the precious thermal water in the various baths have a regenerative effect on body and soul.“

You can also choose a traditional spa with treatments such as the Caracalla Spa (no swimsuits allowed in the sauna area only). Our hotel is within 50 meters of both places, so we won’t have to go far.



Part of the fun is traveling together on a discounted group train ticket, so you do not need to arrange your own transportation. Once everyone has RSVPed and paid, we will vote on whether to return at 14:30 or 15:30 and buy the group ticket.

To start the reservation process, please RSVP in the pending private Facebook event or use the form below if you are not on Facebook.

After RSVPing and confirming with Sandra that there is space available, you will be asked to prepay €20 for the train ticket + your hotel room fees. In case of last-minute cancellation, you are welcome to find another member to take your place, or your hotel prepayment can be refunded upon request, minus any hotel cancellation fees.

Each guest will be asked to pay for their own food, drinks and spa treatments at the location. The IWCS will be sponsoring the table water at our evening dinner together and a glass of Sekt for each member at lunch on Saturday.

Looking forward to a wonderful weekend together! Hope to see you there!!



Fruit & Vegetable Canning and Fermenting Workshop
For members +1 guest
Sunday, October 13th at 13:00
Location: Meghan’s home in Kornwestheim
Nearest station: Kornwestheim Hbhf
Cost: €20 per person

Please join us for an afternoon preserving fruits and vegetables. In this workshop we will learn three different preserving methods:

  • Hot Water Bath Canning – Spicy California Mix (cauliflower, celery, carrots, bell peppers, garlic and spicy peppers to taste) OR Tomato Salsa (tomatoes, onions, peppers, spices)
  • Ceramic Crock Fermentation – Sauerkraut (cabbage)
  • Ready to eat spread – Pumpkin Butter (fresh pumpkin and spices)

This is a hands-on workshop, where we will go thru the steps and benefits of each method and you will be chopping, stirring, boiling, and brining your hearts out. Meghan will provide the fruit, veggies, additional ingredients and the jars for the Pumpkin Butter and Spicy Califonia Mix or Salsa. The whole process will take about three hours.

Because of the wait time involved in canning and fermentation, there will be a few weeks lapse before some of the items will be ready to take home and eat. However, each participant will leave that day with two small jars of Pumpkin Butter spread. The California Mix or Salsa will be ready approximately two weeks after the workshop and 5-7 weeks later, the sauerkraut will be ready. We will work together to get the finished items to everyone.

We will be doing lots of chopping! Each participant should bring their own cutting board and 1-2 sharp knives for chopping fruit and vegetables. Additionally please bring a reusable container for the sauerkraut to be put into once it is ready (ca. 250-500 grams).

Beverages and light snacks will also be provided. Meghan’s place is a short five-minute walk from the station. Also there is plenty of public parking at the apartment.

This event is a charity fundraiser – your cost is a €20 donation at the door. All money collected will go to our designated charity, Frauen helfen Frauen.

This is a +1 event, which means:

  • Any IWCS member plus one guest are welcome to attend
  • Your +1 can be a partner, spouse, child age 13 + up, or friend
  • You and your guest each pay the cost listed above

Payment is due on the day of the event, however you must confirm your reservation to reserve your spot via the pending Facebook event or using the form below if you aren’t on Facebook. Space is limited to 12 participants, so reserve your spot now!

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Outing to the Freilichtmuseum in Beuren with English-Language Tour
This event is for members and their families
Sunday, October 20th at 11:00
Location: Freilichtmuseum Beuren, In den Herbstwiesen, 72660 Beuren
Nearest Stop : Molkerei in Beuren (best reached by car)
Cost: €10 per family or €5 for an individual

Join member Katja Zajac for a day in the countryside at the open air museum in Beuren! This recreated historical village tells the story of life in the nearby Swabian Alps with twenty different buildings, including farms, houses, workshops, and a bakery.

Children will love the many animals who live in the village (chicken, rabbits, goats, and sheep) and there is even an old-fashioned corner store with candy and sweets to buy.

We will have a one-hour English-language tour explaining the history of the houses and their inhabitants, life on the Swabian Alb as a farmer, and what a typical childhood was like in the area long ago.

Afterwards we will make a reservation for lunch at the museum restaurant (optional) and then you are free to spend the rest of the day exploring the museum grounds which include a playground and an orchard. The grounds are wheelchair and stroller friendly and open until 18:00. Please let Katja know if you are interested in lunch at the Engelberg restaurant at 12:30!

Audio guides in English are available for the permanent exhibition and wagons are available to borrow (20 euro deposit). We are welcome to bring along our own food and drink, or even a picnic lunch for those not joining us at the restaurant.

All members of your immediate family are invited to come along! The tour guide and museum entrance will be sponsored by the IWCS, but we are requesting pre-paid donations of €10 per family or €5 for an individual to reserve your space (maximum 25 participants total). All donations will be included in our annual donation to the Frauenhaus.

To reserve your spot, please RSVP in the Facebook event being set up in the members group or use the form below if you are not on Facebook. To confirm your reservation, please transfer the your family’s donation to the IWCS bank account no later than October 10th. If you have any extenuating circumstances that keep you from getting the funds to us by that date, please speak directly with the host so we don’t assume you are no longer interested.

Prepayments are non-refundable after the payment deadline (we will be charged by the tour company after that date). Members who have to cancel at the last minute are welcome to find another member or guest to send in their place.

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For members only
Thursday, September 19th at 10.30
Location: Yoga und Pilates in der Galerie Stuttgart, Friedenstraße 12, 70190 Stuttgart
Nearest Stop: Neckartor

IWCS member Stephanie Lantin is offering a free introduction to guided meditation class to our members in September, open to all levels of experience. In addition to regularly teaching meditation classes in English and French, she also supports clients as their personal coach when they are going through a transition in their lives.

This event has a maximum of 9 participants and you can RSVP using the pending Facebook event or the form below until the day before.

The cost of this event is a €5 per person donation to the Frauenhaus, to be collected at the door.

Thanks to Stephanie for donating her time to help our 2019 fundraising action!



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