Family Event: Tour of the Stuttgart Observatory

Family Event:  Tour of the Stuttgart Observatory

Friday, March 15th at 19:45 
location: Zur Uhlandshöhe 41, 70188 Stuttgart
Nearest stations: Heidehofstrasse and then a 10 minute walk
RSVP to host Alex Elwin via the Facebook event or the contact form below 

Have you ever wanted to see the twinkling stars up close? Not the celebrity ones, of course, but the extra terrestrial ones, through the lenses of a giant telescope? Well, here’s your chance. Join us at the observatory on Uhlandshöhe to be introduced to the fascinating starry realm above.

The tour will be conducted in English, will last approximately 1.5 hours and will begin when full darkness has fallen and in the case of clear skies only. There is a maximum number of 20 people for this tour so sign up now to secure your place.

You are welcome to bring members of your immediate family ages 6 and up. This tour is sponsored by the club, but we are requesting donations of €10 per family or €5 for a person coming alone, to be collected in cash at the event.

Please keep in mind that this tour is weather-dependent and will be cancelled if there are clouds, as we will be unable to see anything. We will keep you posted!

Charity Cocktail Party – SAVE THE DATE

Charity Cocktail Party – SAVE THE DATE


If our recent announcement that we weren’t planning a big charity gala in 2019 filled you with wistful longing for a fancy night out, fear not!

Claire and the charity team are planning a night of dressing up and going out to benefit Frauen helfen Frauen on Friday, July 19th – start preparing your outfit now and put the date in your calendar.

In exchange for your donation, you (and a +1 guest, if you wish) will be admitted to our exclusive summer cocktail party at the rooftop bar atop the Jaz Hotel in Stuttgart-Mitte.

Each guest will receive a complementary welcome cocktail and nibbles and are welcome to purchase as many more drinks as you would like directly at their fabulous bar.

Watch this space for complete details and the opportunity to RSVP to come soon!

2019 Monthly Dinners

2019 Monthly Dinners

Members of the IWC Stuttgart have gathered together for dinner on the third Tuesday of each month since the club was founded in 2005. This year we’ve decided to shake things up a little bit in that department.

The monthly dinner is traditionally meant to be both our main social event each month and a way to welcome prospective members and we’d like to increase attendance with a few changes and more promotion.

The first big change will be the time. Right now, 19:00 is a bit too late for those who are done with work in the early evening but a bit too early for those who need to wait for their spouse to come home so they can leave. As we already have the Happy Hour starting at 18:00 for the first group, we’ve decided to push our main dinner back to a 19:30 or 20:00 start time.

The second big change will be that Billie Schoeler will no longer be hosting every single dinner. She has done an outstanding job the past few years, but it really is too much for one person all by herself. Billie will continue to be the main host for the Happy Hour dinner and we will have rotating hosts for the main monthly dinner.

What does this mean? Because the dinners are not only a social event but a welcome event for prospective members, we will have our steering committee members take turns hosting the dinner, along with other highly involved and enthusiastic members.

We will also be changing the standing date from the third Tuesday to “the third week” of each month. The host will get to choose which day of the week is best for her schedule, so watch for upcoming dinners on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays this year!

If you would like to host a monthly dinner, just fill in the contact form below to let Emily know. Remember, you get to choose your favorite Stuttgart restaurant (as long as it’s within walking distance of a train or tram stop and they are flexible enough for 10-20 people)!!

Looking forward to seeing you there!



On February 19th we held our club’s annual general meeting as required by our club by laws.

We enjoyed delicious Swabian food and elected our 2019 Steering Committee. Emily presented the Board Report for 2018 and Katja went over the figures in the 2018 Financials.

We also talked about ideas for the upcoming year and held a loose change coin collection for Frauen helfen Frauen that netted €46,27.

New on this year’s committee is Vienna Rozelle, who joins as a Mother’s Corner coordinator! Here is the entire 2019 IWCS Steering Committee:

President – Emily Born
Vice President – Sandra Bartsch
Treasurer – Katja Zajac
Secretary – Rebecca Vogelheim
Membership – Billie Schoeler
Activities – Alexandra Elwin & Michelle Moore
Charity – Claire DeVaney
Mother’s Corner – Laura van de Winkel and Vienna Rozelle

The Vorstand extends a warm welcome to our newest committee members and congratulates and thanks all of our committee volunteers on their election!!

Hey member! Yes, you.

Hey member! Yes, you.

Perhaps one of the most under-appreciated aspects of being an IWCS member is the potential to use the network for personal growth. Did you know we even mention personal growth in our mission statement?

‘…the club offers opportunities for involvement that not only look good on a resume but also make members feel good inside.’

Taking the initiative to organize anything requiring “personal engagement” in a country where you might not speak the language can be daunting. Transforming an idea into one that works in Stuttgart can be incredibly frustrating, challenging, exhilarating and rewarding all at the same time. I learned this firsthand when I became involved with the Annual Charity Event during my second year in Germany – it’s not easy and takes real resilience but you would be surprised how far a little determination can go!

Maybe you’ve thought about doing something to give back but you’re not sure how. Perhaps you’d like to work collaboratively to reach a goal but find yourself stumped on how to start.

We can help.

With our support, many of our members have transformed their personal interest into a fundraising opportunity to support women and children in crisis through our charity partner, Frauen helfen Frauen e.V.

In the past club members have held make-up parties and donated a portion of the profits; hosted themed get-togethers such as the annual Great British Bake Off Final Viewing Party and Clothes Swap; and organized a club-wide family Summer Party where we donated the deposit money from our bottles! Both small and big ideas that add up to an impressive contribution when taken together.

We’d love to help you take an idea or something you love doing already and transform it into something that really counts.

Fundraising needn’t always be a gala event. There are plenty of ways to raise money:

  • set a goal and get your network to pledge donations
  • sell some home-made preserves, craft or artwork
  • organize a day trip with a group of kids
  • offer a service (face painting, yoga instructor, tour guide, German language tutoring, musician etc) for free
  • hold a garage/tag/jumble sale
  • organize a car rally or a scavenger hunt
  • donate a raffle prize

And if all that is simply not for you, why not get behind our other members already planning charity events this year? Check out this blog post with all the 2019 plans and details!!!

Yours in Personal Growth,
Claire DeVaney
IWCS Charity Coordinator

Have an idea? Contact Claire using this form:

What’s On: 2019 Charity Events

What’s On: 2019 Charity Events

Back in October, we made an announcement that we wouldn’t be planning an Annual Charity Event in 2019. Our team decided to take a break from the big events this year to focus on a smaller and more personal approach.

We promised to update you on our 2019 program so that members can still help make a difference in the lives of the women and children at the Stuttgart Frauenhaus.

Here are some events already on the schedule which will directly support our fundraising efforts this year – click on the photos to see details!

2019 clothes swap

2019 coin collection

2019 book swap


And that is just the first quarter! Some charity events being considered for the rest of the year include a fondue lunch at a member’s home and a night out with cocktails somewhere nice.

Additionally, this year we are restructuring how we price some of our monthly special events (generally tours and cultural events). You might also notice us requesting a donation for some events in lieu of a participation fee. For other events we will start “rounding up” the oddly-priced member prepayment amounts, giving you a nice round number to transfer and some extra change for our 2019 collection.

We hope you enjoy what’s on offer and even think about getting involved in organizing a smaller event yourself! Check our Claire’s blog post about that here.

Here’s to a successful 2019 year of charity!


AGM 2019 – Bring Your Spare Change for our Collection!

AGM 2019 – Bring Your Spare Change for our Collection!

Let us help you declutter your purses and pockets with our annual AGM coin collection!

Every year we ask members attending the Annual Meeting to bring along their excess change for our collection for Frauen helfen Frauen.

Check your pockets, your wallets and your junk drawers and bring all those annoying and useless little one and two cent coins (and higher!) with you to the AGM and help us make a difference for the ladies at the Frauenhaus.