2017 ace bubbly
2017 Black and White Night

The IWCS Annual Charity Event (ACE) has truly flourished with each passing year, growing exponentially in sophistication and offering. We are extremely proud of what we’ve been able to achieve, raising thousands of euros for the Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. in Stuttgart.

However you may have noticed that this autumn we haven’t put out our usual call for volunteers. Around this time we would ordinarily be asking members for their ideas and skills to support the 2019 gala, but this year we have decided to make some changes to the club’s fundraising efforts.

With our La La Land theme evening this past April at the Villa Humboldt we feel we reached a real zenith. Where could we possibly go next?

We’ve realized that sustaining our upward progress would mean a real challenge and require an immense concentrated effort.

Furthermore, without significantly compromising the quality you’ve come to expect from the event, increasing your ticket price further, or finally finding a reliable and generous corporate sponsor we simply can’t top this years’ effort.

We’re also quite aware the ACE isn’t for everyone. There are plenty of members who have other interests and perhaps prefer not to attend.

But charity remains an important part of our club life and purpose, and we are still committed to Frauen helfen Frauen as our designated charity. With such a talented and diverse group of women, we of course have a goldmine of fundraising potential, ideas, and know-how.

We are keeping an eye on 2020 for the next big party but have decided for 2019 to adopt the motto that “Many hands make light work.” We will be looking for ways to decentralise the club’s fundraising efforts and host many smaller events instead of one big one. We hope this will create a broader appeal and spread the effort among the club membership.

Some strategies include:

  1. Encouraging members to set a modest fundraising goal and work with the club’s event Activity Planning team to meet it.
    We’ve already included fundraising in some of our member hosted events such as Clothes Swap, Bake-off Party, Summer Party, Mary Kaye parties; and we’ve accepted donations as event costs for very low-cost or free outings.
  2. Incorporate an element of fundraising into smaller quarterly events.
    Look out for these in 2019. We’ll aim to bring at least four charity focused events to you in the coming annual plan.
  3. Start planning for the ACE 2020.
    Don’t worry, we still love to party!  We are trying out the idea of a smaller off year in 2019 with an eye to larger events every other year, so do get excited for 2020. Stay tuned if you’ve got any great ideas for themes, venues or fundraising tips or you would like to get involved as a volunteer.

If you would like to be part of the Charity Committee for 2019 or 2020, please use the form below to contact Claire directly. We will need YOUR help to continue making our yearly donation to the Frauenhaus.



Great British Bake Off Final Viewing Party / Fundraiser for Frauen helfen Frauen
Saturday, November 11th at 13:00
Location: Laura L’s home in Leonberg-Höfingen
RSVP using the pending Facebook event or using the form below if you are not on Facebook

Are a fan of the “Great British Bake Off” or other baking shows? Or perhaps you just love to bake and/or enjoy the results of baking? Would you also like to help raise some money to support Frauen helfen Frauen e.V?

Then join us for the season finale of this year’s “Great British Bake Off, ” a competition from the UK in which a group of amateur bakers compete against each other in a series of challenges while at the same time they are trying to impress a group of judges. It’s brilliant fun!

Please bring something you baked to share with the others along with a €10 donation for Frauen Helfen Frauen. Don’t forget to bring an storage container so that you can bring a selection from everyone else’s goodies home with you. As for what you bake, that is completely up to you – perhaps your all-time favorite, a family recipe, or maybe something that you have been dying to try out but have not yet given it a go.

Bring an extra €5 if you would like to enter a raffle for a “Great British Bake Off” cookbook!  You host will provide Sekt and tea to go with all the goodies we have baked.

AGM 2018 – Bring Your Spare Change for our Collection!

change jar

Every year at our AGM, we do a little something to collect money to add to the current year’s Frauen helfen Frauen fundraising efforts.

Let us help you declutter your coin purses and pockets – we are happy to take all of your extra euro coins off your hands! After a successful coin collection last year, we will be doing it again at this AGM. Our Treasurer, Dorothee Klein, will bring an empty bucket for you to dump them in and take them to the bank to sort and donate.

Check your pockets, your wallets and your junk drawers and bring all those annoying and useless little one and two cent coins (and higher!) with you to the AGM and help us make a difference for the ladies at the Frauenhaus.

Giving Tree for Frauen helfen Frauen

In keeping with one of our favorite annual traditions, the IWCS is once again supporting the women of Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. by creating a virtual Holiday Gift Tree for them this December!

In this joint project with The English Playgroup of Stuttgart e. V. , IWCS members will be in charge of getting presents for all of the women in the shelter, while playgroup members will be tasked with gifts for each of the children.

If you would like to help, please contact the organizer, Sandra Bartsch, using the contact form below. Once we are given more information about how many presents we need, she will contact you to give you the go ahead to start shopping!

Thank you to all of our members and those of the EPG Stuttgart for their wholehearted support for this project!!



Each year the IWCS donates €5000 to our chosen charity, Frauen helfen Frauen e.V., a non-profit group that runs a women’s shelter in Stuttgart.

Most of that money is raised at our Annual Charity Event, a stylish evening of fun and fundraising. Check out our 2017 event website to see what the fun we had earlier this year.

In order for the event to be a success, we rely a team of dedicated and reliable volunteers to help charity coordinator, Claire DeVaney, conceive and deliver an amazing, profitable fundraiser for friends and members.

We have already started thinking about our 2018 event and are pleased to announce our first planning meeting will take place on Friday the 17th of November at 10:00 in Karl’s Kitchen (Breuninger Stuttgart).

You’re invited to bring your ideas, skills, and enthusiasm to this first ‘pie-in-the-sky’ meeting where we will short list themes, spitball fundraising strategies, and work out some key dates.

Even if you have no background in event planning (but especially if you do), and even if you don’t speak any German (but especially if you do), and even if you have no idea what makes people generously donate their hard earned money (but DEFINITELY  if you do) we warmly welcome you to join us!!

Sound interesting? Want to get involved? Contact Claire using the form below and she’ll see you on the 17th!!


After our 2017 Charity Event, member Suzanne Callamari pledged to donate €1000 to Frauen helfen Frauen raised using her home-based business as a Mary Kay Cosmetics sales representative.

Here is the update she recently sent along with her latest offer to entice members to get involved:

“Ladies, great news!

I am excited to share with you that my efforts to raise €1000 for Frauen helfen Frauen (FhF) for 2017 are on track!

To contribute to our success of supporting a great cause in FHF, come and enjoy a wonderful pampering session and receive a €10 Mary Kay gift card. Bring a friend (who has never used Mary Kay) and receive a €5 gift card — your friend will receive €10 gift card as well.

Day, evening, and weekend appointments are available! This special is only open to IWCS club members who hold an appointment by September 14th, 2017. Seating is limited — so contact me using the form below as soon as possible!”

*If you have a business or service or fundraising idea you would like to use to raise money for FHF, please contact one our charity coordinator, Claire, to set something up!*

ACE 2016 – The results are in!

ACE 2016 – The results are in!

The Organizing Committee of the Annual Charity Event would like to sincerely thank all the IWCS members and their friends who attended and contributed to our event on April 29th. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated by Frauen helfen Frauen, the local women’s shelter we are supporting with our donation.

We were especially happy to see so many guests embrace this year’s masquerade theme! You all looked amazing in your fancy evening attire and masks. If you haven’t already seen the photos of our beautiful guests, we encourage you to check out our online photo album.

We hope you also enjoyed the music performed by pianist Bea Michalski and had fun dancing to the sounds of DJ Mario from Mr Mac’s Party Team. As always, it was lovely to have Kessler sponsor our welcome drink and the WAC catering team to provide us with their delicious food.

The highlight of the event was definitely the fabulous raffle prizes, which were presented by the even more fabulous Claire De Vaney. Wasn’t she great? From Magnum Kessler Sekt to great Lumas car posters to a naughty Frau Blum toy – we hope you have all been enjoying your winnings! The complete list of sponsors of raffle prizes can be found on our website.

After all our hard work and partying we are proud to announce that the IWCS raised a total of just under €2500 from the event itself. The sales from the raffle tickets brought in €1063, the silent auction added another €275 (thanks to the fighting spirit of Dorothee K.!), and sales of drinks and desserts generated another €938. We are very grateful to all the bakers who donated to the dessert table for that last number. 

We also received a cash donation of €250 from Kärcher GmbH and took in  €315from our Betterplace and Gooding donation websites. Additionally, local businesses directly sponsored a portion of the event expenses. We would like to thank Maku Industrie and Acelsis for their generosity in printing and mailing our invitations and providing the pianist fees.

Unfortunately, despite being a successful and fun party, the total amount raised was a bit less than in 2015, when we raised around €4000 at the event itself. The differences this year were fewer guests, less success obtaining corporate donations, and lower levels of online fundraising. But because the IWCS feels strongly about supporting Frauen Helfen Frauen, the board has made the decision to use club funds to bring our donation total to  €5000, the same amount as was donated in 2015.

Finally, the Committee members have been discussing if and when to hold another Charity Event. To help us move forward, we need your feedback! An anonymous questionnaire is being prepared on this topic (and others) that will be sent to all members in the next few months. It is very important that you share your thoughts with us so we know which direction to take the club in next. 

Thank you everyone and until next time!

Vaida Kovalick and the Annual Charity Event Organizing Committee