Thursday, November 16th at 19:00
Location: Gasthaus Waldhorn, Krehlstr. 111, 70565 Stuttgart-Rohr
Nearest station: Stuttgart Rohr (S-Bahn)
RSVP to host Katja using the form below or in the pending Facebook event
Members +1 guest are welcome, maximum 20 participants
RSVP deadline November 3rd

When St. Martin was elected bishop in the 4th century,  his modesty didn’t allow him to accept the position so he hid in a stable full of geese. But the birds were making so much noise that he was found and was ordained despite his attempt to avoid it. This legend forms the basis of the traditional goose dinner on St. Martin’s Day in Germany, Austria and other European countries (the actual date is on November 11th).

Let’s celebrate St. Martin’s Day together! We will have a traditional menu consisting of:

  • leg and breast of goose
  • two kinds of traditional German dumplings (Semmelknödel and Kartoffelklöße)
  • red cabbage
  • and a roast apple (Bratapfel)

If you still have room for a dessert it can be ordered a la carte.

This is a +1 event, which means:

  • Any IWCS member plus one guest are welcome to attend
  • Your +1 can be a partner, spouse, adult child, or friend
  • You and your guest each pay the cost listed below

The price of this menu is €28,50 per person (drinks not included). The club will sponsor table water for everyone. Please be advised that this restaurant only accepts cash, so please bring plenty with you!!

To reserve your spot, please RSVP in the pending Facebook event or use the form below if you are not on Facebook.




Are you new in town? Or been here a while? Bored and looking for something to do? Good at organizing? Social and friendly? Interested in seeing more of Stuttgart and Baden-Württeberg? Love your IWCS friends or need to make more? Need to update your resume?

If any of the above apply to you and you are interested in helping out the IWCS, we are currently looking for new recruits to help our leadership team plan fun outings for our club members.

Historically, we have elected one or two members each year to the IWCS board who have been responsible for planning all IWCS special events for an entire year. This year we’ve been fortunate to have the two Michelles to do that for us, but sadly neither of them have time right now to continue their awesome work.

So we are looking for some new volunteers to step forward and help do the planning. We would be thrilled to have two full-service members doing it all, but if you can only do part of the job, that’s ok too! The more people planning, the better! We would also be thrilled to have a large or small organizing team that works together.

Here is the job description – if you can do any (or all) of these things and would like to put your talents to work for us, message Emily using the form below.

  • Generate ideas for events – what kinds of tours and outings do you think would be interesting for our members? (Skills: creativity, online research)
  • Organize and host events each month – those jobs can also be split between people who do the behind the scenes organizing and others who attend the event and act as a host. Other members can be recruited to host events so one or two people don’t have to do it all. (Skills: planning, phone calls and emails in English and/or German, use of Facebook groups; hosts should be friendly and punctual)
  • Overall coordination of our events calendar – one person will need to act as the coordinator to make sure that we have two events planned for each month at least three months in advance. That person should also be able to attend our every-other-month leadership meetings in the evening. (Skills: organization, Facebook and Google calendar use)

No matter if you can only organize or host one or two events in 2018, no offer is too small – we are happy for any and all help!!




Is the lack of a weekly card game haunting you deep in your soul? Then you are invited to join our newest focus group that meets every Friday morning in Stuttgart-Vaihingen.

This very social and friendly bunch already has a core group of members and is looking for some new recruits. Feel free to bring along a bridge-playing friend, just let them know how many will be coming. The meeting place is close to an S-Bahn station.

Attendance is organized via email (no Facebook events). A weekly mail is sent out on Mondays and members are asked to RSVP by the following Wednesday for that next Friday meeting. You are welcome to attend only when you can/want to.

They don’t really keep score but would appreciate it if new players have a rudimentary knowledge of the rules, even if that’s only through playing online. The group mainly speaks English but are happy to switch to German occasionally for the practice.

If you are interested, contact Alex using the contact form below. She will add you to the private email distribution list.




Do you already know you won’t be renewing your
membership with our club in 2018?

If you do, we ask that you please fill out the contact form at the end of this post before NOVEMBER 30TH of this year*. An email will automatically be sent to our membership coordinator, Billie Schoeler, who will then make sure you aren’t sent a renewal invoice in December and annoying reminders in early 2018!

Why do we need to have you cancel your membership in writing?

Because we are a registered organization here in Germany, we have to follow the rules specified in our By Laws when members leave the area or otherwise wish to withdraw their membership in our club.

Those rules are:

1. Members must notify us in writing if they wish to cancel their membership in the IWCS (emails are fine).

2. Members must notify us before the end of the calendar year if they wish to cancel their membership for the next year.

3. Members who do not cancel their membership or pay their renewal dues before the end of the first quarter must be sent one reminder and then a letter notifying them that they are being removed from the membership list.

If you know you will be leaving, tell us now! It will save lots of headaches for everyone.

*If you miss the November 30th deadline, please let us know anyways! You might still get an invoice for 2018 in the mail but we can still cancel the reminders.




Each year the IWCS donates €5000 to our chosen charity, Frauen helfen Frauen e.V., a non-profit group that runs a women’s shelter in Stuttgart.

Most of that money is raised at our Annual Charity Event, a stylish evening of fun and fundraising. Check out our 2017 event website to see what the fun we had earlier this year.

In order for the event to be a success, we rely a team of dedicated and reliable volunteers to help charity coordinator, Claire DeVaney, conceive and deliver an amazing, profitable fundraiser for friends and members.

We have already started thinking about our 2018 event and are pleased to announce our first planning meeting will take place on Friday the 17th of November at 10:00 in Karl’s Kitchen (Breuninger Stuttgart).

You’re invited to bring your ideas, skills, and enthusiasm to this first ‘pie-in-the-sky’ meeting where we will short list themes, spitball fundraising strategies, and work out some key dates.

Even if you have no background in event planning (but especially if you do), and even if you don’t speak any German (but especially if you do), and even if you have no idea what makes people generously donate their hard earned money (but DEFINITELY  if you do) we warmly welcome you to join us!!

Sound interesting? Want to get involved? Contact Claire using the form below and she’ll see you on the 17th!!


After our 2017 Charity Event, member Suzanne Callamari pledged to donate €1000 to Frauen helfen Frauen raised using her home-based business as a Mary Kay Cosmetics sales representative.

Here is the update she recently sent along with her latest offer to entice members to get involved:

“Ladies, great news!

I am excited to share with you that my efforts to raise €1000 for Frauen helfen Frauen (FhF) for 2017 are on track!

To contribute to our success of supporting a great cause in FHF, come and enjoy a wonderful pampering session and receive a €10 Mary Kay gift card. Bring a friend (who has never used Mary Kay) and receive a €5 gift card — your friend will receive €10 gift card as well.

Day, evening, and weekend appointments are available! This special is only open to IWCS club members who hold an appointment by September 14th, 2017. Seating is limited — so contact me using the form below as soon as possible!”

*If you have a business or service or fundraising idea you would like to use to raise money for FHF, please contact one our charity coordinator, Claire, to set something up!*