Is the lack of a weekly card game haunting you deep in your soul? Then you are invited to join our newest focus group that meets every Friday morning in Stuttgart-Vaihingen.

This very social and friendly bunch already has a core group of members and is looking for some new recruits. Feel free to bring along a bridge-playing friend, just let them know how many will be coming. The meeting place is close to an S-Bahn station.

Attendance is organized via email (no Facebook events). A weekly mail is sent out on Mondays and members are asked to RSVP by the following Wednesday for that next Friday meeting. You are welcome to attend only when you can/want to.

They don’t really keep score but would appreciate it if new players have a rudimentary knowledge of the rules, even if that’s only through playing online. The group mainly speaks English but are happy to switch to German occasionally for the practice.

If you are interested, contact Alex using the contact form below. She will add you to the private email distribution list.





Do you already know you won’t be renewing your
membership with our club in 2018?

If you do, we ask that you please fill out the contact form at the end of this post before NOVEMBER 30TH of this year*. An email will automatically be sent to our membership coordinator, Billie Schoeler, who will then make sure you aren’t sent a renewal invoice in December and annoying reminders in early 2018!

Why do we need to have you cancel your membership in writing?

Because we are a registered organization here in Germany, we have to follow the rules specified in our By Laws when members leave the area or otherwise wish to withdraw their membership in our club.

Those rules are:

1. Members must notify us in writing if they wish to cancel their membership in the IWCS (emails are fine).

2. Members must notify us before the end of the calendar year if they wish to cancel their membership for the next year.

3. Members who do not cancel their membership or pay their renewal dues before the end of the first quarter must be sent one reminder and then a letter notifying them that they are being removed from the membership list.

If you know you will be leaving, tell us now! It will save lots of headaches for everyone.

*If you miss the November 30th deadline, please let us know anyways! You might still get an invoice for 2018 in the mail but we can still cancel the reminders.




Each year the IWCS donates €5000 to our chosen charity, Frauen helfen Frauen e.V., a non-profit group that runs a women’s shelter in Stuttgart.

Most of that money is raised at our Annual Charity Event, a stylish evening of fun and fundraising. Check out our 2017 event website to see what the fun we had earlier this year.

In order for the event to be a success, we rely a team of dedicated and reliable volunteers to help charity coordinator, Claire DeVaney, conceive and deliver an amazing, profitable fundraiser for friends and members.

We have already started thinking about our 2018 event and are pleased to announce our first planning meeting will take place on Friday the 17th of November at 10:00 in Karl’s Kitchen (Breuninger Stuttgart).

You’re invited to bring your ideas, skills, and enthusiasm to this first ‘pie-in-the-sky’ meeting where we will short list themes, spitball fundraising strategies, and work out some key dates.

Even if you have no background in event planning (but especially if you do), and even if you don’t speak any German (but especially if you do), and even if you have no idea what makes people generously donate their hard earned money (but DEFINITELY  if you do) we warmly welcome you to join us!!

Sound interesting? Want to get involved? Contact Claire using the form below and she’ll see you on the 17th!!


After our 2017 Charity Event, member Suzanne Callamari pledged to donate €1000 to Frauen helfen Frauen raised using her home-based business as a Mary Kay Cosmetics sales representative.

Here is the update she recently sent along with her latest offer to entice members to get involved:

“Ladies, great news!

I am excited to share with you that my efforts to raise €1000 for Frauen helfen Frauen (FhF) for 2017 are on track!

To contribute to our success of supporting a great cause in FHF, come and enjoy a wonderful pampering session and receive a €10 Mary Kay gift card. Bring a friend (who has never used Mary Kay) and receive a €5 gift card — your friend will receive €10 gift card as well.

Day, evening, and weekend appointments are available! This special is only open to IWCS club members who hold an appointment by September 14th, 2017. Seating is limited — so contact me using the form below as soon as possible!”

*If you have a business or service or fundraising idea you would like to use to raise money for FHF, please contact one our charity coordinator, Claire, to set something up!*



Swimming is a great way to keep fit that can be enjoyed year-round.  Our newest member interest group, the IWCS Strokes Club, has been created for those who like to swim for fitness and fun.

Each member swims at her own pace, on her own time, at a pool of her choice, and then adds her laps to our online group goal. We’ll work together and support each other as a team to reach our target.

We’ll meet twice a month – once for a morning swim and once in the evening – at local Hallenbad (or Freibad weather and opening times permitting!).

If you are interested in taking part, please join our members-only Facebook group!

Scheduled upcoming meets:

  • Morning swim – August 24, Hohenfreibad Killesberg, 10:00
  • Evening swim – September 28, Hallenbad Heslach, 19:00
  • Morning swim – September 14, Sonnenberg Hallenbad, 10:00

Facebook events have already been created for these meets and can be found in the group above.

See you at the pool!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, October 13th at 19:00
Studio Lalo Tango, Böblinger Str. 32a, 70178 Stuttgart
Nearest Station: Marienplatz
Cost €25 per participant, prepayment deadline October 6th, maximum 20


Join us for a whimsical workshop exploring the building blocks of burlesque with Stuttgart’s queen of the art form: entertainer, owner of gorgeous vintage apparel store Schmachtfetzen and all-round fabulous feminista Johanna Hellmich – AKA Raunchy Rita.

This workshop is all about building confidence and encouraging participants to find a new perspective of themselves – as well as having a romping good time!

Workshop includes:
– 2 hours of instruction and practice
– A glass of Prosecco
– No dancing skills required
– No nudity

Wear something comfortable and, if you like, something that makes you feel good. Haul those sexy high heels out of the back of the cupboard and bring them along 🙂

What is burlesque?
The ladies of burlesque are raunchy comedians and dancers with a twist, living by the edict that when you can laugh at yourself, no one can make a fool of you. Tied in with the vintage aesthetic, burlesque is as popular as ever and attracts performers of all shapes and sizes.

Dita von Teese made it clear that burlesque isn’t really for men. 70% of audiences are women – the other 30% is made up of gay men and dragged-along boyfriends. No wonder women find burlesque a safe place to celebrate a cheeky glimpse of flesh!

This is a +1 event, which means:

  • Any IWCS member plus one guest are welcome to attend
  • Your +1 can be any adult woman you know
  • You and your guest each pay the member cost listed below

The cost of this event is €25 per person, paid in advance. To reserve your spot, please RSVP in the pending Facebook event or use the form below if you are not on Facebook. To confirm your reservation, please transfer the €25 per person to the IWCS bank account no later than Friday 6th of October. If you have any extenuating circumstances that keep you from getting the funds to us by that date, please speak directly with the host so we don’t assume you are no longer interested.

Please note that this event is limited to 20 participants and has a minimum number of 10 for the event to go ahead.

Prepayments are non-refundable after the payment deadline. Members who have to cancel at the last minute are welcome to find another member or guest to send in their place.



Members Only Annual Spa Weekend
Saturday/Sunday, September 23th and 24th
Location: Konstanz
RSVP no later than July 30th using the form below
Spaces limited to 15 persons

Join us for a ladies’ weekend away in Konstanz on the beautiful Bodensee! We will leave Saturday morning via train, have a relaxing spa-filled day, and return on Sunday. Spaces are limited, so reserve your place now!! Here are all the details:


Our hotel will be the Hotel Constantia where we have reserved beds for 15 people – 5 double rooms (€90 per person) and 5 singles (€120 per person).

The hotel  is located 200 meters away from the Old Town of Konstanz, within a 5-minute walk of the shores of Lake Constance.


The agenda for the weekend is as follows:

  • Leaving from the Stuttgart Hbhf Saturday morning at 8:29 on a group ticket
  • Arrive at 11:05 and walk around the city before having lunch
  • Check in at hotel (possibly before lunch, if rooms are available)
  • Spend the afternoon at the local Therme (spa treatment info below)
  • Have dinner together at a restaurant in the evening
  • Have breakfast together on Sunday morning
  • Return to Stuttgart on the train in morning or afternoon, depending on the desire of the group(s) for sightseeing, etc.


We will be spending Saturday afternoon together at the Bodensee Therma Konstanz, which is 4 km from our hotel with a direct bus connection. It is an indoor/outdoor complex with swimming, sauna, and wellness (of course the saunas are “textifrei” – no swimsuits allowed although you may wear your towel). The amazing thermal pools are directly on the lake and have stunning views.

A 3.5 hour ticket including all the pools and saunas will cost €20,50 or you can purchase a Therme-only ticket (no saunas) at €10,50 for 3 hours. Additional 30 minutes segments can be paid afterwards at a low rate. Each participant will be responsible for buying their own entry ticket and wellness services.

If you would like a massage or any other wellness services, it is recommended that you book them right away because appointments are limited and fill up fast. The list of services offered can be found here and our reservation contact number is (07531) 363 18 36 (Karin Martin). Please choose an appointment time between 1500 and 1800 due to our evening dinner plans.

We will be traveling together on a group train ticket, so you do not need to arrange your own transportation. If you are interested in making a reservation for our spa weekend, please contact us using the form below.
You will be asked to make an advance deposit of €20 for the train ticket and a pre-payment of your hotel room. Each guest will be asked to pay for their own food, drinks and spa treatments. The IWCS will be sponsoring the table water at our evening dinner together on Saturday.
Hotel cancellation policy:
Before August 10: 100% refund
After August 10, before 23 September: 50% refund
On the day of arrivel: 20% refund
Looking forward to a wonderful weekend together! Hope to see you there!!
Stephanie and Sandra