On February 19th we held our club’s annual general meeting as required by our club by laws.

We enjoyed delicious Swabian food and elected our 2019 Steering Committee. Emily presented the Board Report for 2018 and Katja went over the figures in the 2018 Financials.

We also talked about ideas for the upcoming year and held a loose change coin collection for Frauen helfen Frauen that netted €46,27.

New on this year’s committee is Vienna Rozelle, who joins as a Mother’s Corner coordinator! Here is the entire 2019 IWCS Steering Committee:

President – Emily Born
Vice President – Sandra Bartsch
Treasurer – Katja Zajac
Secretary – Rebecca Vogelheim
Membership – Billie Schoeler
Activities – Alexandra Elwin & Michelle Moore
Charity – Claire DeVaney
Mother’s Corner – Laura van de Winkel and Vienna Rozelle

The Vorstand extends a warm welcome to our newest committee members and congratulates and thanks all of our committee volunteers on their election!!

Don’t forget your 2019 renewal dues!


Invoices for renewal dues were mailed last month, have you sent in your payment?

If you would like to pay but lost your invoice, please contact Billie using the form below. The same goes for those of you who have decided not to renew your membership for 2019.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and looking forward to another amazing IWCS year!



Do you already know you won’t be renewing your
membership with our club in 2019?

If you do, we ask that you please fill out the contact form at the end of this post before NOVEMBER 9th of this year*. An email will automatically be sent to our membership coordinator, Billie Schoeler, who will then make sure you aren’t sent a renewal invoice in November and annoying reminders in early 2019!

Why do we need to have you cancel your membership in writing?

Because we are a registered organization here in Germany, we have to follow the rules specified in our By Laws when members leave the area or otherwise wish to withdraw their membership in our club.

Those rules are:

1. Members must notify us in writing if they wish to cancel their membership in the IWC Stuttgart (emails are fine).

2. Members must notify us before the end of 2018 if they wish to cancel their membership for 2019.

3. Members who do not cancel their membership before the end of 2018 or pay their renewal dues before the end of the first quarter in 2019 will be sent one reminder and then a letter notifying them that they are being removed from the membership list.

If you know you will be leaving, tell us now! It will save lots of headaches for everyone.

*If you miss the November 9th deadline, please let us know anyways! You might still get an invoice for 2019 in the mail but we can still cancel the reminders.